Hot trends in the enterprise mobility solutions in 2017

Mobile technologies are continuously offering a new kind of competitive edge to the businesses across the globe. But before every other major and minor business entities start making use of the mobile technologies to run day-to-day operations they have to address the security and management challenges. Enterprise mobility solutions had made their way to address these issues and help business consolidate on the mobile technologies aggressively to boost their productivity and collaboration on a whole new level. Here are few hot trends found in the enterprise mobility management globally.

  1. BYOD is in play

  2. The trend of encouraging employees to bring their own device at work is not slowing down at all. A number of mobile analysts had stated that the growing concentration of the personal devices at work is prompting app developers to bringing more business apps to the ever growing market base. Enterprise mobility is changing the complete scenario of the IT with more and more application and devices as options to the target audience and even more number of ways to use them right at work or for work.

  3. Users are expecting more

  4. The burst of innovation made in the last decade in the mobile segment has simply increased the expectation of the users. Now the workforce using personal devices are expecting more flexibility at work without the need of sacrificing their privacy and control over the device. As stated earlier a number of enterprise apps are making their way to the mobile platform but it is also resulting in bringing sophisticated security threats to the device. Secondly IT wing of the businesses will also have to ensure complete end-point security if they wish to allow personal devices to be used for the office work.

  5. Enterprise Mobility Solution is expanding categorically

  6. Currently the enterprise mobility solutions had drifted into three distinct categories namely Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Content Management (MCM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). Depending on the type of the service you need the right category is chosen by the vendor. In modern time’s enterprise mobility solutions are proving highly comprehensive range of solutions to address your devices, the applications it runs and content is deals with in a single suite.
    DigieGeeks also bring a comprehensive suite of services with its enterprise mobility solutions which can help your business in realising the set goals and productivity effectively. Get in touch to explore our Enterprise mobility solutions.

Why you should get dedicated PHP developers for your project?

When working on new website in order to take your business forward it is best to get the website developed in PHP framework. It should be noted that the PHP web development happens to be more preferred choice among the businesses for over several years. Business can either take the services of the of the innumerable website development company within their location or can hire a team of website developer and designer to take of the project. Both of these ways are quite time consuming and usually results in escalating the overall costs. It is always better to hire dedicated PHP developers to keep the costs down and to develop complex websites and applications in record time. Here are some more reasons to hire dedicated PHP developers for your upcoming projects.

  1. Easy to hire – It is quite easier to find PHP developers for hire as there is no dearth of freelancer and professional web programmers. There are also a number of companies which give their web and PHP programmers top clients on project basis or weekly or hourly or monthly basis.
  2. Get the right expertise at your disposal– PHP development can be done by almost every other web programmers. But it requires an exquisite set of skills along with commendable knowledge of PHP language in order to get things done in right fashion. Hiring dedicated PHP developers will help in bringing their accumulated talent, expertise and experience into play to forge the best website or web based solution for your business.
  3. Its cost-effective decision: Hiring dedicated PHP developer is extremely cost-effective in today’s business. Recruiting web developers for any particular project will lead higher costs in terms of salary, added work benefits, healthcare and others. While with hiring a firm only spends the amount agreed upon based on the hourly, monthly and project wise rate. In this way businesses are able to get the desired website or web application developed in record without wasting wide amount of money or resources.
  4. Highly reliable in every fashion – Hiring dedicated PHP developer means you are opting for such individuals who can get the job or project done at without any reliability issues. Working with freelancers isn’t logical as they might lack the necessary credibility to bring desirable results.

Digiegeeks brings a highly talented team of dedicated PHP developers and programmers who takes pride in producing some of the most outstanding websites as well as applications in PHP.

Key elements to consider for eCommerce website development

Developing any ecommerce solution isn’t as simple as it appears. There is multitude of aspects which has to be considered which ranges from the user experience, performance to certain design elements. DigieGeeks has been successful in developing highly robust and some of the demanding ecommerce solutions by focusing on the key elements in the ecommerce website development. Our website design experts’ puts forward some of these key elements to pursue while developing a ecommerce website.

Don’t forget the responsive design

The use of mobile devices for accessing internet and most importantly the websites is growing at a breakneck pace. Implementing responsive design on a website makes it easily accessible to all the users regardless of their device screen size. A number of CMS solution are optimized to handle the responsive design with ease thereby allows ecommerce developers to implement mobile centric design on the website.

