3 really smart ways to dominate social media

Social media marketing is seen as a time consuming affair by most of the companies. This marketing field is relatively new which emerged upon the success of the social networks and its influence upon the users. Most of the businesses are actively trying to build an active presence on multiple social networks in order to broaden their target audience reach. Managing multiple accounts, researching for content, building content- textual, graphical and multi-media based, performing competitor analysis and keeping a tab on trending topics isn’t easy to manage on your own and you will need a professional digital marketing company for it. But Digiegeeks offers you seven really smart ways to help you dominate the social media quickly.

  1. Know your platforms

  2. There are more than 2 billion active social media users on global scale therefore understanding which platform should be utilized for your business or brand is necessary. It is advisable to focus your time and effort on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn only if your business isn’t visually focused, if visually focused then give priority to Instagram along with the others. So understand which platform you should be utilizing for your brand and business from the top 20 social networks.

  3. Manage your social media accounts efficiently

  4. It isn’t feasible to go through every new brand mention, direct messages and queries present on all the social media channels. If one goes around into reading and offering response to every one of them it will result in wasting a large amount of time. There are a number of tools available which can allow you to manage multiple accounts across the social networks at a single place. One such tool is Hootsuite which will provide a single view of all the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. This will make it easier to get notification from all and provide quick updates at the same time.

  5. Swiftly create your content and share updates across the social platforms

  6. Compiling content to share at later stage is a very time consuming task when you have multiple social media platforms to take care of. This doesn’t mean that you will in developing your own content for every post rather you can also indulge in sharing other content which remains consistent with your brand or business.
    You can make use of Feedly or Hubspot to quickly get through hundreds of popular content and make use of them in your posts to keep the target audience engaged on your portal. So simply compile list of content to be updated and shared later on all at once and make use of Hootsuite tool to update all the social media accounts with ease and simplicity.
    Now you know the best ways to choose the right social media channels, best tool to manage multiple social media accounts and right manner to compile content quickly. Make use of these tips to enhance your social media marketing strategy.

Why you should be opting for Enterprise Mobility Services?

In this modern ear businesses are happening all time regardless of date and time zone. In order to provide flexibility and speed to the employees most of the businesses have started making of use of the enterprise mobility. Enterprise mobility can be simply described as a modern age phenomenon where more number of employees are actively indulging in working out of office from home or remote location by using mainly mobile devices in order to access cloud based solution which powers their work.
This shift has helped companies in getting more work done in a surprising less amount of time than it was feasible in the traditional office. Here are some of the benefits of enterprise mobility solutions which will encourage you to opt for it at the earliest.

Less Paperwork

When working virtually the workflow management becomes simple and easy affair compared to offline work performed at the traditional offices. All the documents are available online which means one wouldn’t worry about losing any document. Secondly since there is no paper work then it ends up saving a lot of money on paper, storage and supplies like ink and others. When everything is online then the accessibility to the data also turns swift, simple and efficient than ever before.

Enhanced Workflow

It has been seen that enterprise mobility had helped millions of businesses in improving their workflow by enhancing the employees response and action time. Employees are able to address specific problems within a matter of few seconds and can work on emergency tasks quickly without wasting the crucial time. This helps in building a real time interaction with the clients which ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction. Time management and allotment for varied projects becomes streamlined as important tasks are dealt in quickly which helps in saving extra time.

Enhanced business productivity

With enterprise mobility employees get the much needed flexibility to work from where ever they are and as they please. This eventually helps in increasing overall productivity of the business entity. It has been found that when employees are taken out of an environment where they are working continuously presence as well as tress of the admins and team leaders surrounding them then it seriously affects their ability to work with freedom, innovativeness and creativity. Enterprise mobility service enables them to work within the set deadlines without any undue pressure which certainly helps in bringing the best out of them.

5 Points to showcase that Social Media Optimisation is the need of the hour

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a relatively new phenomenon which is not utilized to its full potential by the business at the moment. In recent years it has been seen that Social Media Optimization helps in bridging the gap between the online presence and brand visibility to a whole new extent. Some even term that a persistent and well organised SMO strategy can help in strengthening the search engine optimization (SEO). A proper digital marketing agency can help you in framing a SMO strategy which reflects your business needs and requirements.
SMO effectively concentrates on the management of the social media websites, video sites or channels, social communities, media channels, blogging sites and RSS feed in a unified fashion to bring uniform brand positioning. Here are the 5 points which carefully showcases that Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is the need of the hour.

  1. Cement a strong web presence

  2. With right and effective utilization of the social media channels and platforms any brand or business can establish its authority in the online arena. A sound and focused social media optimization (SMO) is introduce the business to the target audience in the social networks which eventually goes a long way into improving brand visibility and recall.

  3. Widen Your Reach

  4. SMO helps in widening the reach of the audience for any brand and business. Website is still a necessity to run business online but having a solid presence on the social media platform allows business to widen their reach, enhance the interactions with the brand and give a boost to the conversions levels. It also helps in making brand more accessible to the target audience as they can browse the content through mobile, desktop or tablet from anywhere in the world at any time with more flexibility than a website.

  5. Boost the traffic

  6. You can give a boost to your website and enhance the reach to the customers on global scale with right SMO strategy. The investment required for driving more traffic to the websites which actually converts into customers is quitter cheaper when compared against the pay per click.

  7. Improve search engine ranking

  8. Every business is employing hundreds and thousands of dollars in finding the right keywords associated with their business and to boost their website overall rank. It has been found that nowadays search engines actively acquires data from the social media channels namely Google +, Facebook, Twitter and lists them in the search results. As stated earlier correct and right use of the SMO can help in boosting the overall ranking of the website by featuring it search engine results page (SERPs) frequently.

The components of a Pay Per Click campaign

This is the age of the Word Wide Web, which is governing almost every aspect of life including business, market and shopping. As a result, more and more organisations are trying to exploit the internet to promote their business, brand and products or services. One of the best ways of such promotion is PPC or pay per click advertising. Hence, more businesses are investing in PPC, building a PPC strategy and implementing it as well.

Our take on the topic

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing pay per click advertising services for a long time. Due to that, we have gained enough experience and expertise to understand and answer the queries you may have regarding this topic. To make the topic simpler to comprehend, our team of experts has compiled a list highlighting and explaining the components of a PPC strategy. The points you need to know are:

The keywords

This set of words or phrases are like anchors which increase the value of content by making it conveniently identifiable by the search engine and cite whenever a relevant search is made. There are multiple tools to identify possible keywords most relevant to a business. Identifying and compiling a list of the right keywords is one of the most important parts of a PPC strategy.

The account structure

Despite handling all the other components perfectly, if you fail to configure the PPC account properly, the whole campaign can be nullified. So, you need to be careful about account set up and ensure the best use of campaigns and ad groups relevant to the business.

The advertise copy

To create an effective text ad copy for the PPC campaign generating clicks and resulting in conversions, you need to be careful about features like messaging, offer and display URL. The tools are all there, you just need to know about and use them right.

The landing page

An effective landing page can work miracles for a pay per click advertising campaign and one of the most crucial element of the page is ‘scent’ or theme. If the theme of PPC text ads does not reach the landing page, they will prove to be ineffective. So, you need to target each ad to a specific landing page.

The bid strategies

After dealing with the above-mentioned points, you need determine the overall bid strategy. Your decision of manually managing the campaign or choosing the automated bid software will have an important role in the success of the PPC strategy.

The testing

Testing each of the components one at a time will give a clear idea about the effectiveness and success of the PPC strategy and help making beneficial decisions. So, it can be concluded that, knowing about the components of a pay per click advertising campaign will help your business and its advertising attempts.