Design the perfect logo with these 4 amazing tips

Branding is an integral part of the business and each businesses all round the world spends thousands of dollars on promoting and protecting it. The key element of the branding is the logo which helps the customers in associating with the brand and it also serves as the key to figure out the brand from the others. Here are some the 4 amazing tips offered by Digiegeeks professional logo designers to help you design the perfect log.

Keep it simple and recognizable

Most of the popular recognizable logos has one thing is common and that is simplicity. They keep things simple and don’t make use of unnecessary and flashy elements in their design which can make it difficult for the users to focus their eyes upon. Logo which happens to be highly detailed is simply too painful to look upon by the users and sometimes it even ends up confusing the users.

Go for timeless design rather than the trendy

If your business is quite old and you are looking rejuvenate your ageing logo design then don’t go for trendy design. Ask the logo designer to spend some quality time in understanding the existing logo and how it can be modernised with the existing trends in order to appear more relevant to the current customers. Losing eth heritage associated with the company logo legacy for the sake the blatant modernism will not go well in the long run.

Keep in mind where it is going to be used

When designing the logo is it important to keep where it will be used in future. If logo design is needed for the print purpose then one should avoid designing with too much of intricate detail. Times have changed dramatically within a decade wherein every other business in coming up with their website as well as logo to grab the ever growing market share. Designers tend to become quite adventurous when designing logos for the website but one should also keep in how it will look in print, different digital devices as well as on social media platforms.

Never choose black colour

When it comes to logo design ‘black’ colour should be avoided at every cost. Opt for a known logo designer or website design company which a sound understanding of the colour psychology. The choice of colour used for any logo is chosen as per the business goals, themes and customer psychology. Using black as a primary colour in any logo design will be a bad idea as it doesn’t send across the right vibes or perception to the onlookers.

3 Smart tools to keep an eye on competitor’s digital marketing campaigns

Businesses need to keep an active eye on their competitors to remain ahead of the competition. Same is applicable in the digital arena where monitoring of competitor campaigns becomes more vital than ever before. Hiring a digital marketing company is the best answer to get paid professionals on the competitor campaigns lookout but over the years a number of tools has emerged which can help I getting the same desired results. Digiegeeks professionals has listed three of the best online tools which can aid you in keeping a close eye on your competitor digital marketing campaigns with ease and simplicity.


You must have heard about this simple and smart social media publishing tool which allows users to track and monitor multiple accounts from varies in-platform apps. Hootsuite is preferred by the digital marketing agency all-round the globe for the managing different social portfolios at a single place. It offers features like post scheduling along with the advanced analytics which helps digital marketer in taking the critical decisions.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a great analytical reporting tool which helps I covering all the aspects of the digital marketing performance of any brand. By setting up a free you will be able to see how your competitors rank in the digital word, what kind of traffic their chosen keywords are making and you can even see the performance of the video campaigns of your rivals.

Google Alerts and Facebook ‘Pages to Watch’

Google Alerts is simple tool for monitoring almost anything on the internet. You are simply required to set up the alerts based on specific industry though using the keywords. Google Alerts will starts sending our emails to you whenever it finds mention of those particular keywords on the internet. This will keep you in loop if your competitor makes any change in his digital marketing strategy in order to get an edge over the competition.
Having a Facebook Page has become a must have thing for any brand or business. In the Page Insights you will a section called Pages To Watch. You are simply required to type in the name of the business, select the business page from the list and start monitoring its activities. It will showcase the competitor’s growth, the engagement level, posts frequency and top posts of the week. You can create a whole list of competitor to watch on the Facebook and a keep a close tab on their progress.
Now make use of these marvellous tools and get an edge over your competitors in the digital world.

How responsive web design compliments your SEO efforts?

We live in an era where smartphone rules and people have developed a ‘mobile-first’ attitude when it comes to consuming content both online and offline. People are more comfortable in using smartphone and tablets to browse internet, socialize online, share, download and enjoy content on the go. Use of laptops, netbooks and age old PC has become very much limited and this has been made possible with the websites accepting the responsible design language in their development.
Nowadays almost every website is responsive in some way as it allows their content to be seen and utilized by the users to a better extent irrespective the size of their device. Even it has become a standard feature in all the websites which helps the SEO in the long run. Here are top 4 ways in which websites reap SEO benefits by opting for a mobile responsive design.

Reduction in bounce rate

Bounce rate implies how quickly user leaves your website upcoming coming to it. Using the responsive web design website is able to engage and interact with all the users regardless of user’s preferred device screen size. Search engine like Google pays a lot of attention on the entry and exit points of website. If visitors stays on your website for very short duration then Google will feel that the content present on your site is irrelevant to user’s needs. A good SEO provider will not focus on providing better content relevant to your business but it will also suggest requisite changes to be implemented on the website.
Sometimes having a bad design layout also makes it difficult for the users to go through the content and they decide to leave the site. So go for a responsive website design which not just showcases the content in the user friendly manner but keeps them engaged to spend quality time on the website.

Enhance your site usability

A website which allows navigate around easily is more likely to get the visitor invested for longer time. Responsive web design implementation of any website aids user in reading, navigating and browsing through the pages extremely easily. This ultimately results in an enhanced user experience and greater site usability along with higher user duration on the site in question. From the SEO perspective it should be noted that Google recognizes ‘time on page’ as great indicator for a website core value. Such a site usually gets rewarded by the search engine by getting a better search engine ranking.
Digiegeeks as one of the best of the web development company ensures that its SEO experts and professionals are updated with latest trends in the world of web. Our SEO experts and web designers works in unison to run a refined SEO strategy for your website.