2 more smart ways to boost your digital marketing ROI

Digital marketing ROI effectively acts as a process which helps in improving the overall market performance and performance of the strategy through taking the insights into play. It offers a better view of the buyer’s path of purchase and helps in shaping the marketing tactic for better results. Top digital marketing agency understands the necessity of studying the ROI in order to strengthen their marketing activities. Here are two more smart ways to boost the digital marketing ROI in an influential manner.

  1. Understand the conversion game

  2. The most important way of making your digital marketing efforts a success is to understand its incremental contribution. Like any another marketing initiative digital marketing also comprises of the marketing testing, analytics and modelling and each of these parts has to be studied in isolation to get a better view. Make sure your digital marketing initiative has a proper buyer’s funnel which is linked to the sales conversion.

    Herein the sales conversion figure will act as the sum total of the incremental customer value along with the repeat purchase and other metrics. Spend your time in understanding the conversion rate, what factors are affecting, analyse the customer behaviour and others. Getting a grip on the conversion performance will help in reshaping, modelling or tweaking your digital marketing plan in order to get better ROI.

  3. Be ambitious and start experimenting

  4. When it comes to improving the digital marketing ROI then you cannot stick to any one plan, strategy or tactic. To accelerate the outcome of your efforts start experimenting by drawing insights from the performance analytics and other resources. If possible run alternative initiatives alongside the main strategy or bring in as many forked initiatives as possible in order to offer highly personal marketing experience to the target users.

    The alternative plans can deviate completely from your main strategy or show a clever mix of the marketing communication but it will go towards catering specific target segments along with new offers and benefits. It would be wise to allocate a small amount of the budget towards experimenting while running any digital marketing campaign in order to boost the ROI.

    Digital marketing strategies help in building confidence within the company when it helps in growing sales and profits. Therefore it is extremely for the digital marketers to perform ROI analysis with an aim of maximizing the potential of the campaign through eliminating roadblock and negative factors through positive experimentations. Digiegeeks brings in talented digital marketers who had shown their mettle in improving the digital marketing ROI through employing the best of marketing tactics and techniques.

Top 3 facts you need to know to boost your PPC strategies in 2018

‘Search’ has become the potent and essential for every digital marketer in this digital age. Modern day ecommerce solutions and online sale of the services are being driven by the mere search results backed with keywords and nothing else. Therefore it has become essential have the right PPC strategy in play to get the benefit of the search landscape. However things have changes drastically in the past couple of years and the search landscape has evolved extensively wherein digital marketers are required to dive in order to come up with better PPC strategy.

A number of digital marketing company has started coming up with reformed and more influential PPC services through evaluating the facts associated with it. Here are some of the facts which emerged from the extensive study of the PPC strategies employed in last couple of years.

  1. People don’t search for specific brands

  2. It should be noted that people doesn’t specifically search for any given brand rather they tends to search for things related to their basic life necessities. The search pertaining to the product and services only amounts to 19% of the total searches conducted every day. Therefore make sure your PPC strategy takes into the account the common words or phrases which are used by the searchers while looking for product or service.

  3. People are curious therefore they search

  4. A new research has also shown a secret trait among the consumers or searchers which is simply fuelled by the curiosity. When it comes to automotive category more searches are made by the females than males and vice versa when it comes to skincare segment. This clearly indicates that whoever is actively searching any product online doesn’t end up being a target customer. Therefore while framing PPC strategy, choose your target audience wisely based on the study metrics.

  5. Mobile reigns supreme now

  6. Now more searches are happening from the mobile devices than the PC. Consumers tend to mobile more often due to its availability while PC is mainly used for its view ability and across the different categories mobile based searches leads by more than 50 per cent. Gone were the days when people used to search mainly on the first while looking for the information but nowadays almost 90 per cent of the users are going beyond the first search page and 80 per cent of consumers use more than one search engine.