Focus on site security

SSL encryption should be made an integral part of the ecommerce website design in order to provide adequate security to the users. This helps in safeguarding some of the critical data shared by the users on the websites especially the credit card and payment information along with personal information such as address, phone number and email. Secondly having adequate security measures embedded in the website design and development helps in making it compliant with the business who offers credit card and payment gateways.

Bring support for guest checkouts

Don’t be one of those ecommerce websites which makes it mandatory for users to create an account in order to purchase listed product. This is done mainly to for the follow-up communication which helps in bolstering sales and tracking customer behaviour and demographic information. But not every visitor would like to go through the process of creating account in order to buy products listed on the site. Therefore provide the option of guest log-in to allow users to place a one-time order without the need of setting up an account.
One should keep these aspects in mind while developing ecommerce website design in order to provide best user experience to the target audience. DigieGeeks is a well-versed website design company with years of expertise under its belt and our web design and development had been instrumental in the success of multiple ecommerce websites. For more information regarding our website design and development visit our website

Why does your business need custom web development?

Customization is the process where certain things are made, developed or designed according to specific requirement of the user. Being able to customize something does not only stand for your affordability and taste, but it also makes you special. So, when it comes to the virtual world, the same logic is applicable. Hence, custom web development is a crucial topic.

The customization topography  

In this digital age, if you need to capture the interest of your clients and get noticed amongst your competitors, then there must be something special to offer. Sometimes a coupon or offer or service or product is all a business needs for customization, but it doesn’t work everywhere. If your website is a way of establishing brand identity, then other solutions should be applied. Additionally, you will have a clean slate to work upon which is a perfect reason to go for custom web development.

Our experience and suggestion

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing web development services for more than a decade now. Over the years, we have helped a lot of businesses with our custom web development services. From our experience and expertise, we would suggest that going for a customized website is always the better choice. Our experts here, have created this list highlighting the benefits of going the custom web development way.

It will be SEO friendly

SEO or search engine optimization is an integral part of marketing these days and its aim is to get your website highlighted on the search engine. Hence, getting a customized website will prove to be helpful to these efforts.

Interesting uniqueness

As you will go for custom web development services and get the website made according to your vision, requirement and taste, it is bound to be unique. This special quality will work wonders in catching attention of the visitors.

Effective branding

Instead of getting a generic website representing your business, building the website around the business and making it the most relevant representation of your business will be wiser. It will help your branding effort considerably.

Growth along with the business

Choosing custom web development services and getting a customized website will help both your business and the site to grow together. Today your business small, the regular website will be perfect fit, but tomorrow the business will grow, then this website will be a great disadvantage for the business.

In short, if you want your business to be noticed and achieve the coveted top spot, then custom web development will be the perfect option to apply.

Why WordPress holds the premium spot in CMS development?

CMS development of content management system development is an integral part of the web development process in general. Instead of going of complicated and inaccessible by amateurs websites, businesses and people are choosing to have the smarter, convenient and easily accessible option which is a website powered by a CMS platform.

As a reliable and reputed web development company we at DigieGeeks are well aware of the changes and emerging marketing trends. We have been offering web development services for more than a decade now. As a result to that, we are well aware of the various questions and doubts in your mind. We would also like to inform you that, there are multiple CMS platforms available but all over the world WordPress holds the optimal spot when the platform is chosen for the job.

You are probably wondering why one platform is favored above the others. To address this question, our experts have compiled this list explaining the points which will help you to understand the importance of WordPress as a CMS development platform.

Convenient learning and usage option

Unlike its peers like HTML or PHP, to manage a website developed on WordPress you don’t need to have complete knowledge and years of experience. One of the best things about this CMS platform is, anyone can manage the content without the help from an experienced professional. The process of managing and creating with WordPress is pretty easy as well. With the pre-installed plugins and templates, anyone can create a functional website in WordPress.

Availability of community support

Though, WordPress does not offer technical support to the users, the widely spread user community which is always there to help you though any roadblocks and solve the problems you are facing.

Availability of plugins

There are more than 40,000 plugins available and most of them won’t cost any money. They are extremely helpful for increasing the functionality of the website.

Availability of templates

WordPress offers thousands of plugins both in the free and paid versions. One can choose any depending on their requirements and affordability and get going.

