The benefits of integrating CMS in your business

CMS of content management system is a computer application which is used for creating, modifying and managing digital content. It usually helps multiple people working in a collaborative environment. Your business needs CMS in this digital and highly competitive time. Before hiring CMS development services though, you need to know about the benefits that decision will bring.

How we are eligible to help?

At DigieGeeks, we have been offering CMS development services for a long time. Over the years we have gained expertise, experience and a unique insight of the industry. We understand that you will have a lot of questions before making any decision. So, we have created this list that will help to understand the benefits of getting a content management system.

The points you need to know about

  • CMS application is considered to be one of the easiest ways of managing a website. It allows someone without any formal technical knowledge to upload content in a website and keep track of the same with ease.
  • Facilities like text-editing, image adding, modifying, expanding, distributing and updating content, making the content easier to search, retrieve and reuse do make the CMS a boon.
  • By using the CMS application you will have complete control over your website. Apart from managing and structuring the content, you can assign user privileges or restrict access for different sections of the site.
  • As it makes the whole process of content creation, upload and management simpler than ever before, content management system saves both time and effort.
  • CMS makes your website more SEO friendly which in turn helps your search engine optimization efforts considerably. Making the business and website more visible and attracting more visitors won’t be an issue anymore.
  • Small and medium businesses and individuals can enjoy more benefits by using the content management system because it reduces the cost of content management. That effort and money can be easily used for the betterment of other aspects of the website or business.
  • Having a CMS application allows you to access the content on the website anytime and from anywhere you want, with a device being that has internet connection.
  • Content management system is quite useful for data automation, work flow and process management. It can be used for improving communication by creating a collaborative content sharing environment.


Hiring CMS development services to have your own CMS application is a smart decision. It will ensure that you have a dynamic, user-friendly, SEO friendly, not expensive website with additional features like hassle free update and modification of content and images.

How to improve Search Engine Optimization in 2017?

Search engine optimization process is constantly changing. The method considered to be most effective this year can be considered hindering or redundant the next. So, it is better to keep an eye on the current and upcoming marketing trends and using such trends efficiently.

Suggestions we would make

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing SEO services for a long time now. Our experts have compiled a list of tips which will help improving your SEO strategy in 2017 and help your business further.

The points you need to remember are:

Switching to http/2 and limiting errors

Google has been emphasizing on page speed for quite some time now. You need to switch to http/2 for and limit errors like 404s or orphaned pages and overly abundant redirects. This will increase page speed and better results for search engine optimization.

Targeting fewer variations of the keywords

2017 will see a drastic change in keyword research and targeting. Abbreviations, plurals, acronyms, synonyms and such variations of a word won’t have the same impact as before. You need to target less variations of the keyword now.

Keeping the consumers in mind

Instead of worrying over algorithms, it will be better to keep an eye and follow the consumer behavior when required. Creating your strategy on consumer’s likes and dislikes will add further relevance to your effort.

Remaining informed of the updates

Amongst the various search engines, Google is considered to be the standard for search engine optimization and it doesn’t seem the situation will drastically change in the near future. So, keeping an eye on the Google updates will be a smart thing to do.

Focusing on UX

RankBrain and machine learning have made search engines smarter than ever. SEO and UX needs to bond now to provide better consumer experience and fast loading time influencing search engines to offer better rewards.

Clarifying the intent

Instead of focusing on certain keywords, search engine optimization is now about more about clarifying intent and cross-channel marketing.

Hiring ethical SEOs

With time Google is becoming stricter with regulations. So, over-buying links or over-optimizing are not options anymore. You need to hire ethical SEOs to work smartly and yield results without creating negative effects.

Shifting to mobile first indexing

Since November 2016, Google is using mobile first indexing which will intensify more this year. Based on said development, search engine optimization priorities will change. Your SEO strategy should be designed accordingly.

Having quality backlinks

At the initial stage the relationship between backlinks and SEO depended on quantity, but not anymore. Now, you need quality backlinks for desired optimization result.

Competing with content libraries

Instead of content frequency and relevance, search engines are looking for amazing content. So, it is time to start creating amazing content for better ranking.


