10 tips for successful and beneficial guest posting

Guest posting simply means writing and publishing content in someone else’s website. This leads to exposure to a new but relevant audience, accumulation of leads and traffic for your website, your branding as an expert, improved search ranking and increased reach.

We at DigieGeeks(Digital Marketing Company), after more than a decade of association with this industry, understand the importance of guest posting. It is a huge part of our content development and marketing effort. Before choosing the service though, you also need some information on guest posting to get a better grip on the topic. Our experts, after a thorough research have come up with this list of tips which will make guest posting easier to handle and more beneficial.

Not writing promotional articles: Most guest posting platforms do not entertain promotional articles. Yes, it is true that the aim of content marketing is to generate leads and convert them to sales, but it should not be done coarsely. You should use this opportunity to educate your audience, engage them and solve their problems. This will help to build your credibility.

Using inbound links in your post: The editor allowing you the chance of guest posting understand that, you will use inbound links leading to your choice of websites. This opportunity does not any way mean you can stuff the content with such links. It will be wise to check the guidelines of the website and use them accordingly.

Adding an enticing offer: If you want to generate leads, then including a free offer for something related to the topic your post deals with, will be ideal. For best results, the offer should be some downloadable content related to the topic of the article.

Link back your website in the author bio: Though, the aim of guest posting is educating the audience, for SEO benefits you can include a link back to your website in the author bio. The guideline for such inclusion differs in websites, but including the link in the author bio is the safest bet.

Not putting low quality content: Writing content to be published on another website should not lead to compromise in quality. High-quality content will help getting the approval of the editor easier.

Effective pitching: The first step of guest posting is pitching your request to the editor. Being grammatically corrects, polite, straight forward and putting across the idea in a couple of sentences are the best ways of making the pitch effective.

Selling your writing ability and expertise: To get the chance of guest posting, you need to prove why are you better than other writers. Providing a small bio-data including writing sample, stats (if available) and expertise will do the job.

Writing for sites that send back traffic: The aim of guest posting is to reach more people and establish your credibility. So, you should always attempt to get traffic and for that you should choose the sites carefully.

Not using guest post only for inbound links: Guest blogging to gain inbound links do not work anymore, it is considered as spam. So, you should create guest posts to provide informative, interesting and helpful content for the readers. If you can solve the problems and answer the questions your readers are having, traffic will be generated naturally.

Writing for the targeted audience: The target audience for your guest post normally is the target audience for your own blog. Sometimes things may be a bit different from the perspective of demographic, interest or niche, but that should not change your writing style or voice. You should always write for the audience you want to reach.

Following these points will make your guest posts successful and beneficial and it is a huge part of our content marketing services.

4 most effective SEO trends for 2017

SEO or search engine optimization is a huge part of the digital marketing process. As the optimization boosts your business’s digital identity, it is crucial to have an effective SEO strategy.
At DigieGeeks we have been associated with the market for more than a decade now and have enough experience and expertise to help your endeavor. Our experts have come with this list of 4 most effective SEO trends for 2017.
Importance of related keywords
Repeating a single keyword or phrase won’t do the trick anymore. Optimizing the main keyword will require including it in the first and last paragraph, head image’s filename, ALT text and title text of the content. But apart from that, you need some related keywords that can be used throughout the content. Google AdWords Keyword Planner will help to find the related keywords and their impact, but you can use other tools as well.
Importance of mobile
If instead of responsive web design you are using any regular common content management system like Joomla, WordPress, Squuarespace or eCommerce solutions like Shopify, Magneto and such, then things won’t be as effective as you want. There are loads of responsive websites in the web. So, you are not only compromising with the look of the site, but functionality and speed as well. There are tools which will tell if your website is running at optimal speed or not. Based on that, you need to make certain changes and then invest in the search engine optimization strategy and services.
Artificial intelligence catering to human satisfaction
It’s been quite some time now that Artificial Intelligence or AI has become a part of Google’s algorithmic ranking system. Long tail keywords and web analytics software are going to be the focus of search engine optimization strategies and services in 2017.
The conversion focused approach
It is about gaining the coveted first place for a keyword with highest search volume and considerable amount of conversion instead of just the search volume. Qualified traffic should not be engaged only for ranking’s sake. It should lead to conversion which will be used for retargeting in various ranking campaigns. This will increase the quality of your content, meta-titles, descriptions, images, videos, social posts, roundups, interviews and website in general.
These new trends when used strategically will indeed help your search engine optimization attempts and services, but you should not forget the basics. Combining the basics along with these developments will yield the best results.

