Understanding social media optimisation and its importance

Since the last few years, SMO or social media optimisation, which is the process of using social media for creating better publicity for a brand of business, has been gaining more importance by the day. With the growing number of people using various social media platforms, SMO has become the cornerstone of digital marketing and its success.

Some information about us

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing social media optimisation services for a long time. Hence, we have both the experience and expertise to understand the questions you may have, provide answer to them and also offer the most suitable services. The goal of the service is quite simple, creating interesting content and then spread is across different social media platforms and channels to boost awareness of a brand or business. The content to be created can be high-quality and interesting text posts, eye-catching videos or images, well-crafted pieces including both text and image and such. The aim is to make this content popular, so that, it spreads and attract attention.

Gaining a fair idea

If you are about to hire social media optimisation services for the betterment of the business, then gaining a clear idea about the subject will be required. To that end, our team of experts has compiled this list highlighting and explaining the importance of SMO in today’s market. The points you need to remember are:

Ensuring a strong web presence

By opting for social media optimisation you will gain and ensure a string web presence for your business. Establishing such authority for your brand is indeed beneficial as it positively influences people and creates brand loyalty by improving visibility and recall.

Increasing the reach

Social media platforms are reaching more people every day and by using the same channels, your business will also be able to do the same. Moreover, due to technological advancements and better search parameters, finding and reaching the niche audience has also become easy. by investing in SMO, you can exploit that factor as well.

Bringing more traffic and generating leads

With the help of social media platforms, you can reach the global audience, which works wonders for bringing more traffic to your website. The best part is, in most of the cases, you don’t need to spend any additional amount for this facility. The same method can be successfully used for lead generation and conversions, helping the business further.

Improving search engine ranking

By syncing your social media optimisation efforts with search engine optimization and marketing, you will have the chance of improving the search engine ranking of your business. As the search engines are considering the data acquired from social media, putting effort in SMO will help you in other areas as well.
Therefore, after knowing about these points, investing in social media optimisation and hiring social media optimisation services will prove to be quite beneficial for your business.

The 4 Es to govern an effective PPC strategy

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is the internet advertising method businesses are opting for, where an advertiser pays the publisher website every time it’s ad published on said website is clicked. Setting up and managing such a campaign is quite simple. Hence, more and more people are choosing it. If you as the business owner is thinking about starting a PPC campaign, then concentrating on the PPC strategy should be the very first step.

How we will assist your endeavour

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing Pay Per Click advertising services for a long time. Therefore, we have gained enough experience and expertise to help your business and answer the queries you may have. The first thing you need to remember while creating a PPC strategy is importance of both development and refinement of said strategy. In this age of steep competition and advanced technology, not creating a refined and effective PPC campaign is wastage of money, time and labour. So, you need to prepare a formula which will ensure ROI or return on investment.

The governing factors

To build an effective PPC strategy, you need some help and our team of experts has compiled a list highlighting and explaining the components that should be governing the approach. In short, you need to know about the 4 Es.


This phase, as the name suggests is all about gathering information and assessing the data. Therefore, it includes components like internal Web analytics, historical PPC account data and the peripheral research done on customers and competitors alike. The final selection of additional keywords and competitive market research will depend on this data connected at the very beginning of the process. The goal of this phase will be creating a test campaign which will run for a fortnight to a month.


This “E” consists of the phase where the test PPC strategy including text ads, keywords, associated landing pages and such will be implemented and monitored. This is the time to decide which of the ad copies, keywords, bid strategies, landing pages and such have the best chance of success. Based on that result, the strategy of the actual Pay Per Click advertising campaign will be decided.


This stage will concentrate on using the insights garnered from the evaluation phase to create the actual PPC strategy. Under this phase, number of keywords will be expanded to generate desired number of leads without affecting the conversion performance in anyway.


Just like the name suggests, this stage is about tweaking the campaign for best possible results. The tweaking happens with keywords, landing page elements, bidding strategy, text ad copy and such. These variations and testing are aimed at the best possible performance from the Pay Per Click advertising campaign. As the process cannot be fully-optimized due to reasons like changes happening in the market, industry, technology and competition, enhancement is crucial and a continuous process.

Beneficial results

Implementing these 4 Es will indeed help your PPC strategy to perform better than before ensuring more traffic, sales and profit for your business.

A few points to remember during your website redesign attempt

Having a bankable digital presence is the necessity for businesses these days and more and more of them are creating their own website to take full advantage of the present trend. As the trends and practices of the digital market keep on changing and businesses need to adapt accordingly for benefits, website redesign becomes a crucial aspect to consider. If you already have a website and are thinking about redesigning it, certain pointers will be of help.