By following these suggestions, you can improve your search engine optimization efforts in 2017, but for best results, hiring professional help is always better.

Why do you really need SEO services?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization by definition is the process that maximizes number of visitors to a particular website by making it appear high on the list of search results provided by a search engine.

How we are addressing your question

The pressing question here is whether you need SEO services or not. As a renowned, reputed and competent digital marketing service providing company, DigieGeeks would like to answer this query. We have been providing an array of digital marketing services for more than a decade now. Our experience and expertise have enabled us to provide a satisfactory answer to the query you have.

An introduction and explanation

To answer your questions regarding search engine optimization we would first like to provide a simple introduction to the subject. In this age of competitions and digital marketing your business needs the support of SEO services to do better. Yes, there are individuals who do SEO and do a commendable job at that, but that may not be the right option always. The query is whether you can do the same for your business. The answer to that is a resounding “no”.

Why you cannot do your own SEO?

If you are surprised, then it is time to know that, most of the people doing their own SEO are experts and talented professionals who have decided to work independently. It is not possible for an amateur to learn all the ropes within a little time and apply them for the benefits of a business. Moreover, being the owner of a business, you will have a lot more on your plate which ultimately will only create complications. So, it is better to trust someone capable of doing the job properly.

Benefits of hiring SEO services from DigieGeeks

If you want your business to do better, earn more profit, then the additional help is required. For the best result, it is always beneficial to optimize the website for both search engines and human traffic. Hiring suitable and helpful SEO services will get the job done and much more. By choosing search engine optimization, you will get:

  • Increased amount of traffic by attracting the target audience better and increased conversion rate.
  • Better sales and ROI which will change the facade of the business.
  • An optimized and user-friendly website which make navigation convenient for the visitors adding to the traffic further.
  • A cost-efficient inbound marketing strategy which is always concerned to save more money and help the business.


It is quite clear now that, premium quality and efficient search engine optimization service is instrumental for the betterment of your business. So, you do need to hire SEO services.

Why you need a professional web design company?

In this age and time, if a business wants to make an impact and stay ahead of competition, it has to put effort both in the online and the offline market. The best way of doing that is to have a websites for the business and for that web design services are required.

The options you have

As a large number of people is connected with the web and tend to use the internet for doing research before buying something, a website is the best choice to attract their attention. There are two ways in which you can access professional website design services. You can ask a professional working independently or go to a website design company.

Why you need to have a website?  

If someone searches for your business, products or services online and does not find anything or your website does not look professional or secure enough, he/she will simply choose someone else. Hence, it is quite clear that a properly designed website is crucial to your business. We at DigieGeeks provide some of the best web designing services and build perfect websites.

The answers and the reasons

We also understand that you are going to have quite a lot of questions regarding professional website design and web design company. So, we have decided to point out certain reasons supporting your decision of going for professional web design and web designer.

Custom design: By hiring a web design company you are ensuring two things, high quality services and true customization. The web designer working on your project will deliver exactly what you want.

Visual properties: The look and feel of your site is crucial for your business and its brand reputation. Only a professional web designer will be able to anticipate trends and use appropriate color scheme, text and navigation to make the site user-friendly.

New technologies: The internet is a regularly changing thing. Newer technologies, computer codes, methods to draw visitors keep on changing. If you are taking the help of professional, then your website will be built upon and sport the latest technology.

SEO compliance: Search Engine optimization or SEO is the technique which will make your website more visible on the internet. As a result, your business and products or services will reach more people. For that, your website needs to be properly designed and only a professional web design company can do that.

Web support services: You may think so, but web development is a process that never ends. Once the site is up and running, maintenance comes up, along with the need for regular changes and inclusion of newer technologies. By choosing a reliable web design company you are choosing their webmaster services to take care of everything.


After getting a clear idea about the whole process, choosing the most suitable web design company will become simpler and result will be more effective.

The ultimate digital media marketing guide to beat competition

In this age of digitization an effective digital media marketing strategy is the best way to remain ahead in competition. It is not possible to manage everything single-handedly; hence, the help of a digital marketing company is required.

