3 Important things to consider before adding social media button on your website

A business without a website is simply an unthinkable proposition nowadays. There are more than 3 billion active internet users in the world and having a website will help in taking your business to them. Secondly simply creating a website isn’t enough. You must have a strategy in place which can bring consistent web traffic to your website to bring in new prospective customers and clients to propel the sales and revenue. Utilizing social media marketing will certainly be a masterstroke for your business as you can redirect the visitors to your website right from the social media platforms.
If you are thinking about marketing your website then going without social media wouldn’t help much either. The best way to generate a commendable social media presence is to add social media buttons to your site. Here are 3 important things that you should consider before adding a social media button to your website.

  1. Add buttons of few selected social media platforms only
  2. If you are adding social media button on your website as a part of social media marketing then it isn’t necessary to include every one of them. Only choose those social platforms where you have robust and active online presence or where you wish to concentrate your efforts in the upcoming days. Every social platform isn’t suited to your business needs and even your target audience is present on it. For example, if your product is targeted around “mom” then having a Snapchat wouldn’t be a sensible choice.

  3. Choose carefully between the social media button and widget
  4. There is a distinctive difference between the social media button and the widget. A button allows users to reach to their social media profile or fan page right from the website. But widget allows users to simply follow the social media page right from the website without even leaving it. With widget visitor will remain on your website but with button they will leave the website to check your social media page. If you wish to increase the online interaction then opt for the button otherwise use the widget as it will keep your visitor glued to the website. You also get a chance to include different like and share buttons on your website in the blog section in order to enhance their reach and visibility.

  5. Do display the social feeds
  6. Having a social feed on the website is a cool and smart idea. This will keep the user updated about the performance and working of the company in the social arena. It also plays a vital role in driving the interest of the users and it also does help in increasing the count of the new followers on the website apart from the social media platforms or pages.

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Top 3 methods to attract clients using Digital Marketing

For any business to succeed it is necessary to get new clients or customers. There are many ways to get new customers but its effectiveness is directly dependent upon it strategic implementation. Attracting new customers or clients utilizing the traditional resources is quite expensive when compared with the modern day digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing offers the widest range of online marketing tools, services and strategies which can help in targeting specific customers in a more subtle fashion. Here are some of the best way ways to attract clients with digital marketing.

  1. Make use of the contests and discounts
  2. The best way to gain clients and customers online is to make use of the promotions, discounts, coupons and contests. These also become the very reason why people happen to follow or like the brand on varied social media platforms. Invite your target audience to participate in the contents on your brand page or fan page. This would work like a wonder if you create a hype surrounding the impending launch of your new product line or outlet. This will also help in attracting a considerable number or new customers and clients apart from engaging the existing customers.

  3. Make use of the email marketing campaigns
  4. Email marketing certainly isn’t dead and it still offers the highest conversion rate compared to all other digital marketing means. It helps in promoting the products and services to a existing list of select subscribers and tends to be more effective in converting them into customers. In order to get the best results from the email marketing make sure you optimize the frequency of the mailings without being too pushy.

  5. Make use of the personalized audience on Facebook
  6. When utilizing the social media marketing then do make use of the Facebook advertising solutions as they are not just cheap but also offers huge customizability than any other platform. Facebook allows you to create Custom Ads which can be designed to target very specific set of target audience. The amount of customization offered by Facebook is so good that it allows you take your advertising to the accurate target audience and showcase offers to only such potential clients which have higher conversion rate. Facebook Adverts also comes with a “Lookalike Audience” feature which takes in the characteristic if the user list acting as a reference in order to find people with similar qualities of the social media.

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3 More UI design principles to follow in mobile app development

The mobile application market is highly competitive and it takes a lot of work to ensure the success of your app. If you are able to keep the most popular followed UI principle during the mobile app development then the chances of achieving success with your next app increases drastically. It is worth noting that most of the mobile apps are designed without giving much thought to the UI/UX aspects and later on such apps simply fails to attract the attention of the target users. Here are three more UI design principles which you should follow during the mobile app development to boost your app success rate.

  1. Give focus on interaction design
  2. Ignoring interaction design during mobile app development isn’t a good idea. It is worth noting that interaction design is seen as one of the main components towards designing an enticing user experience. Your design should focus on the three major pillar of the interaction design namely goal-driven design, usability and feedback. Goal driven design allows a designer to customize the workflow as such to respond to the changing needs of the users. It is essential to make the app easy to use thereby allowing the users to navigate through the app without much hassle. The best thing to validate the action of any user to generate feedback from them which eventually helps in shaping the app just a user wants it to behave.