E-commerce technology trends to watch out for in 2017

2016 was pretty good for ecommerce. According to reports, ecommerce generated an estimated 8.6% of all retail spending last year, which makes the amount to be about $1.915 trillion. The total amount earned by the retail industry was around 27 trillion.

From these numbers, it is quite clear that; eCommerce is going to be big in 2017 as well. To stay ahead of competitors you need to keep an eye on the emerging eCommerce technology trends in the present year. DigieGeeks is a renowned e-commerce website development services provider and we will help in this endeavor. Some of the trends we will talk about are already known, some are anticipated to emerge during the course of the year.

The technology trends to follow

Ecommerce drones: As Amazon Prime Air is being tested in England with a restricted airspace and users; a new way of product delivery is emerging. If the attempts become successful, then in the future, drones will be used to deliver lightweight products to your doors.

Smart buttons: Amazon’s easy order Dash Buttons have been a trend setter, but in 2017 it is anticipated that other retail chains like Costco, Wal-Mart, Target and Sam’s Club will be bringing out their own versions of smart buttons.

One click check-outs: Mobile shopping carts along with mobile couponing has been one of the biggest inducer of retail sales. In 2017 though, one click check-outs catering to user-behavior and past shopping experience, leading to a stronger conversion threshold will change the game.

E-wallets: The eCommerce websites are becoming a part of the e-wallet revolution to make the shopping experience more convenient. Apple Pay, PayPal, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet and Stripe have made payment easier and safer than before. The only need at the moment is proper integration between retailers. As PayPal and such giants are attempting to acquire e-wallet providers, checkouts are to become one-click easier.

Emergence of social commerce

Social commerce or the social media association of eCommerce websites are gaining importance steadily and this combination is all set to become bigger in 2017. Social shopping engines like Polyvore. Notably, social media engine Facebook, shopping cart provider Shopify are already providing the options.

In the future, social commerce can become a game changing e-tail marketplace as soon as storefronts can be hosted on company channels. Popular features such as polls, tagging, reviews and more will have a huge impact on the market as well. In 2016, social commerce accounted for 5% of ecommerce and it is predicted to grow about 25% in the next five years.

The software trends to follow

The eCommerce trends you need to watch out for in 2017 are:

  • Ecommerce software is all set to become more intuitive and improve the present ones. Enhanced chat bots, self-learning solutions, automated conversion funnel enhancers, predictive shopping and such are going to take hold of the market.
  • Open-source software won’t be available for longer periods. Solution providers will provide affordable monthly plans and focus on strong upsell instead of free services and solutions.
  • Cross-channel integration will gain more importance. Different shopping cars, marketplaces, social channels are becoming a little confusing. So, the users will need something like ReadyCloud, the cross-channel eCommerce CRM which will provide one centralized dashboard using a hybrid cloud Xaas.
  • Cloud hosting and hybrid cloud solutions are going to become hot trends in eCommerce. By the year 2024, cloud computing will make about $24.4 billion annually. In 2017 this amount will be $15.4 billion and will increase to $18.2 billion by 2018.
  • Mobile marketing is already making a huge impact on the eCommerce market and this influence is only to grow further.

We will help you keep watch on the market and keep you informed on the upcoming trends too.

What are the benefits of choosing a complete web design & development package?

This is the age of remaining in the spotlight and using your reputation as much as possible. If you are not in front of the people’s eyes and on their minds, things can turn real bad real fast. So, for a business, web design and development has become a necessary tool for survival.

Your need for presence in the digital world

If you are owner of a business, then you must look for more prominence, client, profit and success. Despite the modernization, advertising is considered to be one of the most effective ways of achieving that. Though the methods of advertising have changed, the aim has remained the same. Nowadays, advertising in the digital world is most important. Before starting the advertising process though, you will need to create a significant presence in the digital world for your business. To do that, you need to have a dynamic website and for that you will need professional help.

The stages some other info

There are a few stages of the process, website designing, development, promotion and maintenance. Now, you can hire different companies to design, develop, promote and maintain the website or you can trust a single company like DigieGeeks to do the job. At DigieGeeks, we offer a complete web design and development package that can handle your requirements and deliver accordingly. Some research about the benefits of different designing and development packages will help you to have a better grip of the subject and take a smart decision as well.