The insight we provide

At DigieGeeks, we have been associated with the industry for over a decade. In these years we have gained precious expertise and experience as a reputed, competent and reliable digital marketing agency. We would like to add that, remaining in the competition is not enough anymore. You must always try to beat the competition. To help you in this quest, our experts have come up with this digital marketing guide containing effective and beneficial information.

The points you need to know

Content marketing: Content is considered to be king in digital marketing these days, because most elements in a marketing strategy are dependent on content. So, you need to create a content marketing strategy and create trendy, interesting, informative and effective pieces.

Search engine optimization: Instead of the regular trends and tips for search engine optimization, you need to go for the advanced option. These guides will not only inform about SEO but will contain information on social media optimization, website optimization and other elements. You need a guide which understands that SEO and SMO and other optimization services are not separate things. They are all connected and treating them as a single organism is the best way. It is not easy to handle this yourself. So, you need to hire a digital marketing agency for proper and customized SEO services.

Social media: Various social media platforms are controlling different aspects of life these days. They are becoming more important by the day. So, you need to understand and exploit these options including social media marketing, social media optimization and such elements. If you don’t think you can manage these, then choosing social media optimization services provided by a reliable source will be the best choice.

Blogger outreach: Having a blog, posting regularly and interacting with visitors are great ways to boost your business and blogger outreach. This is also a big part of digital media marketing process. So, you need a blog that attracts visitors, brings more traffic and assist with the marketing process in general.

Analytics: Data analytics and its usage is quite a complicated subject. Concepts like macro goals, data optimization and such can confuse you more than you realize. Hence, it is better to gather information on data analytics and its role in the improvement of your website and your business.


Despite gathering the required information, it is not possible to become an expert of digital media marketing overnight. You need help and a reliable, affordable and competent digital marketing company to beat your completion and shine bright in the market.

Tips you need to know for boosting landing page conversion

Landing pages are one of the most important sections of a website. If handled properly, these pages can help conversion and ensure more profit for your business. If not handled properly, things can turn real messy real fast. So, you need to know about landing page conversion before creating any strategy for your website.

Our position and how we can help

DigieGeeks is one of the best and more renowned digital marketing services providing companies in the UK. We have been associated with the market for more than decade now. We understand the importance of landing page conversion and how a digital marketing company can help with that. Hence, our experts have come together to create a list to help you understand the topic better.

The points you need to know

If the landing pages of your website are struggling, then it is time to analyze them and optimize them properly. The additional points that can help are:

Eliminating distraction: When users and potential clients visit your website’s landing page, you should make sure there is one clear action to be taken. For that, you need to remove the main navigation and stop linking other pages to the website. Too many distractions affect the conversion rate.

Using plain language: You should always use plain language instead of complicated jargons. This way, anyone can understand your message with ease. It will be better if you do not use acronyms, brand names and industry terms in the landing page. Communication should be clear and precise.

Highlighting value proposition: The copy of a landing page should have highlighted information on the value proposition. If the user cannot figure out how the product or service you are offering will be beneficial, they will move on and there won’t be any conversion. You need to understand the common problems of the customers and provide the solution to help them. You should communicate about tangible result.

Not doing experiments: A landing page is not the place for experiments. Keeping these pages clear, easy for navigation and simple is the trick. Animation, hyperlinks and functionality work as distracting elements and affect landing page conversion rate.

Letting others help: In this case the help comes from your existing clients. Asking them to take part in a survey or simply leaving their comments work wonders.

Keeping the forms brief:- Multiple form fields asking for a lot of information is never assuring to the clients. Hence, the form should be brief.


It is not easy to figure these things yourself and implementing them is tougher than you think. So, it is better to hire proper digital marketing services from a reliable source and get landing page conversion rate boosted professionally.

Ecommerce website development trends to watch out for in 2017

Since its initiation, ecommerce has covered a long way riddled with various changes and developments to make transactions safe and convenient. The idea behind ecommerce website development was to allow clients buy products and services from the convenience of their homes.

The general scenario and peek of the future

Online shopping has become an indispensable part of modern life. Starting for booking tickets for a movie or travel to purchasing garments, chocolates, groceries, electronic devices, accessories, everything is available for buying online. Like every other area, ecommerce website development has been influenced by certain trends marking progress of the process. 2017 is not going to be an exception.

