Is CMS crucial to the development of your business?

By the basic information CMS or content management system is a computer application used for the creation and modification of content by multiple users in a shared setting. In this age of digitization CMS development and implementation has become a huge part of businesses. If you are also thinking about getting the content management system, then knowing about the advantages will be quite wise.

How we can answer the question asked?

Being a company with more than a decade of experience in the field, we at DigieGeeks are quite capable of providing the service you are looking for. As we have been helping our clients with the best quality CMS services, we have come across a lot of queries. Based on that, our experts have decided to create a list which will answer most of your questions and help to understand the concept better as well.

Reasons for and advantages of your decision

The reasons behind why CMS application is beneficial for your business are:

•    The application will increase efficiency as content publishing will become more convenient. Editing, reviewing and such won’t require any knowledge of coding or designing. This will make the updates fast and efficient which in turn will help saving both time and money.

•    Maintaining the ranking of your business is vital and improving the same is required. For the retention and improvement, your business should remain relevant. One of the best and easiest ways of remaining relevant is to use fresh content in the site. CMS or content management system has made this really simple.

•    Having control over your content is something that people do not give much importance to, but it can be a deciding factor in your business. CMS helps retaining the workflow and as a result, content remain under control as well.

•    If you have a powerful CMS application developed, then it will help by automatically indexing the new content. It will make finding the content easier, especially for visitors. Sorting lists, taxonomy applications and saved searches can be used by the users, pertaining to a more customized searching experience for them.

•    It is the feature of a powerful and sophisticated CMS to understand and anticipate users’ behavior and likings. This adds much more value and impact in your cross-selling and up-selling efforts.

•    Managing content will become easier than ever. You can save the content in draft and manage it through taxonomy or folders. Moreover, easy update, site navigation, styling, auto-publishing and such features adds to the whole structure.

•    Having a CMS application will ensure that you marketing team can enjoy the freedom they always wanted. They can handle multi-channel campaign management with ease, which in turn will improve your branding.

•    The CMS you have is quite capable of handling the expansion of the business. They are designed to work beyond the default capabilities. This becomes possible due to the additional modules and plug-ins that you can buy with ease.

•    Support channels like FAQ, support, help section forms helps your customer happy and help to create and retain a relationship with said client. CMS helps to control and maintain these channels easily.

•    Advanced CMS has the capability of preparing and presenting the content for different devices. This means automatic mobile optimization which is beneficial for the business.

After knowing about the reasons and advantages of having a content management system, you can now understand the importance of CMS development for your business. It will further help you to make the right decision as well.

9 SEO Predictions You Need to Know in 2017

Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. Better visibility brings in more traffic and profit for the business. So, it is quite clear that, as a business owner you would like to opt for SEO services.

Before choosing the service though, you need to understand the basic concept of digital marketing of which SEO is a part. It helps your business to stand out amongst the thousands of competitors on the World Wide Web. So, hiring a company offering complete and effective Search Engine Optimization service will be the smart thing to do.

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing SEO services for more than a decade now. So, we understand and can anticipate your requirements perfectly. Along with providing the services, we have been keeping an eye on the current market trends. Based on that, our experts have come up with these 9 SEO related predictions which will shape 2017.

The points that you need to know are:

1.    In 2017, the world is going to experience the biggest shift in ranking. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will grow further from the previous year. RankBrain and other core algorithms of Google experience updates which will further shape the SEO process.

2.    Just like RankBrain’s introduction, this time also people are not going to notice any changes despite the biggest shift in the history of Google ranking. Moreover, as RankBRain is way more subtle than Panda or Penguin update, changes are happening everyday instead of happening suddenly at one point of time.

3.    Unlike the situation right now, Google’s featured snippets and organic listings will converge. At present, these two are quite different and offer different answers. 2017 will see them come together to provide better answers.

4.    Due to the new user-engagement signals being used in search rankings, people are more reluctant to click the results in a lower position. Results in higher positions are trending though. So, the prediction is, the positions 6 – 10 in Google search results will be discarded. This may seem like a dangerous thing, but if you think about certain other such changes like the banishing of right-side text ads, the whole decision will start making sense.

5.    The concept of local SEO will cease to exist as known. Already Google Shopping has become a system that requires you to pay for playing and the rest will grow from there.