  3. Accessibility is the key
  4. A major reason behind the success of any popular mobile app is its accessibility – “how easier is to use that app?” While designing apps do give proper consideration to the people’s fingers and it is the only thing which will be used to interact with the app. Make sure that there is enough space for the users type conveniently, icons are too tiny or placed together that makes it difficult to hit the right icon.

  5. Take “context rules” into consideration
  6. In the mobile app the text and design go hand in hand which is necessary to ensure that app design is understood by the user easily without adding any unwanted learning curve to it. Make sure your app does not use any fancy phrases which can result in interrupting the overall interaction. Lengthy reading isn’t a right choice for the mobile app, therefore, make sure your message is able to convey itself without becoming too much to read. App should feel like an extension of your business or brand so feel free to integrate some of the words consistent with it in your app.

3 Important UI design principles to follow in mobile app development

It is necessary to have a good user interface design if you wish to see your mobile app succeed. It doesn’t matter if your app has great functionalities built within it but ends up offering a lackluster design and shoddy user experience. Therefore it becomes increasingly important for the developer to ensure that the app is beautiful inside and out in order to make it a success. Here are 3 important UI design principles to follow in the mobile app development.

  1. Special attention to the App Icon
  2. It is the first thing people are going to look so you have to make it better. It has been found that design of the app logo playing a vital role in ensuring the success or failure of the mobile application. At first, make sure that your mobile app has a unique symbol or shaper which is easily and recognizable on the user’s screen. Simply avoid using any long names in your app design as it will not just take a lot of space but it also hinders the readability. Do create several versions of your app icon design before submitting the app for app store approval.

  3. Carefully pick the colours
  4. It is important to pick the colours for your app very wisely and smartly. It is worth pointing out that each of the colours happens to convey a different meaning and emotion. Therefore choose such a colour which remains true to your brand philosophy. The best way to pick up a colour is to opt for such a colour which matched the brand or company colours and then the mobile app will look an extension of the mobile app.
    Do not indulge in using multiple colours, textures and composition within the app as it will only result in interfering with the great UI experience. For better quality and amazing interactive experience it is necessary to make sure that the colour contrasts used in the app are engaging and aids in the easier readability thought out.

  5. Follow the trends
  6. The design industry doesn’t remain stationary and it is always evolving, experimenting and challenging itself. Make sure your mobile app development isn’t stagnant and doesn’t take the modern trends into account while developing the mobile app for you. If you wish to succeed with your app in near future then it is necessary to get to know and embrace the new technologies available in the mobile app industry. If you follow the trends then you will have the most consistent app for your brand otherwise you will end up with a date app design.

How to re-energize your social media marketing strategy?

Social media marketing isn’t just a phenomenon rather it has become a reality but everyone can’t achieve success on it. To achieve success on social you need to have well thought out plan which aids in engaging with the audience and converting them into paying customers. Therefore your research about the audience and target market should be through before you go ahead with launching the marketing campaign on the social media.

If you are failing to get better results out of your digital marketing efforts then here are some of the tips which can help in re-energizing your social media marketing strategy straight on.

  1. Start a Blog
  2. A blog is simply the best platform to put forward your thoughts and explain how your product or service can help in solving the problems faced by the users in an interactive and educational fashion rather than appearing overly pushy on the sales. Don’t ever forget to include the social sharing buttons with your content and encourage your audience to share it on the social media so it expands the reach of your blog and brad as a whole.

  3. Learn some simple photo editing tools
  4. Images play a vital role in the social media marketing to popularize your product or service. It is worth pointing out that content with images tends to get 94% more views than others. In order to create high-quality promotional images, it isn’t necessary to hire a professional graphic design which would certainly be a better choice but we have a number of simple and easy to use photo-editing tools and websites. These include sites like BeFunky, Pic Monkey and Canva which can help in getting a lot of professional editing done with just a few simple clicks.

  5. Make use of infographics
  6. Everyone loves infographics as it helps in explaining the information clearly, quickly and concisely. You can add your businesses watermark for attribution purposes and in this way it will allow your brand to gain more exposes in the online world. Infographics can easily be shared among the user which helps in increasing the engagement and reach of your brand to another level. A number of digital marketing company gives due focus on the creation of the infographic as it helps in impressing the audience that the brand in-depth knowledge of its fields.

