How to choose the right colour for your logo?

Colour is the most important aspect of the logo which chosen wrongly can simply destroy brand altogether. It is worth noting that human mind happens to be highly responsive to the visual stimuli, therefore, choosing the right colour for the logo development becomes more important than ever before. A graphic designer is trained to harness the innate power of the colours while designing the logo but most of the businesses insist on certain which don’t even go with their brand. And they end up in confusing or driving customers away from themselves with a little but critical mistake. Before choosing the right colour for your brand logo first understands what different means to everyone.

  1. Red is seen as the colour of passion and energy. It has a little bit if danger, aggression as well as warmth attached to it. Secondly, a number of researchers have even suggested that this colour helps in stimulating the petite. This is major reason most of the popular restaurant brand across the world have chosen red colour for their logo
  2. Green is the second most commonly used colour among the brands. It is widely used to shown an innate connection with nature or mother Earth. There we find it clearly placed across the wide range of organic and vegetarian products. Biotechnology-based firms are also known to utilize green colour in their brand logo and same is true for a number of financial institutions as this colour shows growth.
  3. White colour is seen for its purity, simplicity as well as cleanliness, therefore, it is used great attention to the details. Being white it has to be utilized in a dark coloured background. A number of iconic companies have made use of the white logo with a distinctive solid coloured background apart from having the usual coloured logo. This includes soft drinks global giant Coca-Cola which has its logo both in white and red colours.
  4. Blue is simply the first choice of almost every other company in the world and the recent rise of the technology based firms has increased the use of the blue logos. Blue shows a distinguished breath of professionalism, sincerity and calmness as well as it also affirms authority and success. Therefore it can be easily seen being part of logos used by the governmental and financial institutions.
  5. Purple logos are quite unique but when they are found they simply demands attention and respect. Purple is widely speaking to us in the form of luxury or royalty. This stems from its wider use in the church and by wealthy class and monarchs since ancient times.

Understanding the colour significance is the key towards choosing the right colour to represent your brand. Hopefully, this information will help in choosing the right colour for your logo development.

Influential strategies to empower your digital marketing campaign

Digital marketing offers great opportunity to take your brand to millions of target audience with a similar taste for your product without spending a huge sum on it. But finding success with the digital marketing efforts isn’t as easy as it appears and a number of times businesses fails to tap into the digital marketing trends. Here are some of the influential strategies which will help in empowering your digital marketing campaign in the right way.

  1. Do include social media strategy
  2. Digital marketing campaign without the social media strategy isn’t going to help anyone. Almost all of the online audience is present on the social media channels with almost 90% of young adults followed by 35% seniors above the age of 65 can be found on the popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and others. Utilizing social media channels will only help in increasing the digital footprint and online reach of your brand thereby leading your digital marketing campaign towards the path of success.

  3. Make use of the Geotapped PPC Advertising Campaign
  4. If you are utilizing the PPC campaign to display your ad right next to the user’s search results then make use of ‘geotagging‘ feature. When PPC ads are geotagged then it increases the likelihood of connecting with the local prospects easily. Nowadays digital marketers are bringing intuitively smart PPC campaigns which not just direct the user to the page which they like to but also offers informative and educational content to provide complete clarity. The use of geotagging with smart content helps in increasing the success rate of the PPC campaign.

  5. Give downloadable content
  6. Simply stating that you have worked with industry leaders, has developed innovative solutions and revolutionary products aren’t enough to generate trust for your business. Start offering downloaded content on the website in the form of case studies, white papers and eBooks. It will also aid in answering all of their questions and will turn them into a customer or buyer in the long run. Downloadable content helps in educating the target audience about the brand, its products and services as well as the new innovation and development made by the same.

    These tips will help you in empowering your digital marketing campaigns so you can get the best results for your business in the virtual world. DigieGeeks employs the latest, influential and robust strategies to bring optimum results for your digital marketing campaigns within your budget.

Things to consider while choosing the right icon size for Android

Icons designed for the Android platform has to be within 32-bit PNGs along with possessing alpha channels for transparency. The basic thing which should be borne in the mind while designing Android app ‘icon’ is to combine beauty, simplicity and purpose. Icons are there on the Android platform to make the life easier for the users but it shouldn’t overwhelm them with just too many details. Android users should be able to intuitively grasp the most important functions of the app by looking at the icon and using it for the first time. Our mobile app development team gives out some interesting points which will help in choosing the right icon size for Android.

  1. Vector is the key
  2. The best way to get evenly sized icon is to make use of the vector wherever possible. Using vector shapes ensures that the icon can be resized without any loss of details or edge crispness as the need arises. Secondly, designers find it easier and simple to handle the vector as it can be easily aligned around edges and corners right to the mere pixels even at extremely smaller resolutions.

  3. Multiple densities are necessary
  4. Always begin your artwork with a large canvas. This will allow you the opportunity to create different assets of varying screen densities. Designing on a small scale will result in loss of resolution when an icon is stretched to fill up a large space. Make sure that the icon design being created by for different as the multiple of the target icon size.

  5. Get rid of unnecessary metadata
  6. When saving the images assets make sure to get rid of the unnecessary metadata. Designers should make it a habit of getting rid of the headers and metadata from the PNG assets. There are a number of tools available online like OptiPNG or PNGcrush which can help in getting rid of metadata instantly.

    While designing icons for Android keep in mind that it should make the life easier for the users. Do create and manage multiple icon sets in varying densities so they can be displayed optimally across the devices regardless of the device size and screen resolution. DigieGeeks mobile app development service brings highly optimized icons for the mobile application which possesses optimum size, clarity and design as a whole to bring a better user experience.

Top 3 reasons to choose PHP for your next web development project

PHP is simply the most favoured platform for the web developers to create stunning websites as well as robust web applications. PHP has emerged as the most popular web scripting programming language in the recent as it has its root in C and C++ and its syntax is very much similar to C and C++ language syntax. Hiring PHP developers solely for a single project or in-house project is quite an expensive proposal; therefore, opting to hire dedicated PHP developers is a sensible choice. Here are some of the reasons which will make you understand why most of the popular websites choose PHP for the web development:

  1. PHP is open source
  2. The best thing about PHP is that it is open source which means free and available worldwide. It keeps getting updated by a dedicated community worldwide which makes sure that it incorporates the technological trends and feature into the fold. The constant development carried out by millions of developers has helped in boosting the capability of PHP as a reliable and robust programming platform. Therefore it is able to help you design complex to robust websites with least amount of problems.

  3. You can do almost anything
  4. When it comes to developing a reliable CMS platform then PHP happens to be first for the web developers as it is completely customizable in order to meet the demands and needs of the users. PHP is powering more number of websites than any other platform in the world. It supports quite faster data processing features which help in bringing a wide range of functionalities to the website. PHP tends to go along with the HTML coding with ease and grace without any issues. PHP can even be utilized to turn the existing static websites into a new dynamic and active website.

  5. Cross-OS Compatible
  6. PHP is one of those programming platforms which work like a charm regardless of the operating system. PHP is designed to work seamlessly on a variety of popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, UNIX and LINUX as well as working with some other interfaces like Apache and MySQL. Therefore you can use PHP for cross-platform development of your upcoming website development project. You can easily bring together teams from across the globe regardless of the operating system they use for it. It is advisable to hire dedicated PHP developers as it helps in keeping down the costs while bringing together brightest minds at the same time.