At Digiegeeks our PPC services are inclined towards deriving insight from the search metrics and incorporating it in their PPC strategy for better results.

Why you should invest in the responsive design?

Responsive design is the need of the hour as more users are frequently using the smaller devices like smartphones and tablets to visit websites rather than the traditional large screen devices like PCs and laptops. Currently more than 50% of the mobile traffic is generated from the mobile devices than any the PCs. It has become essential to opt for the responsive web design which allows the website to adjust it size as per the users device display. If you had not yet made the shift to the responsive web design then you are losing visitors, traffic, conversion and most importantly businesses at every given moment.
Here are some reasons why you should be investing in the responsive design.

  1. Its cost effective

  2. Gone were the days when businesses had multiple websites to cater the needs of mobile and non-mobile audience. A responsive website design allows you to have a single website which can resize itself and its content as per the user’s screen size. It eliminates the need of creating mobile site of the parent site and helps in lowering the overall cost of website maintenance and management.

  3. It makes your website SEO friendly

  4. As we all know search engine optimization techniques helps in fetching better rank to the website in search engine page results. Having a responsive web design will make it easier for your website to be picked by the search spiders as they prefer sites with such qualities. In other now almost all the search engines gives preference to the websites which happens to be mobile friendly and they tend to get better ranking and as well as authority within the shortest time interval.

  5. Improve the user experience of your website

  6. For success of any website the user experience plays a vital role. It is essential to make such website and deploy such web design which not just liked by the users but also makes it easier to use it. Responsive website design helps in bringing the same set of features and functionality to the small screen without making any undue changes in the architecture, content or overall look and feel of the website. In short users get the same experience and fun of using the website on the mobile devices as they do on the bigger screens.

A number of website design company has started offering responsive design as the standard to ensure your website is ready to be seen of any website regardless of the size. Digiegeeks web designers and developers have years of experience in building robust responsive websites which helps in boosting the business performance without sacrificing any feature or functionality.

3 steps for you select the right mobility solution for workforce needs

Enterprise mobility solutions are still trying to gain their ground in this highly connected and technology oriented world. Enterprise mobility solutions are aiming towards bringing people, process as well as technology thereby allowing use of mobile devices to manage business on daily basis. Most of business has to develop software through mobile application development as well as hardware in order to arm its workforce with such mobile devices which can help in boosting the business operations to the next level.
Investing in the mobile services helps in increasing the security and accessibility of the business information in the best way. If your business opting for a mobility program then here are three steps which will help in selecting mobile service for your workforce needs.

  1. Understand the need of your workforce

  2. When selecting any mobile service or implementing the mobility solution in your organisation give a due focus to the workforce needs. Organization should study the needs of workforce and how recruiting new talents across the demographics will impact their mobile behaviour. Once this data is at hand then the enterprise mobility should be implemented wherein organisation can become mobile first business equipping the workforce with necessary hardware. Within short time businesses will find a steep increase in the app engagement levels as more number of employees makes use of it to share information with one another to give a boost to the business growth.

  3. Make sure your mobility goals aligned properly

  4. Opting for enterprise mobility solutions might be result of achieving different goals such as improving productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction or strengthening security and data privacy concerns. Before implementing any solution, be clear of what you want to achieve by empowering your workforce with mobility solutions. Organisation can bring together all these goals or focus on one as per their needs but it has to be selected right from the start to make it a success.

  5. Deploy mobility solutions and services with a strategic vision

  6. Enterprise mobility should be brought into any organisation with a clear road for the transformation. In order to do so organisation will have to align its projects, users and other technology solutions in sync with the mobility services in order to give the much needed boost to its business workflow and operations.

    Digiegeeks offers high enterprise mobility solutions which encompasses development of robust mobile app to facilitate the business operations on the go without any hassles.

