Top 3 ways to improve your digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing in 2017 is simply war zone for the marketers as consumers are widespread and every other firm is doing everything in their power to get their attention. The immense penetration of internet and wide adoption of the smartphone has simply ensured that the target audience can be anywhere at any time. The interaction of the consumers with brands in online world isn’t simply limited to the website rather it also happens to the apps, social media platforms and emails.
For digital marketing agency and digital marketer finding more than one means to get one-on-one interaction with the target audience has become a tough task but not an impossible. DigieGeeks digital marketers put forward top 3 ways to improve your digital marketing in an influential manner.

  1. Set the stage for long-term value

  2. Most of the young digital marketer opt for short term victories which are quite tempting but doesn’t help much in the long run. Therefore digital marketers should always focus on making such strategy decisions which offers long-term value. Secondly before launching any campaign or allocating resources for it, make sure due diligence has been performed to judge whether it will pay off in the long run or not. Top digital marketing companies spend their time in understanding which trends ought to be implemented for the brand to reap benefits from it in the long term.

  3. Create the ultimate buying journey

  4. With time it becomes easier for the marketers to understand their target audience which brings the opportunity to refine process and create one of a kind ultimate buying journey. Marketers already know what kind of content well with target audience and it can be built more strategically to derive maximum returns.
    For example if target audience comes to a particular brand website through the social media channel then giving a push to social campaigns along with a quality landing page will help boosting the conversion rate to a whole new extent. By following this router digital marketers are effectively enhancing their buying journey of their consumer audience.

  5. Conversion matters not the leads

  6. A popular and winning digital marketing strategy is the one which focuses on the conversion rather the leads. It is necessary for the digital marketers to study the metric data in order to understand where their potential customers are present and how they can be targeted in the perfect fashion. Studying the ,metrics will help in narrowing the search for the right kind of audience to target in order to turn them leads and further into successful conversions.

Hot trends in the enterprise mobility solutions in 2017

Mobile technologies are continuously offering a new kind of competitive edge to the businesses across the globe. But before every other major and minor business entities start making use of the mobile technologies to run day-to-day operations they have to address the security and management challenges. Enterprise mobility solutions had made their way to address these issues and help business consolidate on the mobile technologies aggressively to boost their productivity and collaboration on a whole new level. Here are few hot trends found in the enterprise mobility management globally.

  1. BYOD is in play

  2. The trend of encouraging employees to bring their own device at work is not slowing down at all. A number of mobile analysts had stated that the growing concentration of the personal devices at work is prompting app developers to bringing more business apps to the ever growing market base. Enterprise mobility is changing the complete scenario of the IT with more and more application and devices as options to the target audience and even more number of ways to use them right at work or for work.

  3. Users are expecting more

  4. The burst of innovation made in the last decade in the mobile segment has simply increased the expectation of the users. Now the workforce using personal devices are expecting more flexibility at work without the need of sacrificing their privacy and control over the device. As stated earlier a number of enterprise apps are making their way to the mobile platform but it is also resulting in bringing sophisticated security threats to the device. Secondly IT wing of the businesses will also have to ensure complete end-point security if they wish to allow personal devices to be used for the office work.

  5. Enterprise Mobility Solution is expanding categorically

  6. Currently the enterprise mobility solutions had drifted into three distinct categories namely Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Content Management (MCM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). Depending on the type of the service you need the right category is chosen by the vendor. In modern time’s enterprise mobility solutions are proving highly comprehensive range of solutions to address your devices, the applications it runs and content is deals with in a single suite.
    DigieGeeks also bring a comprehensive suite of services with its enterprise mobility solutions which can help your business in realising the set goals and productivity effectively. Get in touch to explore our Enterprise mobility solutions.

Top 3 technologies with potential to change digital marketing

Technologies are ever evolving nature and with each successive year new technologies make their way in digital marketing which feels like revolutionizing the whole segment altogether. For a successful digital marketing agency it is necessary to keep it acquainted with these new technologies and develop new marketing strategies which help in talking the businesses forward. Our digital marketing experts have rounded up three technologies which has the potential this arena completely in upcoming days:

  1. Facebook Messenger and Chabot

  2. Facebook owns the two widely-used messaging platforms in the world namely WhatsApp and Messenger. Now it is actively looking at the opportunity of using chatbots in the Facebook Messenger with a better effect. Chatbots were introduced way back in early 2000’s in order to messages smartly and response more sensibly in highly complex situations. Finance is already making use of the robotic helper in order to come up with new age advertising and advise their customers. Facebook Messenger is more likely to make use of the chatbots in future to allow companies to connect with their target audience and provide more insightful response without human intervention.