Benefits you will enjoy by choosing the package

If you decide to go for our web design and development package, you can enjoy the following benefits:

•    Proper customization to suit your needs completely
•    Dynamic web design for a website that stands out
•    State of the art web development by using latest technology for a reliable and smart website
•    Open source web app development for better functionality and performance at a lower cost
•    Effective eCommerce solutions (if you choose to) for better and more convenient user experience
•    CMS or content management system development for convenient content management and continuation of the fresh feel in the website
•    Responsive web design to make your website device and browser friendly which in turn will enhance user experience further


In short, instead of worrying about the different aspects of web development and designing, you will now have the service that will take care of everything. Instead of paying for different services to different companies, you will pay to us and we will take care of everything.

How to create an effective content marketing strategy?

Content is considered to be one of the most important things in digital marketing, and for good reason as well. Using content properly is one of the best ways of introducing and promoting a business without overwhelming potential clients.

So, for the success of your business, an effective content strategy is required. To create such a strategy hiring a company like DigieGeeks will be a wise decision.

We have more than 11 years of experience. We will be able to create the perfect strategy and ensure success. Our team of experienced professionals has come up with a few pointers which will help you to understand strategy creation for content marketing better. The points you need to remember are:

Focus on quality

When it comes to content, quality speaks more than quantity. High quality content will always gain more interest, share and attention that poorly written irrelevant content.

Focus on relevant topic

If you are promoting your business, your target audience normally will be the people interested in the products or services you are offering. So, the content generated should always be relevant, informative and interesting for them.

Focus on SEO

Content marketing strategy uniquely combines content, social media and the SEO component. You should prepare high-quality, keyword rich content which will create the perfect way of impressing and interesting potential clients and help your SEO efforts.

Focus on variety

Instead of churning out text heavy blogs, articles and such, you should concentrate on variety and creativity. Audio and video content, infographics, webinars and such will be way better to attract and retain the interest of your target audience.

Focus on social media

Social media is one of the most important parts of digital marketing these days and content is the ingredient which keeps it engaging and interesting. On the other hand, already having a powerful social presence provides an exposure to your content which is enviable. So, investing on social media will be a wise thing to do.

Focus on sharing

Creating good quality content is vital, but sharing it is equally important too. You can ask your employees to share the content which will get it quite an exposure and trigger further sharing.

Focus on aligning content with other marketing efforts

Content creation and usage is a part of the whole marketing effort, not the complete marketing procedure. So, aligning this with the rest of the marketing processes will generate better result always.

Focus on monitoring

Writing, publishing and sharing the content is your responsibility, but that is not the end. You have additional responsibility of keeping an eye on the reaction it generates online. This will help you to plan future content marketing strategy better.

Focus on engaging with people

Engaging with people who comment and share your content is also required. This will provide you a nice way of reaching potential clients.

We keep all these points in consideration while designing the content strategy for you. To have further information or to avail our services, please contact us.

Why you need Online Reputation Management strategy?

ORM or online reputation management strategy is the process through which the reputation of a brand or company or individual is monitored, identified and influenced in the digital world. The process adds more value and power to your brand awareness efforts. Remaining active in the digital world entails a lot of things and negative reviews, complaints and such are a part of that.

When someone searches for your company or brand name or something related to what you do and your website pops up in the search result, it won’t only show the good things but bad things too. Such occurrences are bound to affect your credibility and reputation. So, dealing with the problem in a positive way and countering the unpleasant effects will be required.

Though, online reputation management strategy is primarily to manage and boost your reputation in the digital world, it has further usages as well. At DigieGeeks, we have conducted a long research on this topic. We have more than a decade of experience and a team of some of the best minds in the industry. Based on our research, our team has prepared this list to explain the reasons to choose ORM services for your business.

Increase in Sales

Before making a purchase, everyone does a thorough online research on the product or service. During that process, they are looking for certain things in a brand, product or company. You should have clear idea about what your target audience is looking for. If you are not aware of those points, then your business in already suffering. If your campaign is not capable of delivering the right kind of message to the target audience, it is not an effective campaign.

In most of the cases companies start looking into the matter after the sales drop. Some tend to think that investing more into the product or service in not beneficial and that particular item is discontinued. Instead of having such thoughts, if you already have a campaign spreading the right kind of message along with the right online reputation management strategy, it will boost the sales.

Building a trustworthy relationship

Initiating and developing a reliable relationship with your clients is a big reason for success. So, you should invest in that. After making a purchase, your clients will share the information with family and friends. Moreover, with the free reign of internet, everyone is eager to share their opinions and if anything negative is being shared, it will go viral within a small amount of time.

