Why user intent is integral to SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process that helps your business gets more visibility and traffic. When the very concept was introduced, search engines (the platform where people search for information and digital representation of your business is housed) used to be robotic, mathematical and mechanical.

Present scenario and us

Today, search engines are powered by algorithms which are more focused on finding the intention of the user and providing information accordingly. Therefore user intent has become the key behind creating relevant content and boosting SEO campaigns. As a reliable and reputed company offering SEO services for more than a decade, we at DigieGeeks, design our search engine optimization efforts keeping this development in mind.

Delving a little deeper

Our experts have created this list elaborating and simplifying the concept. User intent is basically the goal with which a user starts his/her search. So, before you create the content and the SEO strategy, it will be crucial to take that intention into consideration.

Different kinds of user intent

Someone’s intent while they are searching online is a simple enough concept, but it can have different forms. To strike the right chord with the user, you need to keep these differences in mind. There are three types of user intent.

  • Transactional – when the user wants to buy
  • Navigational – when the user looking for a specific page, resource or website
  • Informational – when the user is looking for information on any particular topic

Your content should keep these differences in mind and depend on the keywords people are using for the searches. Finding and focusing on these keywords is integral to search engine optimization.

Finding whether the existing content is compatible or not

To find out if the existing content takes user intent into consideration and fulfills the requirement of the users, looking at the top performing keywords will be enough. If the content is compatible, yet not being searched, then keyword is the issue and should be remedied promptly.

Understanding the user

For every aspect of search engine optimization and content marketing, understanding the user is crucial. Looking at the content and your website from a neutral perspective will be of great help for this. To ensure best results, the content should be comprehensive enough to fulfill the user’s requirement for information.

As search engine optimization and content marketing are closely related, one is bound to influence the other. So, is user intent is integral to one, then it is bound to be the same for the other.

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