3 Ways to Improve ranking in Google SERP

This is a dream of every business to get its position ranked in top three and what not you need to do to achieve this. Here DigieGeeks lists down the 3 methods to attain this.

Small tip Never Panic :

What matters for everyone to climb up to those top three positions. This can also be helpful but if you don’t achieve it don’t start panicing since you can rank somewhere else and you attain visibility elsewhere. Internet is giant and dyanamic you don’t know when where and how you start growing if you are determined and dedicated.

Maintain accuracy and consistency in your business information

Never underestimate the power of Google as it searches everywhere to find all your business information and credentials including all of your own stuffs. So your task is to ensure that all these things are accurate, constant and reliable in every corner of Google. Any kind of inaccuracy could lesser your chance of getting listed in the top three. Thus keep on updating and checking even with major local directories.

Get more Backlinks

Often people don’t understand the value of link building. One should understand the necessity of link building for the ranking purpose. So try and focus on sites that are relevant to your industry or might have high domain authority. Also never ignore nofollow links since they are also useful. And mention your brand anywhere possible and publish blogs and articles even outside your website.

Build an Organic Audience

Another way is take help of a good friend SEO as this can also help you in attaining ranks. Put more focus on contents of high quality with proper info graphics and images and videos which speaks directly to your audience as all of these are now part of content marketing. Also publish them on write social forums and even outside your website and domain. Since the more your content is visible and shared the more better it is for your website.

Generate Great Reviews

Review plays a great so you need to put great effort to collect great reviews from your customers on different places. The more reviews you can collect the more authority you gain in Google’s eye. But you cant ask directly for reviews so try something different to earn reviews.

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Top 3 Much Needed Web Design Tools

Over the years a number of web design tools have emerged in the market which can help in boosting the whole process swiftly. A number of website designers, web development and app development companies rely on Photoshop for creating the prototype. Here are three much needed web design tools which can increase the efficiency and potential of your designing.


If you have multiple of UI and design themes for apps then Pixate can help in developing intuitive and interactive prototypes in quick succession. Pixate looks similar to Photoshop but brings a cleaner and more streamlined design and multitude of features which can be easily implemented on a prototype. Users are simply required to double-tap, drag & drop or copy paste to add native interactions on their prototype.

Pixate is aptly suited for designing UI on the android & iOS platform. Users will be able to build an asset library with a short time on Pixate. Layers palette will help in keeping all the creative elements apart from each other in a synchronized fashion.


Avocode is a great web design tool for developers and designers as it makes it easier to code websites or apps right from the Photoshop or Sketch designs. Avocode is built by the same team which brought us CSS Hat and PNG Hat. Developers are simply required to add the Photoshop plugin which will help in syncing the PSD right into the Avocode with a single click.

Avocode offers complete control over the exporting needs resulting beautiful designed UI. Simple click, drag, copy and paste of code will help in getting vivid design elements. In simple words Avocode will be a great tool in turning the PSD and Sketch files into highly interactive designs.


Responsive design has become a necessity in this digital age and creating responsive design is a time consuming affair for the website and app developers. Antetype come to solve this problem by bringing a simple yet elegant tool which can help in developing responsive UI both for the apps and websites. Antetype is a great web tool for creating high-fidelity prototypes whereby giving unlimited opportunities to the developers to try out wide number of designs before they settle on one.

Antetype has a huge library of codes for all the major mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows to begin with. A hardcore community support section on the website can help developers in downloading UI kits made by the members.

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