Effective menu management

The ease of modifying the menu is indeed a plus point for this CMS development platform. This makes additions and reductions of categories, inclusion of pages and subpages, adding descriptions, labeling quite simple.

These facilities and features easing the process of CMS development has helped WordPress to cinch that optimal spot.

How will Web Design and Development Services Help Your Business?

For most people, the moment of digital dawn arrived at the fag end of the 80s. With the arrival of the internet and popularisation of the home computer, the landscape of communication and business operation underwent a massive change. The traditional modes of running a business went for a toss. The 90s and the 2000s saw the IT juggernaut move at a staggering speed, making a foray into the lives of most people, living in different corners of the globe. The earlier modes of traditional advertising and promotional activities became a passé. Physical newspapers have seen their readership plunge to new lows. The same scenario is presenting itself in the domain of TV, radio and other areas of the conventional media.

Business organisation have to take the help of digital means, especially their company website, to reach and affect the hearts and minds of their target buying groups. This is why, the word web design has become so important to them. An aesthetically pleasing website is a business necessity nowadays, which simply can’t be overlooked. Many commercial enterprises try to design their own websites but falter in the process. This scenario has given rise to numerous companies who specialise is the domain of web design and development. DigieGeeks is a well-known company in this sphere. Based in the UK, it also has offices in the USA.

So, what are the benefits that you are likely to have once you take the help of a web designing organisation? A brief overview has been provided in the following paragraph.

First Impression Matters

While the saying goes that one should not judge a book by its covers, most viewers would love to visit a website which is not only easy to navigate, but also good to look at. The aesthetic aspects of a website create a favourable impression in the minds of the visitors, especially the ones who are accessing the site for the first time. The quality of your products and services will not be able to entice them if they find the website not up to their stylistic standards. Hiring a noted web designing company will enable you to create the website that your business deserves and demands as well.

In Sync with the Latest Technology

Web design companies will develop and foster your website in such a way that visitors, with different smart gadgets that use disparate technology, will be able to open them on their own devices. In the fast-moving world of IT industry, this will hold your website in good stead.

The must-have elements of a small-business website

In this digital age, one smart step for small businesses will be creating a website and for that, you need the help of a reliable web design company.

Our suggestion as the web design company

Having more than a decade of experience in web design and offering web designing services we at DeigieGeeks are well versed in the routes to success. Based on our experience, we have created this list focusing on the must-have elements of a website to help your web design efforts.

Being clear about yourself

It means, you need to anticipate the queries the visitors will have and provide clear information about the business or organisation, products or services or both will be beneficial. Telling the visitors that you are capable of providing what they are looking for is an effective way of successful marketing.

A simple web address

It is always better to create a simple web address that is relevant, easy to read and remember and does not give off any untoward sense.

A conveniently navigated sitemap

Your web design should include a simple sitemap and proper links to the most important pages to guide the visitor. This way, the visitors can find what they are looking for and need.

Clearly stated contact information

Clearly visible contact information helps interested visitors contact you. Providing multiple options for contacting gives choice to the interested people, increasing the chance of conversion.


Customer review of testimonial is like certificates given by real people. It makes services and products more reliable and tangible.

Call to action options

Instead of being vague, including clear call to action options in the web design structure will help both the website and the business.

Fresh and high-quality content

It is crucial that the site have fresh and high-quality informative content. As the website is the first impression of the business to the customer, you should try to make the visit worthwhile.

Secure hosting platform

While choosing the web designing services, insisting on a secure platform will be necessary. It will not only keep your business secure, but the client information as well. Moreover, it will also increase the reliability factor.

Simple but interesting design

Every day, thousands of new websites are designed. If you want to attract attention amongst that mess, then your website must offer something more. So, depending on simple, but smart, interesting, trendy and effective website design will be the best bet.

Presence of these elements will help your website succeed. So, the web design structure should include them.

What Benefits would You Get by Hiring a Web Development Company?

Most companies offering their services and products nowadays do so through brick and mortar shops as well by the modes of the digital world. Companies use ecommerce platforms to offer their wares. Apart from them, they also utilise their own websites to promote their products and services. This prompts the presence of a good company website for the success of any business. When someone mentions a website to be good, he or she is referring to both its aesthetic aspects as well as its easy to use navigational features. Thus, web development is a word that most business organisations will be quite familiar with. These two words refer to the production, synthetisation and upkeep of a website.

