The components of a Pay Per Click campaign

This is the age of the Word Wide Web, which is governing almost every aspect of life including business, market and shopping. As a result, more and more organisations are trying to exploit the internet to promote their business, brand and products or services. One of the best ways of such promotion is PPC or … Continue reading

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Understanding social media optimisation and its importance

Since the last few years, SMO or social media optimisation, which is the process of using social media for creating better publicity for a brand of business, has been gaining more importance by the day. With the growing number of people using various social media platforms, SMO has become the cornerstone of digital marketing and … Continue reading

PPC strategy

The 4 Es to govern an effective PPC strategy

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is the internet advertising method businesses are opting for, where an advertiser pays the publisher website every time it’s ad published on said website is clicked. Setting up and managing such a campaign is quite simple. Hence, more and more people are choosing it. If you as the business … Continue reading

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A few points to remember during your website redesign attempt

Having a bankable digital presence is the necessity for businesses these days and more and more of them are creating their own website to take full advantage of the present trend. As the trends and practices of the digital market keep on changing and businesses need to adapt accordingly for benefits, website redesign becomes a … Continue reading

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Understanding the importance of logo design in a business

The word logo is the short form of the term logotype which in turn is derived from two different Greek words, logos and typos meanings word and imprint respectively. A logo is basically a symbol representing an organisation, an enterprise, a business and even an individual to induce and secure loyalty and instant public recognition. … Continue reading


Tips regarding web application development for small businesses

According to the definition, web application development is the process under which apps are created that exists on remote servers and is accessible from the users’ device through the internet. It simply means, when you are creating a web app, the program will stay there within a server and the users with internet connection will … Continue reading

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How to make the most of social media optimisation in 2017?

SMO or social media optimisation is the process that increases awareness about a product or service, brand or organisation through a number of social media platforms and communities to create viral publicity. In this age, when trending in social media has become one of the best ways of attracting people and gaining visibility, it is … Continue reading

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Investing in quality graphic design will help your business grow

A small or medium-sized business faces a number of problems every day, fights them, solves them and emerges victorious. Along with fighting these various problems, these businesses tend to utilise their resources in the best possible way, because in most of the case they have to function on shoestring budget. In such a situation, advising … Continue reading

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How much importance ecommerce website development has in your business?

In this age of advanced technologies and a world-wide platform of information at one’s beck and call, things are changing rapidly both in personal and professional life. Even a few years back, buying something meant visiting a nearby store, going through the available collection and options and then choosing the suitable one. Not anymore though, … Continue reading

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The crucial components of a content marketing strategy

In digital marketing, content is considered to be the most important element. You may employ a number of technological components, but if the content is not of good quality, nothing will work properly. Additionally, for better results, along with creating quality content, you need to work on content marketing and content promotion part as well. … Continue reading