Our take on the topic and assistance

At DigieGeeks, a website design and development company, we have been providing web designing services including redesigning service. Hence, we have gained experience, expertise and important insight of the subject. During our long association with the industry, we have learned a lot of things and from that experience, our team of experts have compiled this list highlighting and explaining the points you should remember during the website redesigning process.

The introduction to website redesigning

Before getting into that, we would also like to talk about a couple of most important elements of website redesign and they are, Taxonomy and Migration Strategy. The former method entails having a well-defined strategy which includes directories and subdirectories, helping the SEO efforts considerably. The latter one deals with smooth transition of data from the old website to the new one and reduces any delays in the redesigning process.
Now to get to the points that should not be ignored during website redesign are:

Security aspects

As a business, you are not only responsible for the data and information about your company, but also for the information of the customers who are making purchases from the website. So, ensuring the best possible security for the website from the increasing number of cyber-attacks will be required. Therefore, investing in a reliable and effective firewall will be required.

Keeping backups

Despite the security layers, your website may experience various problems that can harm and even delete the data. So, keeping backup of everything before staring the website redesign and investing in a regular backup will be the smart thing to do.

Increasing page load speed

Since April 2010, page load speed is a ranking factor in Google. If a website loads fast, it is considered to be offering better experience to the users and that influences the website’s ranking as well. So, if you are redesigning the website, making changes to speed up its loading time will prove to be quite beneficial.

Installing Facebook Open Graph

Installation of the tool known as Facebook Open Graph will provide you control over the look of a shared content. This way, you will be making the web page become content rich in the social graph. Being convenient to install, this tools requires just a small piece of code within the HTML.

Using responsive web design

With time, technological advancements and emerging market trends, website design has changed quite a lot. As more and more people are choosing mobile devices for browsing the internet and purchasing products or services, having a website that is not accessible from mobile devices is a huge drawback. So, the redesigning process and attempt should be centered on the implementation of responsive web design. It will help the business to reach a greater number of people and the goal of delivering better mobile-optimized content will be fulfilled. According to some recent research, if your website is not responsive and does not load fast, then you will lose 53% of your visitors.

Choosing accelerated mobile pages

Google is already going the “mobile first” way and want websites to load fast in mobile devices. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is something initiated by Google and Twitter for making real fast loading mobile pages. So, to take the advantage of this new trend, your website should consider and include accelerated mobile pages.

Effective SEO practices

When you are choosing an affordable web design company, you will get a really impressive website with dynamic design, but they are not equipped to fulfill the SEO requirements. So, when you are getting the website redesigned, including the SEO fundamental will be crucial. Doing so will help with better ranking. Using Title Tag, H1 Tag, Meta Description and naming the images with relevant keywords will prove to be quite beneficial.

Using high-quality, relevant and original content

When it comes to organic search, content, especially high-quality, informative and relevant content is crucial. Not only it impresses the visitor and provides the information he/she was looking for, but helps the SEO efforts and can boost the search results considerably. So, during website redesign process, you need to make sure that, the existing content is edited or replaced with better quality, informative and strategically written content.

The decision-making process in a nutshell

So, it can be concluded that, website redesign process is not only for the betterment of the present digital identity of a business, but boosting sales too. For best results, you need to gain an idea of the process, its various elements and their impact before making an informed decision for the benefit of the business.

Understanding the importance of logo design in a business

The word logo is the short form of the term logotype which in turn is derived from two different Greek words, logos and typos meanings word and imprint respectively. A logo is basically a symbol representing an organisation, an enterprise, a business and even an individual to induce and secure loyalty and instant public recognition. Therefore, logo design is quite important for a business and should be considered accordingly.

Understanding logo and our assistance regarding it

Along with brand recognition and loyalty, logo is also vital to marketing efforts. It is one of the most visible manifestations of the identity for an organisation within the target market. So, it is crucial to take better care with the planning, designing and execution of the logo for your business. At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing graphic design services for a long time. In the process we have gained both experience and expertise on the subject to provide the assistance your business needs and answer the queries you might have regarding this.