The points we are to mention  

At DigieGeeks, a renowned website development company, we always keep an eye on the market. Our team of professionals based on experience and understanding of the market, has prepared this list of trends that will govern 2017. It includes:

Responsive designing: Recent studies show that, more than 60% people use their mobile devices for accessing the internet. To attract more clients and increase the conversion rate, the website must be responsive. Leading companies and brands have already gone responsive, now it is your time. If you want to bank on points like user-friendliness and interest, then making the website fully responsive is the smarter choice.

Increased social media involvement: Social media platforms have always been instrumental in the success of ecommerce websites. These channels are best choices to connect with interested people from all over the world. With the increasing grip of social media on everyday life, it is only natural that, ecommerce websites will be more involved with such platforms. As a result, ecommerce website development services and strategies have to adapt accordingly.

Omni channel: 2017 will see greater effort to bridge the gap between online and physical shopping. Google Local Inventory shows the availability of products in the local physical store which has made it easier for retailers to create links between ecommerce and physical stores. After being introduced a few years ago, it has only become bigger. Then same trend will continue this year along with opening newer domains and prospects.

Interactive shopping: Every person has his/her choices, preferences and tastes regarding everything and shopping is no exception. Before buying something customers tend to look for coupons, search various sites for the exact same product and such. Ecommerce website development has taken this into account and is to build upon that with interactive shopping. This will provide a customized shopping experience to the clients.


Additionally, mechanisms like Big Data, Analytics, Chatbots, Quicker and more secure checkouts etc. will be introduced to ecommerce website development. We will keep you posted.

Why Instagram is preferable to Snapchat in social media marketing?

Social media is one of the most powerful tools of marketing these days, because a great portion of the mass is hooked to these platforms. They started as great ways of connecting with people, sharing photos, videos, life stories and such happenings, but now they are a huge part of marketing, known as social media marketing.

What the studies reveal on the subject

Amongst the various social media platforms, two are making most waves, Snapchat and Instagram. More than 150 million people use Snapchat and when its parent company went public and have a market cap of $25 billion. Despite that, it seems this particular platform has a lot of catching up to do to convince the social media marketing strategists and advertisers. A series of studies done by reliable sources have revealed that, advertisers and marketers are considerably less interested to invest money on Snapchat for marketing purpose in comparison to competitors like Facebook and Instagram.

An in-depth explanation of the study

Amongst the 1600 marketing professionals, who took part in the survey, almost 65% prefer Instagram and the rest mentioned they would like to try Snapchat, but with other social media platforms. This reluctance has resulted from the lack of return of the investment the marketers made. Other concerns like measurement, declining engagement from users and such are also adding to the factor.

The reasons behind this difference

Based on their satisfaction and ROI, social media platforms are ranked on a scale of eight points and Snapchat has a score of dismal 3.43 which is second to last. Despite Instagram copying various features from Snapchat, there is something unique about this social media platform. The competing feature has given Instagram an edge which is also driving social media marketing professionals and strategists towards this platform.

What it means for Snapchat

Apart from the advertising perspective, this preference factor is also creating problems for Snapchat as it now needs to show strong growth in both users and advertising revenue accounts. In short, the report and survey has clearly proven that, when a social media marketing strategy is being created, the marketing professionals all over the world are putting more importance to Instagram.


As a renowned digital marketing company with more than a decade of experience in the field, we at DigieGeeks keep a keen eye on such happenings. We understand the need for proper social media analysis and a robust social media marketing strategy. Hence, we provide information to help people understand the scenario before making an informed decision.

Is Drupal 8 so important for your website development project?

Drupal has always been a crucial part of web development and since 2000, it has enhanced the standard of web hosting platforms. Nowadays, it is considered to be the most preferred content management platform. By combining technology and innovation it has become an integral part of the digital world.

Drupal 8 and its cool features

Like everything else in the world, website development process is changing and attaining newer heights. Developers around the world depend on Drupal to do a better job developing websites every time. The latest version of the software, Drupal 8 is the perfect combination of features and functionality. It is the first ever CMS or content management system with 59 core modules, including CKEdition, Entity API and JQuery update. Along with that, PHP theme engine, text editor, built-in mobile first themes, integrated view and compatibility with Glowhost have made this version way better than the previous ones.

