3 Important UI design principles to follow in mobile app development

mobile app development

It is necessary to have a good user interface design if you wish to see your mobile app succeed. It doesn’t matter if your app has great functionalities built within it but ends up offering a lackluster design and shoddy user experience. Therefore it becomes increasingly important for the developer to ensure that the app is beautiful inside and out in order to make it a success. Here are 3 important UI design principles to follow in the mobile app development.

  1. Special attention to the App Icon
  2. It is the first thing people are going to look so you have to make it better. It has been found that design of the app logo playing a vital role in ensuring the success or failure of the mobile application. At first, make sure that your mobile app has a unique symbol or shaper which is easily and recognizable on the user’s screen. Simply avoid using any long names in your app design as it will not just take a lot of space but it also hinders the readability. Do create several versions of your app icon design before submitting the app for app store approval.

  3. Carefully pick the colours
  4. It is important to pick the colours for your app very wisely and smartly. It is worth pointing out that each of the colours happens to convey a different meaning and emotion. Therefore choose such a colour which remains true to your brand philosophy. The best way to pick up a colour is to opt for such a colour which matched the brand or company colours and then the mobile app will look an extension of the mobile app.
    Do not indulge in using multiple colours, textures and composition within the app as it will only result in interfering with the great UI experience. For better quality and amazing interactive experience it is necessary to make sure that the colour contrasts used in the app are engaging and aids in the easier readability thought out.

  5. Follow the trends
  6. The design industry doesn’t remain stationary and it is always evolving, experimenting and challenging itself. Make sure your mobile app development isn’t stagnant and doesn’t take the modern trends into account while developing the mobile app for you. If you wish to succeed with your app in near future then it is necessary to get to know and embrace the new technologies available in the mobile app industry. If you follow the trends then you will have the most consistent app for your brand otherwise you will end up with a date app design.

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