Few things to consider before hitting pause button on your PPC campaign

Most of the businesses tend to pause their PPC campaign within a short while by facing lower returns. The reason can vary from the presence of holidays, poor product availability to inability to fulfil the demand of the responders. It has been found that in most cases businesses weren’t ready to deal with the surge of demands coming from the new customer or they chose the highly competitive metrics to bid for which means lower returns. Our PPC experts put forward some of the things to consider before you decide upon hitting the pause button on your PPC campaign.

  1. Be ready for the slow ramp up
  2. When you a pause a campaign it directly its overall performance but no effect is implied upon the adgroup, keyword or the campaign as a whole. Running a successful PPC campaign requires a complete deployment of the strategy without any altercations or pausing in between. But if you pause a campaign then it isn’t feasible to get right back into the groove without seeing a massive shift in the performance of the PPC campaign. The popular paid search platforms namely Adwords and Bing makes use of a highly complex algorithm in order to offer the best ads for the target searches and with time the cost associated with might go up or down depending on the popularity of the keywords.

  3. Plan for the distant future
  4. Pausing PPC campaigns in between isn’t advisable but be prepared for anything during the campaign by having a distant plan. Most of the businesses tend to do a lot thing while pushing their digital marketing effort like launching the blog, releasing a new product, finalizing the sales channel and plan and other. A minor mishap or judgmental mistake in any field will leave the PPC campaign in the lurch. Therefore a business has to be ready for anything which can adversely impact the PPC campaign and reduce its effectiveness.

  5. Make use of the automated rules to schedule the pausing smartly
  6. When you Adwords or any other PPC platforms then it is worth noting that they offer wide range of tools which makes running PPC campaigns a simple and smart exercise. They allow users to automate almost everything related to the PPC campaign. Setting up complex rules and triggers can go a long way in making the predetermined changes to any aspect of the PPC campaigns from the ad sets to the keywords.

Why should you get a dedicated Magento developer for your next project?

When opting for an ecommerce website design and development then choosing the Magento is simply the best choice due to its high flexibility, scalability and easier integration like features. Shifting the web development on Magento to partner agency will simply turn into a money guzzler for you, therefore, it is sensible to opt for hiring the dedicated Magento developer. Here are some of the reasons why you give a serious thought about hiring dedicated open source developers.

  1. Its Cost Effective
  2. An ecommerce web development project can easily overshoot its budget given the kind of functionality and complexity you want to embed into your site. Therefore hiring dedicated magento developer will be a sensible choice as it allows you to get all the desired changes and specification built right into your site design to give a boost to your business efforts. Getting your site done from a professional website development company or agency will simply mean huge cost but having the same in-house capability will help you in getting same features on your at almost half of the price.

  3. Communicate, Collaborate and Contribute
  4. Getting website done from an agency will mean losing your control over the development but hiring dedicated developer will help in retaining along with other benefits. It offers you a chance to communicate your views, needs and other insights right in the development to bring the same in the final product. You can collaborate with the developers on a personal level to give a shape to your ecommerce platform and you can even contribute the process by offering your timely advice and reviews to get the site up as quickly as possible.

  5. Get timely reports
  6. With dedicated magento developers everything right before your eyes which gives you a whole new level of transparency than ever before. You will get a timely report about the development process so you can suggest edits and keep things on track for the final launch of your brand. You can sync your online and offline marketing strategies with the continuous flow of reports and information reading the ecommerce portal development.

  7. Trustworthy and skillfull Magento developer
  8. Hiring dedicated magento developer means you will get highly experienced dedicated open source developer for your ecommerce project. They remain updated with the latest techniques, plugins and process being offered by the Magento to benefit your ecommerce site to the best of their abilities.

Some common web design mistakes which are hurting your SEO efforts

Some of the best websites are those which are crafted both for the target audience and search engines equally. Most of the time website owners give heightened focus on the functionality and design rather than the SEO aspect of the site which can help in getting featured in the search results more often. Here are some of the common web design mistakes which have to be avoided as it hurts the SEO aspect of the website.

  1. Get rid of large images and media files
  2. There is no denying fact that large images helps in making websites beautiful but at the same time it results in increasing the site size. Uploading too many large media files likes images or videos go towards adversely impacting the site speed. A website with higher load time isn’t loved by the search engines and they punish it with the lower rankings. In similar fashion a site which tends to load up quickly are loved by the search engines and happens to get featured in the search results. Make use of the Google Page Speed Insights Test to check images uploaded on your website and understand whether it will be liked by Google or not.

  3. Never put text into the images
  4. Almost every other website nowadays has text in its images which is hurting the SEO most badly. Putting texts in the images means search engines won’t be able to read it and this text will come as nothing for the search spiders as they are part of the image. In similar fashion using such images right at the top of the website usually results in missing the H1 tag along with sub-heading, tagline and other which doesn’t help in getting better ranks as target keywords aren’t present here.