Certain points highlighting the subject further

Before making any choice or investment, it is crucial to understand the implication and importance of the decision. This helps the business and also you to make a beneficial and informed decision. Hence, our team of experts has decided to create this list highlighting and explaining the importance of logo design in a business. The points you need to know are:

  • Logos are the faces of companies, organisations and businesses. They are considered to be unique identities for the businesses they represent and to that end, they provide essential information about the company through color, design, font and message. This allows the customers to identify the company’s core brand induce loyalty in them.
  • The marketing strategy and effort of a business is based upon the logo and it influences fonts, colors, design choices and such for the company.
  • A good logo is unique and easily understandable to the potential customers. So, the logo design should depict these qualities correctly and be dynamic, interesting and with a sense of meaning regarding the business or industry or organisation. Your logo should never be unrelated, too complicated or shabby. That will be unable to generate the desired effects.
  • Creating brand identity for your business is crucial, because this identity turns out to be one of the reasons behind customer loyalty and following and resulting profit. Being the visual component associated with every aspect and every area of a business from website to social media, stationary to advertising and many more. Therefore, a not so carefully designed logo can turn out to be big turn off for the potential customers.
  • As logo is something a business develops first, it may seem unnecessary expense at the beginning, but it is also one of the best channels for ROI or Return on Investment. An effective logo leads to improved mind share within the target market resulting in better traffic and increased sales.

Being sure about the decision

Therefore, for a business to become successful and impact the market, investing time, money, effort and talent in logo design is not merely an option, but necessity.

Tips regarding web application development for small businesses

According to the definition, web application development is the process under which apps are created that exists on remote servers and is accessible from the users’ device through the internet. It simply means, when you are creating a web app, the program will stay there within a server and the users with internet connection will be able to use it according to their requirement and convenience.

Some information on the present trend and us

Due to the technological advancements and the convenience it offers, web application development has become integral to businesses these days. Having a web app helps a business to become simpler, achieve its goals faster and grow without investing too much. At DigieGeeks, we have been providing web app development services for a long time. Hence, we have gained both experience and expertise on the subject. Additionally, we are well aware of the present market trend and deliver according to it.

Our assistance regarding the topic

Our team of experts is skilled, capable and delivers every time. They also understand your queries and confusions regarding the subject. Therefore, they have created this list consisting of some tips which will help you to choose better and make an informed decision regarding web application development.

The points you need to remember are:

  • Before investing in something like a web app, it is crucial to prepare a strategy for the same. It will help you to streamline the development process and measure the success of the decision easily. So, before getting the app developed, you need to be sure about its purpose and decide on a strategy regarding the development and launch process.
  • When you decide to create a new product or service, you need to be sure about the target audience to ensure its demand and sale. Likewise, before choosing a web application development company and an app for your business, you need to know and be sure about the target audience.
  • Complicated and elaborate apps do not impress people much. So, you need to create an app which is simple, but dynamic, convenient and consistent. You also need to make sure that, despite being simple the app has something different and something of value to offer.
  • Instead of revamping and redesigning everything, using the existing video, images and texts will be of great help. For instance, if you already have a website and want to use certain photos and information from there, it will be a smart move. This way, you will save both time and money while providing the target audience the same feel as the website. Such uniformity is great for inspiring loyalty and gaining more customers.
  • In this age, when life has become faster and people are craving for more speed, you cannot develop an app which is slow. That will not only irritate the existing and potential customers, but will have a negative impact on the business.
  • Before launching the app, testing it thoroughly is required. This way, you will gain a clear idea of the app’s workings, its most interesting features, features that will impress the target audience most, whether the app working properly or not, whether it is what you envisioned and such. This way, you will have time and chance to straighten out the kinks that may have been in the app and chances of problems cropping up after launch will be less and the app will have a better chance of impressing existing and potential customers.
  • Another crucial step integral to the web application development process which most people do not give much thought is the promotional part. Creating the app is not enough, you need to tell the world that, you have developed an app and it offers certain things. Without this information, people won’t be interested and your intention of developing the app in the first place will be lost.

By following and applying these tips, you will be able to make the most out of the web application development service and the service provider. It will help the business as well.

How to make the most of social media optimisation in 2017?

SMO or social media optimisation is the process that increases awareness about a product or service, brand or organisation through a number of social media platforms and communities to create viral publicity. In this age, when trending in social media has become one of the best ways of attracting people and gaining visibility, it is crucial to make the most of this particular process for the benefit of your business.

Our take on the subject

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing social media optimization services for a long time. Hence, we have gained both the experience and expertise on the subject. Additionally, we have a team of experts who have compiled this list pointing out and explaining the ways of making the most of the social media.