How it is helping websites

By adding scalability to a business, adding more power to the content editor, having better authoring tools and translation capacity, Drupal 8 offers ultimate assistance for developing a website. We at DigieGeeks have been associated with the industry for more than a decade now. We not only understand the importance of the software, but as we use the latest technology to bring the best to our clients, we also use Drupal 8 for developing premium-quality, dynamic website.

Why Drupal 8 should be used for website development

If you are about to hire a website development company for website development services, then it will be important to know whether they are using Drupal 8 or not. The following points will tell why the software should be used.

Ease of adaptation: Drupal is well-known for managing traffic notwithstanding the amount and the website. Adaptability is a key factor in a website and this software is well-known this quality.

Enhanced security: The powerful framework and secure CMS are two elements that keep the threats at bay. A lot of companies use Drupal as a security measure and it is proving its mettle too.

Flexibility in content management: Managing the content of a website becomes a lot more convenient due to Drupal. Editorial workflows become easier to maintain, because it comes with a preview option seeking approval before publishing, offering the chance to make the content flawless.

Support for multiple languages: If a CMS supports multiple languages, it becomes beneficial on different levels. It saves both time and money, makes customization easier and some has other cool features that help in dynamic language displays and translation workflows.

Support for digital apps: When the whole world is becoming more advanced by the day, having a platform that can provide adequate support is not only optional, rather necessity.

Support for multiple content formats: Different websites come with different content formats as well. So, it is important for the website development platform you are choosing to support different formats and Drupal does that.


Amongst the options available, you need to choose the best website development agency like us, for your requirement. This way, you will get the best website development services and whatever project you are choosing will be successful.

You need to know this vital point of email marketing strategy

Email marketing is crucial to the digital marketing process. So, if you are about to hire these services for the betterment of your business, then having some basic knowledge about the topic is required.

The point you need to be aware of

At DigieGeeks, we have been helping businesses with effective and consolidated digital marketing strategy and services for more than a decade now. We have both the experience and expertise to help you too. Explaining certain points will help you to make an informed and beneficial decision. So, our experts have decided to answer one of most baffling questions associated with email marketing campaigns whether to use HTML or plain text.

Some basic info and some more

To end the confusion, we are going to put forward certain points, starting with some basic info to will help you understand the subject better.

Creating the email is half the battle in the marketing process. So, you need to think about everything starting from the subject line, salutation, greeting, your message, images (whether needed or not) and many more.

Mail deliverability and its importance in email marketing 

Mail deliverability has always been a vital point in email marketing, because if the mail is not delivered to the destination (in this case the inbox of the intended recipient) then it is practically redundant. It is believed that plain text mails have better delivery rate in comparison to its HTML counterpart which is not always true. If the HTML version is properly coded and has a plain text version, the delivery rate won’t be affected.

Preference of the mass

Surveys have shown that people say they prefer HTML emails, whereas, in reality they prefer the simpler plain text version.

Is the message just being delivered or some action is happening too?

The common myth is, HTML reduces open rates of an email, but the reality is a bit different. Surveys have shown that, being delivered does not mean that the mail is at a noticeable position in the recipient’s inbox. Moreover, HTML rich mails tend to get flagged by service providers as commercial ones and get filtered. It means, technically the missive is being delivered, but the recipient is not getting the chance to open it.

Considering the rather personal element

General belief is HTML format reduces the clickthrough rate of the message and it is not wrong. Electronic mails are considered to be the channel for one-to-one interaction, hence have a certain amount of personal perspective that cannot be ignored. When someone sends an email to a friend, relative or colleague, it does not have fancy images or beautiful templates. It simply has the message. The same logic is applicable in email marketing as well.


In the conclusion, we would like to point out that, when it comes to electronic mail, less is always better. But the problem is, this guideline is not always beneficial for an email marketing campaign. As a renowned and reputed digital marketing agency we would suggest that your message should be the perfect balance of properly coded HTML and interesting plain text with proper positioning, interesting subject line, strategic link placement and a touch of creativity.