  5. Simply get rid of the infinite scroll functionality
  6. Having an infinite scroll is a good web design technique which helps in offering a better usability to the users. But it can also hurt your site drastically if the pagination isn’t implemented correctly and then the search engines spiders will fail to ‘crawl’ complete page correctly.
    The best way to fix such issues which emerges out of the poor web design choices is to follow the instructions offered by the Google Webmaster Blog. It is extremely important to find the best combination of the design and SEO on to the site to ensure better ranking raking without any shortcoming in the site’s aesthetic appeal.

Three smart ways to boost your digital marketing ROI

Digital marketing has become a major marketing avenue for the businesses to get their products and across the target audience within limited budgets. ROI or return-on-investment metrics are employed to assess the impact of the digital marketing activities. Most of the businesses fail to give due focus on the digital marketing ROI which results in spending more on the strategy while getting less in return.
Here are three smart ways employed by the top digital marketing agency to boost the digital marketing ROI.

  1. Let’s test your campaign for different scenarios
  2. You can make use of simple calculator or even some sophisticated scenario planning tool in order to test the ROI levels for your upcoming campaign. For any digital marketer, their aim is to bring better results and it can only happen if they are ready for any kind of situation which might arise upon the launch. Testing different scenarios beforehand helps in coming up with different strategies or sending levels to give the much-needed boost to the ROI.

  3. Make sure your marketing tactics are measurable
  4. To execute a digital marketing with complete success it is necessary to bring in such implement such controls which can be measured to evaluate the overall performance. Digital marketers should resort to setting up necessary controls in order to get a good marketing mix and spend as per the select areas audience footprint and interest rate and having as many as metric as possible in the total evaluation will help in shaping the digital marketing strategy in the possible fashion.

  5. Don’t forget to add marketing automation
  6. There are innumerable digital channels available for you to take your marketing efforts to the next level. The right way to make efficient use of multiple digital channels is to employ marketing automation tools. Performing repetitive tasks, uploading multiple images and documents and managing varied email lists can become a tough task for you but marketing automation tools can help you here. These tools can help giving a boost to the ROI by ensuring your money is spent wisely on each platform as per the digital marketing strategy goals.
    These three tips will help in enhancing your digital marketing strategy and it will make it for profitable than ever before. Digiegeeks is one of the best digital marketing company with a team of highly talented digital marketers who can help you reap benefits of the digital world even with small budgets.

Three key elements to focus upon while managing your online brand reputation

Every other company now understands the importance of having a sound online strategy in place in order to reap benefits online. While developing online strategy most of the companies don’t give the much needed focus towards the online reputation of the firm. This results in online backlash and negative outlook of the movie in the long run which eventually hampers with the other online marketing efforts. Online brand reputation management services have been designed to help businesses in managing their reputation in the online in a positive fashion. Our online reputation management experts puts forward three key elements to focus upon while managing your online brand reputation.

  1. Let’s start from the beginning

  2. Before developing any online strategy it is vital to conduct a full-scale audit of the online presence as well as the reputation of the brand. You will find either your brand begets mostly positive views or negative or studying these views will help in understanding the people’s sentiments and how your brand is observed by other potential customers as well. Analysing the negative as well as positive views will help you in coming up with right communication to correct as well as direct perception and you can even implement operational change in order to do away with inconsistences as pointed by the users.

  3. Choose the right platform to get the right exposure

  4. Getting your brand or business up on every other social media channel or trading platform will not do any good to the overall online brand reputation. Choose the social media channels and trading platform carefully as it can help in making and breaking your brand in the long run. If you are into selling products which can be shown in diverse, attractive ways then do make an account on the Instagram otherwise there is no need. Having an account aren’t enough, you have to have a sound digital strategy wherein communication are made with the target audience on regular basis. Post images, messages, videos and other content regularly to keep the conversation going in the online arena.

  5. Participate in the right kind of conversation

  6. For any business customer service is the key to success but in the online arena customer sentiments becomes a key factor to look after. Engage with your target in the right manner where you are offering solutions to their problems but indulge in preaching or forcefully advocating your products as it will only result in an online backlash. Take negative criticism of your service or product in a light hearted manner and do not ever get into argument with the audience online. It is extremely important to understand your customer needs and what drives them before you participate in any of conversation with them online.

    Digiegeeks as a reputed digital marketing agency offers a widest range of online brand reputation management services which can help in restoring your brand perception among the netizens with cost effective measures.