Give a boost to email marketing ROI with just 3 simple tips

The best way to drive sales and revenue is to resort to the trusted and tested method email marketing. A number business fails to give due focus on collecting personal information from visitors which can be later harnessed in running successful email marketing campaigns. Most of the digital marketing company gives due focus on the email marketing as it has the potential top drive as much as 4400% ROI. By implementing the right kind of strategy businesses can easily boost their ROI to $50 for every $1 spent on the campaign. Here are three simple tips to give a boost to your email marketing ROI.

  1. Start segmentation of your email addresses

  2. The best way to start sending highly personalised emails to your subscribers or customer is to start segmentation of the email addresses. Through email segmentation you are able to differentiate from one customer from another and you group them as per the user demographics, custom personas, common interests, onsite behaviours and other metrics. This will help you in crafting different kind of email communication for varying subscriber base and thereby your subscriber will feel honoured by the brand rather receiving the same generic mail.

  3. Let’s match landing page with the emails

  4. It has become a necessity to provide a uniform experience to the users from the email to the landing in order to boost the ROI. Most of the successful email campaigns are known to keep similar design and attributes to keep the users engaged from the email to the landing page in order to get the much needed sales. Secondly when a user reads an email and click on it then he expects that the landing page will match the message and design present in the mail. Therefore give due focus on the design as well as communication present in the mail and try to implement the same on the landing for better results.

  5. Make use of behavioural triggering

  6. Another strategy widely used by the digital marketing experts to boost campaign engagement level is to set up automated behavioural triggers. It has been found that behaviourally triggered mails possess more than 150% higher open rates that the conventional emails. Sending out automated trigger emails also helps in tracking every other user integration on the website in real time. Later on this data can be utilized in creating richer customer profiles which can be used in other campaigns as well.
    At Digiegeeks our digital marketing experts can help you run highly successful email marketing campaigns having better ROI with some of highly innovative techniques. Get in touch with us to know about our email marketing services.

Top 4 design trends to rule the logo design in 2018

The logo design industry has changed rapidly in the last couple with the advancement of technology, applications and huge competition in between. The logo design trend has evolved massively in the last five years when older design are simply looked as a thing of past. Logo still happens to be the most effective and best way to attracting the customers and developing a bond or recognition of the brand. New ideas are been introduced into the mainstream logo design more rapidly than ever before and by the team other businesses thinks about implementing a new trends start making the waves. Here are 4 design trends which are expected to rule the logo design in 2018.

  1. Logotype with simple shapes

  2. 2017 saw the rise of the legible font along with quite simple geometric shapes in the logo design. This design trend will remain in vogue for this year as well where we will be more businesses coming up with their name as a logo with simple lines, rectangles, points, circles or other shapes. These logotypes happen to offer simplicity as it can be seen utilized by the Nike, Samsung and Google with best effect.

  3. Gradients & Colour Transitions

  4. 2016 & 2017 saw a number of designers were seen playing with power of gradients to develop their new age logos and this trend isn’t going to stop any time soon. Applying colour transition sin the logo specifically which features massive and bulky fonts, icon or texts does appear quite beautiful to look upon but it couldn’t in every other business verticals.

  5. Overlapping

  6. Overlapping different colours helps in bringing a new life in the logo design as well as the brand itself. Quite recent Mastercard has made a major change in its iconic logo by settling with a overlapping design technique and it is highly that more brand are going to follow this trend in 2018.

  7. The return of ‘Coasts of arms’

  8. A number of business has started adopting the age old coat of arms style in the logo design which sometimes even resembles emblems or stamps. In this design text is placed in the middle within a circle or semicircle along with the establishing date and a single colour scheme is used throughout. This helps in evoking a strong sense of heritage, tradition, longevity to the consumers.

Adopting these four logo design trends will help you in developing such logos which remains in sync with the changing times. Digiegeeks is a reputable website design company which offers incredible logo design solutions as well allowing you express your business best with logo.