  3. IBM’s Watson and Deep Machine Learning

  4. Most of the businesses and tech firms have started to make use of the deep machine learning in variety of areas ranging from the manufacturing, studies, patents, data in order to derive insights which can help in cutting down costs and make business more efficient. Even IBM has started offering its super computer to be utilized by other firms in order to enhance its potential and at the same help other business in getting complex data analysed within the shortest amount of time. It is very likely that deep machine learning will find its way in the social media platform in order to understand user’s behaviour and to bring more curated and personalised experience on the social media.

  5. Amazon Alexa and Google Home

  6. We might be living in the future without even knowing it. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are essentially voice assistants which allow millions of users to perform a wide range of tasks through simple voice controlled functions. As more and more people become familiar with it and their common as well as complex applications will be enhanced and expanded for user’s benefit. Amazon has already sold over 10 million Alexa devices which work with search engine to aid users in buying or shopping without touching the smartphone and PC. It is highly likely that the social media platform will open their apps for integration on the Alexa for better user experience in future.
    Facebook messenger application will turn digital marketing campaign more personal experience, IBM Watch and Deep machine learning will help in making informed decisions while voice assistant will simply change the way we shop all the way. This is the just the beginning as we explore more new exciting more new ways of transforming the digital marketing services will become clear to us.

Why you should get dedicated PHP developers for your project?

When working on new website in order to take your business forward it is best to get the website developed in PHP framework. It should be noted that the PHP web development happens to be more preferred choice among the businesses for over several years. Business can either take the services of the of the innumerable website development company within their location or can hire a team of website developer and designer to take of the project. Both of these ways are quite time consuming and usually results in escalating the overall costs. It is always better to hire dedicated PHP developers to keep the costs down and to develop complex websites and applications in record time. Here are some more reasons to hire dedicated PHP developers for your upcoming projects.

  1. Easy to hire – It is quite easier to find PHP developers for hire as there is no dearth of freelancer and professional web programmers. There are also a number of companies which give their web and PHP programmers top clients on project basis or weekly or hourly or monthly basis.
  2. Get the right expertise at your disposal– PHP development can be done by almost every other web programmers. But it requires an exquisite set of skills along with commendable knowledge of PHP language in order to get things done in right fashion. Hiring dedicated PHP developers will help in bringing their accumulated talent, expertise and experience into play to forge the best website or web based solution for your business.
  3. Its cost-effective decision: Hiring dedicated PHP developer is extremely cost-effective in today’s business. Recruiting web developers for any particular project will lead higher costs in terms of salary, added work benefits, healthcare and others. While with hiring a firm only spends the amount agreed upon based on the hourly, monthly and project wise rate. In this way businesses are able to get the desired website or web application developed in record without wasting wide amount of money or resources.
  4. Highly reliable in every fashion – Hiring dedicated PHP developer means you are opting for such individuals who can get the job or project done at without any reliability issues. Working with freelancers isn’t logical as they might lack the necessary credibility to bring desirable results.

Digiegeeks brings a highly talented team of dedicated PHP developers and programmers who takes pride in producing some of the most outstanding websites as well as applications in PHP.

Key elements to consider for eCommerce website development

Developing any ecommerce solution isn’t as simple as it appears. There is multitude of aspects which has to be considered which ranges from the user experience, performance to certain design elements. DigieGeeks has been successful in developing highly robust and some of the demanding ecommerce solutions by focusing on the key elements in the ecommerce website development. Our website design experts’ puts forward some of these key elements to pursue while developing a ecommerce website.

Don’t forget the responsive design

The use of mobile devices for accessing internet and most importantly the websites is growing at a breakneck pace. Implementing responsive design on a website makes it easily accessible to all the users regardless of their device screen size. A number of CMS solution are optimized to handle the responsive design with ease thereby allows ecommerce developers to implement mobile centric design on the website.

Focus on site security

SSL encryption should be made an integral part of the ecommerce website design in order to provide adequate security to the users. This helps in safeguarding some of the critical data shared by the users on the websites especially the credit card and payment information along with personal information such as address, phone number and email. Secondly having adequate security measures embedded in the website design and development helps in making it compliant with the business who offers credit card and payment gateways.