The points you need remember are:

  • Integrating social media into website: If your business has a website or is about to get a website, then it is crucial to integrate social sharing tools in the said site. Including direct web links between your social media accounts and the website and adding social media sharing buttons are required too. They will help your business to rank better, because the created links will be considered higher quality links due to the higher web authority of social sites.
  • Being consistence is vital: One of the most important points in social media optimisation is consistency which means regular sharing and presence in social media. It will create a professionally cohesive experience.
  • Taking advantage of messaging: Most of the social media platforms now have direct messaging options which used strategically can become one of the best ways of having a better relationship with the customers. Active interaction is always better than just posting and sharing. It will help your social media optimization efforts better.
  • Experimenting with new social media features: Every social media platform is introducing newer, more convenient and interesting features at regular intervals. These features are designed to help the social media marketing process considerably. Hence, for better results, you should be experimenting with these new features.
  • Aligning SEO keywords with social media: For better SMO results, you need to concentrate on the optimization part where keywords have a huge role to play. So, using keywords in your posts and structuring keywords and phrases in a natural way on the social media profiles will be the winning combination. Using paid content will prove to be beneficial too.
  • Being active regularly matters: To make the most of social media, you need to be active on a regular basis and this depends on the frequency with which posts are being made.

According to the present trend and statistics, more than 81% of businesses are investing in and using social media for marketing purposes. Therefore, you need to be prepared and informed enough to make the most of social media optimization.

Investing in quality graphic design will help your business grow

A small or medium-sized business faces a number of problems every day, fights them, solves them and emerges victorious. Along with fighting these various problems, these businesses tend to utilise their resources in the best possible way, because in most of the case they have to function on shoestring budget. In such a situation, advising them to invest money in something like graphic design may seem a little unnecessary, but if you delve a little deeper, the implication of such an action will become clearer too.

The assistance and the implication

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing graphic design services for years now. Hence, we have gained experience and expertise on the subject which in turn helps us to understand your requirements and provide the befitting services. So, when it comes to graphic design, we would like to point out a few things. For instance, investing in great design is crucial. Some businesses understand this and others don’t and this turns out to be the biggest different between them.

The points to remember

Making a decision for the benefit of your business is always the smart choice and opting for quality graphic design will prove to be the same as well. Proper and strategic investment in graphic design helps a business grow and if you are having second thoughts regarding this, then the following points will be able to put those doubts to rest.

  • The first impression is vital for any business and one of the commonest ways of creating that impression is visual. Potential customers will take a few seconds to pursue the visual representation, judge it and make the decision. If you do not invest in graphic design, then this chance will be lost and can backfire as well.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words; similarly, a strategic design is capable of telling an interesting story. A thoughtful and expertly executed design is capable of evoking the right images in the mind of the potential customer and helping the business.
  • Investing in a competent and capable graphic design service provider will bring consistency to your brand, by using precise color, photos, fonts and theme every time and in every medium. This will invoke recognition and loyalty regarding the business amongst the existing and potential customers, helping the business.
  • The capability of thinking out of the box and being creative are certain qualities that work wonders for every business. They can also be the difference between your business and the competition, bringing in more business and profit.
  • Good and pleasing to the eye designs have always been a great source of conversion and it is wise to exploit that.
  • Upfront investment in graphic design will save time and money in the long run, helping the business further.

Therefore, investing in a capable, high-quality and effective graphic design service package will be a beneficial decision.

How much importance ecommerce website development has in your business?

In this age of advanced technologies and a world-wide platform of information at one’s beck and call, things are changing rapidly both in personal and professional life. Even a few years back, buying something meant visiting a nearby store, going through the available collection and options and then choosing the suitable one. Not anymore though, because now you can do everything including browsing the available collection of products or services from the convenience of your home through your digital device via the internet. With this changing marketing trend, ecommerce website development holds more importance than before.

How we can assist you

Having the internet along with facilities, choices and help, not using it is not a very smart move. Hence, you need to make sure that, your business is capable of exploiting the available benefits and reach it’s goals. The first step towards ensuring that is, investing in ecommerce website development and getting an impressive and effective e-commerce website created. At DigieGeeks, a web development company, we have been providing e-commerce related services to our clients for a long time. Therefore, we have the required experience and expertise on the subject to help you too.

The benefits and facilities you will enjoy

When you invest in ecommerce website development and get a website, you have access to an array of facilities and benefits including but not limited to:

  • Proper digital representation of your brand, business and products or services
  • The chance to attract more potential customers
  • The convenience of offering your existing and potential customers a quality shopping experience
  • Better customer relationship resulting in brand loyalty
  • Chance of getting more followers
  • The ease of knowing your inventory minutely
  • Offering an array of products or services without any complication or mess
  • A secure payment gateway to protect your transactions and your clients
  • The facility of keeping tab on the sales and counting your profit with ease
  • Reaching both the local and global market

To enjoy all these facilities and benefits, you need to have a quality e-commerce website and for that, you need to invest in ecommerce website development.