There are a number of companies who would like to look after the web development part of their company website on their own. This idea though has its share of problems. Most companies these days take the help of dedicated software design and development companies that specialise in the art of producing quality websites. DigieGeeks is a noted company that known for its aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian websites and web developing services.

By hiring web developing and designing companies, business organisations acquire a number of benefits. A brief overview has been provided here.

Focus on Strategy

Most companies develop their websites primarily for the present-day use. By doing so, they forgo their future interest. A web developing company would let the business owners know about the importance of developing the site not only according to the needs of the present, but also with an eye on the future. A company website must have the provisions to offer products and services which will only gain popularity in the future. Similarly, the website should be flexible enough to change its setting keeping in mind the aesthetic sensibilities of the future visitors. Web developing companies would know which areas to focus, to create these options for the future.

Development and Management of Content

Most of us know that appearances can be deceiving. This is why, apart from appreciating its visual aesthetics, visitors also look forward to meaningful content posted on a website. A web development company would help the business enterprises to create and post content according to the needs and demands of the visitors.

These web design trends are helping online sales at present

A website is considered as your digital presence. Such representation helps your business to reach more people, brings reputation and reliability. Some of the websites provides information about products, services, locations and such things. Others however are used for selling products and services online. Either way, the aim of your website is selling. Hence, web design is a crucial subject for a business.

Web designing trends

Every year, new trends are introduced and implemented in the website design process and as a renowned professional web design company we at DigieGeeks keep an eye on them. We have some of the best professionals in our team. They have come together to create this list of trends that will help you to build the perfect business website.

Contact form or Opt-in at the top half of the page

As the top half of your website is the first visible portion to a visitor, using it strategically is important. This is the area which helps people decide whether to stay and explore the website or leave. Having your contact form or opt-in above the fold (top half of the page) will expose it to the majority of traffic and boost sales.

Clear visuals of the items

It has been proven that 90% of the information the human mind gathers is through the eyes. Things that can be seen are trusted more. Pictures help visitors to figure your services or products better. So, your web design must include high-resolution, clear pictures.

Fresh design

Out of date websites do not have much chance of impressing visitors. So, current and innovative web design ideas from a professional web design company will be your best bet in attracting potential customers.

Presence of social media handles

This is the age of social media. Having your social media handles clearly visible on the website will help to gain trust and regular activity like posts, interaction with customers, providing customer support will instigate further interest in visitors. So, your website design company must include these handles on the website.

Clearly visible testimonials

Testimonials are not only what your customers have said about your products or services. They are proofs that you are good at what you do and also a great of impressing visitors. So, your website design must have a separate category for testimonials and they should be clearly visible.

So, choose affordable web design services from a reputed web design company, ensure the website follows the above-mentioned trends and secure your digital presence.

Why you choose one CMS development company above others?

CMS or content management system is a computer application that will allow you to create and modify digital content according to requirement. It is also used to provide a collaborative environment to multiple users working on the same project. To enjoy these facilities, professional CMS development services will be needed.

Why you need CMS development service?

To own a dynamic, smart and feature-rich website, you need a suitable CMS development service provided by an experienced professional. You need to choose a company that can provide the required service to build an effective, affordable and dynamic website.

Our way of helping

DigieGeeks is a renowned CMS development service providing company and we have more than decade of experience.  We understand that having a few pointers helps to make the right decision. Our experts have compiled this list to help you choose the most suitable company and fulfill the development requirements.

The points that can help


Experience is an indicator of skill, understanding, capability, competence and success. So, checking the level of experience of the company will be of utmost importance.


Reputation is the goodwill associated with a company. Reputation is earned and not something your gain by default. Going to a reputed company ensures that you will get reliable service and complete worth of the money invested.


If the company you are choosing uses latest and state-of-the-art technology and is up-to-date with the market, it can deliver quality service. So, you need to be sure about the technologies being used before making a decision.

Comparing the cost

As there are loads of companies providing CMS development services, you will have multiple options. Breaking down the cost parameter to find out the expense for different aspects of the service will help to compare cost and choose wisely.

Support factor

After creating something proper maintenance is required. You should consider choosing a company that provides proper support. Knowing about the period for which they offer free support and the cost of paid support will help to make the decision.


You can gather a better idea about the company, its skills and capabilities by going through their previous projects. Asking to see the projects they have done so far will make your job easier.

Based on the above-mentioned points you will be able to decide which company to trust with your CMS development requirements.