6.    Google has already crafted a long list of things which are considered to be illegal and unethical under the Webmasters Guideline. This list is all set to expand further in 2017. Based on the current trend of the market, various engagement tactics are going to become the new façade of black hat SEO.

7.    Google already has terms of service and 2017 will see them enforce it. It is predicted that, Google is going to declare war against tool providers, especially the ones which violate their Terms of Service.

8.    Depending on the above-mentioned predictions, we would like to predict further that, in 2017 SEO companies or vendors will be forced to shut down. Google is bound of punish a few companies and that will lead to their closure.

9.    Despite all this, there is another prediction which is quite hopeful, because our experts have much faith in the search engine optimization process. SEO is going to become more important than ever.

Hopefully, these points will help to prepare better for 2017 and take challenges head on. For further information, guidance and SEO services please visit our website or contact us.

Responsive and Adaptive Web Design Difference You Need to Know

The digital world is continuously evolving and stumbling upon newer ideas and technologies every day. Change is a great indicator of continuous life, along with having extra benefits too. For instance, if responsive web designing was not introduced, flawless internet accessibility notwithstanding devices and browsers would have been impossible.

The breakthrough called responsive web designing process has made it possible to access any website from any device with equal ease. As a responsive web design company, DigieGeeks is always trying to learn newer things to explain things better. This is a great way to connect with new and potential clients and effective in helping people understand the most complicated of concepts as well. To this end, we tend to conduct surveys and discussions.

Such a survey, done recently, has unveiled the confusing understanding people have of responsive and adaptive web design. Being a reliable, reputed, skilled and experienced responsive web design company offering the services, we have tried to explain the concept to the mass. Normally, people tend to treat responsive and adaptive web design terms as a synonym to each other, but the truth is a little different.

Responsive web design is based on the principle of flexibility. It uses media queries, flexible grids, and responsive images to create a single website accessible and legible from any device. On the other hand, adaptive web design can be taken as the modern version of progressive enhancement. It detects the device, along with certain added features and then provides the most suitable layout for the user.

Exploring the topic further, especially as a company providing responsive web design services, reveals that, responsive web design is a part of the adaptive web design strategy. The aim of both is to create adaptable and more user friendly fluid interface that will add further convenience to internet access.

So, the next time you are thinking about getting another website and are weighing the decision of whether to choose the responsive way or not, please remember, in order to survive this rather competitive market, impressing the client is crucial. Creating an interesting, exceptional and satisfying user experience is the surefire way to impress a visitor. Hence, responsive web design or the whole gamut of adaptive web designing strategy will be the best bet for success.

The Designing Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

Designing or more specifically web designing is an area which is gaining more and more importance by the day. It is not merely the tool to make something look pretty and impress an onlooker or potential customer or someone interested. Web designing has become an integral part of digital marketing and new age business process.

In the coming years, web design is going to gain more importance. Hence, it is extremely crucial to keep an eye on the trends that are going to take over this sector in 2017. A new year is like the beginning of a new book and is filled with promises and surprises and 2017 is not going to be an exception. Last few years have seen a lot of changes in the web design process and this year is going to bring some more.

As a part of the digital marketing process, it is quite crucial to keep an eye on the upcoming web design trends. This piece will try to bring a few of them to the light. Some of the most possible designing trends to grip the market are:

  1. The layout will change to allow more prominence to content, because the arrangement of designing elements should be so, that the reader can concentrate on the message without decreasing the speed of reading.
  2. 2017 is going to see better connection and collaboration amongst designers and designers and developers. With the increase in web and mobile applications, it has become paramount that designers have better communication and collaboration which will help them to create better websites and products.
  3. It may come as a surprise, but a web designer and a web developer works in a lot close quarters than normally believed. Despite that, the design to development workflow is not very great. According to market predictions, this area will experience a greater workflow this year.
  4. With the realization that the focus should be on content, web designers are coming up with simpler and better way of attracting attention of the visitors. They are using big and bold words and allowing more screen space to content. This trend will gain more popularity in 2017.
  5. Complex layouts and more SVGs are going to be a part of web designing. Flexbox and CSS grid are going to help in this endeavor.

These are only a few of the upcoming trends in web designing. According to the internet, there are a few more to look forward to and 2017 is going to reveal them gradually.