The importance of ecommerce website development in a nutshell

As every business is trying to exploit the most of the market, you need to plan and provide something better, something more to make your mark. To do that, you need to have an impressive and high-quality e-commerce website. There are loads of options available and you need to choose the most suitable ecommerce website development company for your business. The company, especially the professional web designers and developers will make sure that, you get exactly what you want. They will also guide you to understand the process and make the best decisions for the business. In short, this is the importance of ecommerce website development in your business.

The crucial components of a content marketing strategy

In digital marketing, content is considered to be the most important element. You may employ a number of technological components, but if the content is not of good quality, nothing will work properly. Additionally, for better results, along with creating quality content, you need to work on content marketing and content promotion part as well.

Some information about us

At DigieGeeks, a web development company, we have been providing the whole spectrum of digital marketing services for a long time. Our years’ long association with the industry has provided us with the experience and expertise to understand your requirements and problems. Our team has some of the best professionals in the industry and they are capable of providing helpful and effective services as well. We are well aware of the fact that, there will be questions in mind regarding the topic and so, our team has created this list highlighting and explaining the crucial components of a content promotion strategy.

Knowing about the elements

The points that you need to remember are:

  • There are different kinds of content and some of them perform better than the others. You have to leverage on this fact and find the better performing content types. A little research will reveal that, infographics, in-depth guides, resource-focused posts, original research, long-list posts are a few types which work better than the regular blog posts. So, your content marketing and promotion strategy must include the creation of such content.
  • Building and asking a list of sharers before publishing the content will take you a great way. In this step, you will be asking the intended reader whether he/she would like to read the content or not instead of forcing the content. Giving this choice will help your content to stand apart and viewed.
  • Instead of just publishing the content in relevant content sharing platform, if your content marketing and sharing process target communities like Reddit, Quora, Inbound and such, impression of your content and ensuring traffic will be better.
  • Growing your email list by retargeting visitors is an effective and interesting way of increasing traffic through content. This will bring you authentic and organic traffic and help to create a long list of email recipients.
  • Creating links within the content is another great way of getting better ranking and increased traffic. You need to use your content is the best way possible and link building will help with that.

Using the components strategically

By using these important elements in your content marketing and promotions strategy, you will be able to create effective, powerful and valuable content and help your business grow.

The fundamental elements of an email marketing strategy

In this age of technological advancements and online businesses, it has become necessary to use the various elements of digital marketing to its capacity. Such an element is email marketing which has become really crucial for business communication and a business’s attempts to reach its target audience.

Some information about us

At DigieGeeks, a web development company, we have been providing the whole spectrum of digital marketing services for a long time. Hence, we have the experience to handle your problems and expertise to provide the services you want. Our team of skilled professionals knows that, most people tend to be a bit confused about email marketing and the whole digital marketing process. Hence, they have created this list highlighting and explaining the fundamental elements of an email marketing strategy.

Why gather information is important?

If you are about to create a digital marketing strategy and email marketing is a part of said strategy, then knowing about these points will help. They will assist you to get a better grip of the subject and make informed decisions. Before hiring a digital marketing agency and their services, you need to know where you are about to invest and what the outcome will be. The points you need to remember are:

Adding the human element

An email send from a person instead of a company has better chance of real engagement, because the recipient will find it easy to trust the sender as a human being, instead of an inanimate organisation.

Creating an interesting subject line

The subject line of your email is like the opening act of a play. If it is not good enough, then interesting the recipient won’t be easy. So, you need to use interesting subject lines which are either short or long. An average length subject line won’t impress anyone.

Using relevant subject line

The subject line you will use in the email should be about the topic or relevant to the topic. If the email is about a service and the subject line talks about the weather of the day, it won’t hit the target.

Using precision is always appreciated

Instead of writing about the history and geography of your company and the service or product you offer, being precise will pay off better. Overloading the email with text won’t do you much good.

Focusing on the benefits

To attract the interest of the recipient, highlighting the benefits of your offer will be the best approach.

Including a call-to-action button strategically

Using a call-to-action button in the email and placing it strategically is necessary and not something you can compromise with.

Creating responsive emails is the key

Designing a responsive email bring you’re the chance to more views and clicks and also to reach greater number of recipients.
After knowing these points, you can now choose a better digital marketing strategy and more effective email marketing approach.