Top 4 ways to increase your website’s conversion rate

When a business opts for developing a website then their goal is to either provide information about the establishment or sell products & services to the target audience. When it comes to selling products and services through website having a huge traffic isn’t enough if it isn’t translating into healthy conversions. There are a number of ways to boost the website conversion rate by implementing subtle changes in the web design. Improving the conversion rate will help in increasing the overall revenue of the firm. Here are top 4 ways to increase the conversion rate in the right way.

  1. Use more calls-to-action buttons

  2. When it comes to marketing it’s the ‘quantity’ which matters the most than the ‘quality’ but when we take conversion marketing into account both of them matters equally. Place large number of call-to-action button without hindering the user-experience on your website and it will increase the opportunity to convert more users than before.
    You should provide ‘opportunity’ to compel users to make use of calls-to-action button through integrating sign-up opportunities on the side bar, download opportunities, popup offers and even in the blog section.

  3. Use both required and optional fields

  4. When it comes to parting with personal information not everyone appears to be comfortable. But with a business it is necessary to get hold minimal amount of personal information in order to keep the process moving on. Therefore make sure you use both optional and required fields in website forms. Essential field will help in collecting the least necessary personal information while optional field will give respite to the user from sharing everything.

  5. Get rid of jargon and buzz words

  6. It is advisable not to use two particular types of language namely jargon and buzzwords in the CTA copy as it can kill it effectiveness. For writers and business owners it is quite tempting to make use of such language as it make the content sound impressive but at the same time it makes end audience confused. Using jargon in the content copy simply makes it hard for the users to comprehend what business is trying to communicate while using buzzwords simply dilutes the message.

  7. Make your submit button more prominent

  8. In order to boost the website’s conversion rate make sure that the ‘submit’ or ‘checkout’ button are labelled and shown prominently on the website. Submit button should be clear with distinct and contrasting coloration without any unwanted added baggage of design which turns its obscure within the website design.
    DigieGeeks web design and development can help you in developing robust websites with higher conversion capability by implementing the best of the design practices.

Top 3 mobile app development platforms for enterprises

In this technological advanced age we have readily available mobile application development platforms to boost the pace of development. Mobile apps for the enterprise sector is on the rise as more and more businesses are exploring the possibility of utilizing existing devices to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the employee. Within just couple of years mobile devices have quadrupled their computing capability which opens the doors for development of high end mobile application specifically designed for the enterprise needs.

Here are top 3 mobile application development platforms which can be utilized for developing apps.

  1. Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

  2. Adobe brings the Experience Manager which is essentially an Enterprise CMS but comes loaded with the AEM Mobile. This module can be summarised as a high-end cloud service which can be utilized for building mobile applications. This module boasts of a centralized web interface which is effectively used for publishing as well as managing apps. It even offers mobile analytics which allows app developers to monitor the app performance along with the end-user response. Adobe offers competitive pricing for the AEM Mobile which can even be customized as per the need of the enterprise.

  3. Microsoft Visual Studio Mobile Center

  4. Microsoft has launched the Visual Studio Mobile Center quite recently and it also boasts of a range of cloud services with the support for the mobile apps’s entire lifecycle. Microsoft has backed this mobile application development platform with its sturdy Azure cloud which allows user to build mobile apps, generate installable app packages as well as run tests on more than 400 unique devices. The best thing about this platform is that the Visual Studio Community edition is available for free which can help in developing some high end application at relatively low costs.

  5. Axway Appcelerator

  6. Axway Appcelerator is specifically designed to usher the mobile application development by offering core range of services like testing, management, deployment and monitoring of the apps on a single platform. It offers flexible deployment options and even allows developers to integrate public or private clouds as well as some innovative on-premise environments. In short it offers more flexibility, openness, customizability when it comes to choosing technology and services within the platform. This platform offers Titanium SDK for the developers to build native as well as hybrid mobile applications.
    Each of these platforms has its own benefits and shortcomings but all are aimed at bringing swift mobile app development at lower costs. DigieGeeks is a reputable mobile app development company which makes use of robust and competent platform as per project need to bring the best of features and benefits to the client’s apps. Get in touch with our experts to give shape to your nascent mobile app idea.

Why you should hire an SEO agency for your next web development project?

When developing ore designing any website not much thought is given to the search engine optimisation (SEO) as it is seen as later task. In order to prep your website with a solid SEO you need to implement its elements right into the core of the website development. Web development is certainly a highly complex process ensuring all the desirable aspects are brought in the design and characteristics of the site as per the client’s aspiration.
Therefore businesses tend to overlook the implementation of the SEO attributes during the core development phase. Therefore businesses need expert help in implementing the best SEO practices as per the current trends which can only be done by an SEO agency.

SEO Agency ensures site is SEO ready

The major reason to opt for a SEO agency is that they ensure that site if SEO ready and friendly by following modern SEO practices and embedding right into the website development. Considering the SEO right during the initial web development helps in avoiding the SEO issues which usually crops in later phases. Hiring a SEO agency helps in eliminating these particular SEO issues for once and all.

  1. Presence of poor or no SEO architecture
  2. Poor or no onsite optimization
  3. Long page load speeds
  4. No ranking received for keywords
  5. Raking gained for brand named but not for the service/ product offerings

SEO Agency adds SEO in every phase of website development

Weaving SEO within the site architecture, development and web design is a very complex process in itself. SEO agency are adept at weaving SEO elements which eventually helps in ensuring that search engines are able to find the site with ease and simplicity. This eventually makes the new website SEO ready and search engine friendly right from the beginning which helps in achieving better ranks within the shortest time interval. A SEO agency carefully integrates the SEO attributes like below during different phases of web development.

  1. Website discovery and design phase: Keyword research is performed to get the correct keywords for the given business and identify such terms which will help in garnering more conversions and leads.
  2. Redefining URL structure: SEO experts offer URL structure recommendation in order to ensure links are craw able by the search engine spiders.
  3. Image Optimization: Images are needed to be optimized and it should possess a descriptive file name along with an Alt tag.
  4. Creation of .txt file: SEO experts will create a robots.txt file which simply gives instructions to the web robots which pages need to be crawled and which shouldn’t.

DigieGeeks is a reputed SEO agency which has worked with hundreds of clients the past to fetch better ranking and boost the website authority among the search engines organically. Our experts can help you in building a robust and reliable website with SEO friendly architecture right from the start.