If despite your attempts to build and retain a trustworthy relationship with the clients, something negative turns up, chances are it will never go away or will take a long time to vanish. If you start investing in strategies and campaigns to regain positive reputation after suffering the attack, it will cost a huge amount of money. In comparison to that, already having a system which could have handled the situation from the very beginning and kept it under check is wiser.

Showing your best side

It is now a practice that, before buying, investing or associating with any brand, company or business, everyone does a thorough research. The first time investor or buyer does not have any information or idea about your business. As a result, they will make decisions based on whatever information available online. If your online reputation is not good, these decisions will mostly go against you. So, it is necessary to show your best side to them and it can be achieved through creating and implementing a competent online reputation management strategy.

Dealing with Online insights

Things like rumors, gossips and speculations have created problems for a lot of renowned names in the past. In today’s technology powered life, news travels fast, especially negative news. Such news has taken seconds to destroy a brand which took years to build.

Today, availability of inside information is nothing new. In the days before internet, negative news and problems were there, but issues were removed before they reached the public. Today, such options are not available. So, you need to treat problems while they are doing the rounds of the internet. For that, hiring an online reputation management service today is essential.

Assisting with Recruitment

Getting some of the best professionals in the industry is always a game changer. But these professionals are always in great demand and they know this. As a result, they tend to conduct a thorough research on the company before choosing any offer. If your reputation is messy, those professionals won’t be interested in the offer. So, it is imperative that your reputation is taken care off and for that you need to hire an online reputation management service.

Why social media is so important for your business?

About a decade ago, when the concept of social media platforms was first introduced, everyone thought that social media is just a passing fad, especially for teenagers to indulge into. No one thought, businesses can enjoy any benefit from this platform. Over the years, this opinion has bitten the dust, as social media has proved its mettle as an effective marketing platform.

A general picture

There are about 3 billion internet users in the world now and more than 2 billion of them have active social accounts. Popular social media platforms have now become marketing giants. They are providing helpful information to businesses about their clients. Allowing them to prepare social media marketing strategy and capture the market. So, it is quite clear by now that, tapping the power of social media for your business is not optional anymore.

Highlighted benefits for better comprehension

Certain points, highlighting the benefits of social media platforms and their contribution in business will help to get a better comprehension of the topic. DigieGeeks, a renowned digital marketing company in collaboration with some of the best professionals in the industry has come up with explanation to make understanding easier. We also provide complete social media analysis, optimization, marketing strategy preparation and the assistance your business needs.

Points to be noted and remembered

We think it as our responsibility to provide our existing and potential clients a crystal clear understanding of the service and its importance. The following points will assist with that:

•    Social media is the source that generates huge amount of data on your potential customers in real time. Amongst the millions and billions of tweets, Facebook updates, photo and video uploads and shares, valuable information about customers is hidden. Based on their daily activities in social media, it’s easy to get a grip of their likes and dislikes. This helps to make smarter business decisions. If you cannot manage that, then we are here to help.
•    Having social media presence makes it easier to connect with existing and potential customers. It results in brand loyalty and increased rate of customer retention.
•    Social media ads are one of the most effective and inexpensive ways of marketing these days. Combined with powerful targeting options, reaching the right kind of audience has become quite simple. Having this facility helps a business considerably.
•    Social media has created certain opportunities not available before. For instance, various social media platforms allow businesses to remain in touch with a customer and provide better customer service. As a result, it leads to better rate of lead conversion.
•    No one likes to spend a lot of time to reach the customer care to get their problem sorted. Buyers in this age want prompt solution and round the clock availability of customer support system. Social media platforms have allowed businesses this facility without spending a huge amount of money. This enriched version of customer experience is helping businesses quite a lot.
•    Businesses can use their social media profiles to increase website traffic. It allows a business to direct the traffic towards its website. Moreover, with each share in social media, the business moves towards better search ranking.
•    Social media analysis along with monitoring is an effective way of finding out about your competitors. This allows enough time for creating effective social media marketing strategy and implementing it. In short, now you have a genuine opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors.
•    Social media profiles are ensuring that your content reaches the customers within a short time instead of taking hours. Sharing content is the fastest and easiest way of reaching the customer.
•    One of the best things about social media is, the platforms have initiated, nurtured and supported the flourish of business and customer relationship. It has gone a long way to help businesses world over.

So, after going through these points, if you are feeling like taking help of social media platforms, then contact us. For further information, please visit our website.