Bring support for guest checkouts

Don’t be one of those ecommerce websites which makes it mandatory for users to create an account in order to purchase listed product. This is done mainly to for the follow-up communication which helps in bolstering sales and tracking customer behaviour and demographic information. But not every visitor would like to go through the process of creating account in order to buy products listed on the site. Therefore provide the option of guest log-in to allow users to place a one-time order without the need of setting up an account.
One should keep these aspects in mind while developing ecommerce website design in order to provide best user experience to the target audience. DigieGeeks is a well-versed website design company with years of expertise under its belt and our web design and development had been instrumental in the success of multiple ecommerce websites. For more information regarding our website design and development visit our website

4 tips to boost the SEO results

The last quarter of the year is here wherein businesses go for the kill in order to woo customer during the holiday season. This happens to be the prime time to revaluate your SEO strategy and examine new ways to improve and enhance the potential of the SEO efforts in the right direction. Website development company and SEO experts employs some of these tips to boost their SEO efforts and reap benefits for their clients or firms during this period.

Make the switch to HTTP/2

Search engines have always given preference to the page speed and relevant content. Websites has been running on the HTTP/1.1 since 1999 and shifting to the HHTP/2 is a major shift for the websites. This helps in dramatically improving the page speed which eventually improves the chances of being favoured by the search engines and being featured in the search engine page results more often.

Generate quality backlinks

When giving the rank to the websites search engines gives a huge emphasis on the build-up of quality backlinks. Earlier having huge quantity mattered for the search engine while looking at the backlinks but now it focuses on reliable and optimum links. Now search engines are smart enough to distinguish between the reliable links and somewhat questionable links which don’t serve the purpose. Therefore it is essential to create backlinks for the websites coming from the high-quality source sin order to get better search rankings.

Streamline your content into library

Earlier search engines rewarded websites for the content frequency and relevancy but now things are different. Search engines favours those website which have wide amount relevant, highly researched and organized content offering value to the searchers. Therefore invest in building content library on your website in order to provide content in organized fashion.

Focus on the basics

Google has always stressed that it wants to bring the best and most relevant content to the users in its search results. Websites should strive towards focusing on the basics of the SEO rather than getting themselves embroiled in the algorithms and consumer behaviour. Make sure your website have the right content which people are looking for and fuse it with necessary keywords, use alt tags and perform some bookmarking and let search engine take care of the rest.
These tips will help in giving right direction to your SEO strategy to get better ranks during last holiday season of 2017. DigieGeeks is an esteemed SEO service provider which can help your business in getting and maintain better rank in the search engine ranking with use of highly efficient and influential strategies.

Few web design mistakes which can result in lost revenue

Websites has made it easier to take your business to wider audience and reap benefits of the same within the shortest amount of time. However while focusing on the big picture here most of the business doesn’t care much about the website and thereby end up making grave web-design errors. These errors in the long run amounts to a millions of dollars in lost revenue. DigieGeeks experts brings forward some of the common web design mistakes which leaks huge investment on the part of the business.

Not making website “responsive”

A website aids business surviving the tough and highly competitive marketplace of our current economy. But in today’s technological advancement time a large chunk of the visitors comes from the smartphone and other handheld gadgets rather than the traditional PC and laptops. A number of researches have shown that mobile devices accounts for more than 50% of the traffic for any given website. A recent study has also shown that sites will offers clumsy and unattractive experience to the users on the mobile device are more likely to be rejected by the visitors than those whose web-design is responsive to the change in the user’s screen size.
In simple words website which is able to respond to the screen size efficiently without even losing the core features and functionalities are likely to fare better in this competitive market. An unresponsive website offers bad user experience results in high bounce rates which eventually amount to huge loss in revenue down the line.

Complex and obscure CTA

A visitor comes to a website in order to get a service, product or information he was looking for. Website goals are clearly defined is to get conversions for the business which means make the users give out their information for further action through the use of CTAs or ‘Call-to-Action’ buttons. This includes a button to set up an appointment, sign-up for newsletter or request a quote.
Now most of the websites are so caught up in showcasing their product and services that they fail provide a simple and easy way to connect with the business. Users have to wade through great amount of content on what they offer and what makes them the best that it simply becomes irritating. Make sure your website design is easy enough for the visitors to locate and make use of the CTA on every page without any issues.
DigieGeeks offers visually stunning and responsive websites developed by keeping the modern web-design attributes in mind at highly affordable rates. Get in touch with us to give shape to your dream websites at the earliest.