Increase you conversions with email marketing

Though, couple of years ago, marketers were denouncing the death of email, and it’s presence was suspected to fade. But, the emerging necessity of email with growing time contemplated the logic entirely. Emails are one of the most productive means of generating leads and selling products online.

More than 34 % of the people worldwide use email which is about 2.5 billion people and it’s predicted to increase to about 2.8 billion email users in the coming 2 years. And studies also reveal that world sends approximately 196 billion emails to 109 billion people per day.

Email marketing is popular and vibrant, enabling you to reach target customers in a personalized manner, and that’s the reason why it works the best. But if you aren’t convinced enough yet, then let DigieGeeks point out the most amazing reasons why you need it for your organisation.

1. Highly Impactful: Email marketing is vital in the perspective of customer acquisition. You can use social media for interacting or building personal relationship with your customers but when it comes to converting and getting customers email is the best way one should approach.

2. Low cost: Unlike traditional marketing channels such as radio TV or direct mail, email marketing allows you to reach a mass at a nominal rate or almost nothing per message. It is easy, effective and cheap.

3. Completely personalized: Email marketing allows you to segment your audience into lists, and sending them a tailored email message that resonates with your reader and can provide them with something of value which is absolutely not possible in social media because you are addressing it as a whole, therefore it’s no more personalized.

4. Action oriented: Email marketing generally leads people to take some immediate actions like answering emails, forwarding, click through or signup. Hence it leads to direct traffic and ultimately drive sales.

5. Keep track: No more guessing you can easily track who is doing what.You can also see a picture of your email campaign as in how it is working and make adjustments to improve it’s effectiveness

6. Alert notification via mobile phone: you can use your mobile to check mails all the time.

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