Tips to frame digital marketing strategy for 2018

You might have reaped huge benefits from your just concluded digital marketing strategy or may have failed to get the desired outcome. In 2017 our focus was mainly centred on the creation of the original content and to keep a tab on the shifting SEO norms which played a spoilsport a number of times. In 2018 the digital marketing services will be going through a massive revamp where the focus will shift on the user-centric content and better customer service. Our digital marketing experts offer some great tips to frame successful and beneficial digital marketing strategy in 2018.

Make your website resonate with the target audience

It is necessary for the digital marketers to strike a balance between the website tone and audience expectations. The choice of colours, messages, images and others should be such that it helps in delivering the right message to the target audience about the brand. Over the years it has been seen that visitors are more likely to be drawn to the websites through interactive, bold and stunning photos, videos and colour choices rather than the overall web site design. So find the right images, colours and videos which help your target audience in understanding your products and services in a single glance.

Focus on reaping benefits from a ‘micro moment’

In 2017 a new trend has emerged when it comes digital marketing and it is called ‘micro moment’. In this people get to see the perfect product or service pop up on their mobile screen without their need to actively search for it and they make the buying instantaneously. If you wish to give a boost to your sales and give a stiff competition to your competitors then then focus on creating micro moments in order to attract more shoppers and compel them to buy on impulse.

Keep a tab on the digital marketing trends

As you go through making the perfect digital marketing plan for your product or service make sure you include the titbits taken from the current digital marketing trends. You aren’t alone in the digital arena trying to woo customers to buy whatever you’re offering. Have a look at your competitor strategy and check the current trend in your category and follow it reap benefits. Make sure your marketing plan makes it easy and simple for the users to interact with your business in order to give a boost to your sales and revenues in 2018.
Digiegeeks is a reputable digital marketing company which can help in crafting the best and most suitable digital marketing plan to boost the prospects of your business in 2018.

Stick to Magento for productivity in the age of rising Shopify

Millions of developers have remained loyal to the Magento over the past decade as it was best suited for every ecommerce site needs. Magento is open source and it is backed by a dedicated community support forum which consists of highly knowledge individuals and professional developers which can help you in any possible.
Magento still powers multitude of top end sites and allows business to keep improvising on the design, bring in new functionalities and features as well as enhance the security of the visitors with ease and simplicity. If you are thinking about developing a new ecommerce site then it is better to hire dedicated magento developers instead of the website building platforms like Shopify and others. Our web development team puts forward three concrete reasons to stick with the Magento instead of other website building platforms.

  1. Magneto is cheaper in the long run than Shopify

  2. When it comes to building new ecommerce platform or website businesses tend to look at the cost effective measure. Shopify might appear cheaper and more affordable option due to $9 to $299 per month subscription plans but it is expensive against the completely free Magento. Magento is an open source application which means you wouldn’t have to pay anything in order to develop your ecommerce platform using it. Secondly hiring dedicated magento developers will help in lowering the development cost further.

  3. Design with more freedom

  4. Magento doesn’t impose any restriction when it comes to designing your ecommerce the way you like it. Advanced users will like Magento as it allows you to edit different files connect it with your FTP client instantly. With Magento you can carve your own template and website design from the scratch or opt for some Magento themes costing anywhere between $50 to $300. On other hand Shopify only offers themes in different categories and they can be edited without having the knowledge of the coding skills. But every theme has its own set of constraints in its place which doesn’t offer complete freedom over the final website design.

  5. Support is the key factor

  6. Businesses thrive in the online arenas due to extensive support given by the osftwarea nd application firm. Shopify leads here by offering massive support to their clients as they are available via online chat, email, call and knowledge forums. But Magento only has a dedicated community support forum to look back but if you a hire a dedicated magento developer then you will your very own expert at hand to resolve any kind of issue in time.
    Digiegeeks allows businesses an opportunity to hire our highly talented, experienced and professional Magento developer to get your new ecommerce site up and running in the shortest turnaround time. Get it touch with us to know more.