The crucial components of a content marketing strategy

In digital marketing, content is considered to be the most important element. You may employ a number of technological components, but if the content is not of good quality, nothing will work properly. Additionally, for better results, along with creating quality content, you need to work on content marketing and content promotion part as well.

Some information about us

At DigieGeeks, a web development company, we have been providing the whole spectrum of digital marketing services for a long time. Our years’ long association with the industry has provided us with the experience and expertise to understand your requirements and problems. Our team has some of the best professionals in the industry and they are capable of providing helpful and effective services as well. We are well aware of the fact that, there will be questions in mind regarding the topic and so, our team has created this list highlighting and explaining the crucial components of a content promotion strategy.

Knowing about the elements

The points that you need to remember are:

  • There are different kinds of content and some of them perform better than the others. You have to leverage on this fact and find the better performing content types. A little research will reveal that, infographics, in-depth guides, resource-focused posts, original research, long-list posts are a few types which work better than the regular blog posts. So, your content marketing and promotion strategy must include the creation of such content.
  • Building and asking a list of sharers before publishing the content will take you a great way. In this step, you will be asking the intended reader whether he/she would like to read the content or not instead of forcing the content. Giving this choice will help your content to stand apart and viewed.
  • Instead of just publishing the content in relevant content sharing platform, if your content marketing and sharing process target communities like Reddit, Quora, Inbound and such, impression of your content and ensuring traffic will be better.
  • Growing your email list by retargeting visitors is an effective and interesting way of increasing traffic through content. This will bring you authentic and organic traffic and help to create a long list of email recipients.
  • Creating links within the content is another great way of getting better ranking and increased traffic. You need to use your content is the best way possible and link building will help with that.

Using the components strategically

By using these important elements in your content marketing and promotions strategy, you will be able to create effective, powerful and valuable content and help your business grow.

Tips for optimizing your blog and helping the content marketing effort

The blog section is a website is often considered to be the source and representation of content, but that is not entirely true. If you want and put some effort, then blogs can be used as the perfect tool for effective content marketing and lead generation. So, it is only smart to prepare your blog to fulfill such responsibilities and help the business further.

Some suggestions which have helped us

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing an array of digital marketing services for more than a decade now. Hence, we have gained the experience and expertise to not only help your digital marketing efforts, but answer the queries and doubts you may have regarding the subject. According to our experience, optimizing your blog is one of the best ways of making the digital marketing process successful.

The perks outlined

Our team, consisting of some of the best professionals in the industry has created this piece highlighting the tips of optimizing your blog. The points that you need to remember in this context are:

  • Free content is one of the best ways of increasing the size of audience, but giving everything away for free is not a wise thing to do. So, once you have gained a sizeable readership, replacing the ungated blog posts with gated ones that will require some action from the reader will be the best solution. Exploring the topic of the ungated content further in the gated version such as whitepaper, Ebook, infographic and such will help retaining the audience and increase it too.
  • Using certain marketing hacks like including Call to Action button, preferably a slide-in CTA and a Hello Bar will help to increase traffic, optimizing the blog and helping your content marketing process.
  • If you link these blogs with internal materials, then the time spent by the visitor on your website will increase. This will result in better conversion rate. So, using keywords within the blogs and linking them to various internal pages will help the content marketing procedure considerably.
  • The space remaining around the blog post should be used strategically. Doing so will increase traffic, time spent the website and conversion rates. You need to create a plan and put that into action to use the blank spaces around the blog.
  • When a reader is coming and going through your blog, he/she is looking for information. So, providing helpful information is one of the best ways of impressing the visitor and winning him/her. Your blog should provide information and then offer something beneficial, instead of using bothersome spams.

Helping your website and business

These are the ways in which you can optimize your blog and help the content marketing effort. Such a decision will help your website and business in the long run. For more details please visit us

How local content marketing can help your business?

In any business, the initial goal is to capture the local market first and then aim for the global market. It is also considered to be common business sense that, if the local market does not recognise your brand or business or products or services, then convincing the global audience becomes an arduous task in itself. So, if you are to invest in content marketing, then starting from the local level will be the smart thing to do.

Our take on the subject

At DigieGeeks, a reliable and reputed web development company, we have been providing an array of digital marketing services including content marketing. We have a team consisting of some of the bets professionals in the market, and they are here to help your business. At the same time we can understand the doubts and confusions you may be having regarding the subject. Hence, our experts have prepared this piece explaining and highlighting the benefits of local content marketing in your business.

Understand the importance of the local market

When it comes to a business and establishing it reliability and reputation, reaching the local market and impressing the local customers is most important. So, you need to focus on community outreach. One of the best ways to engage the local customer base is to conduct survey specifically designed to understand the local market trends, customer interests and mood. This way, you will have a clear idea about what is required and design products and services to fulfill said requirement. Once the product or service is introduced, you can get the feedbacks as well.

Reaching the local community

The same is applicable for content marketing as well. You can design and conduct a survey to find out the most searched keywords and topics regarding your business, product or service and then create content relevant to that. This will give you a better chance to tap the local market, impress the local customer and create the platform for global presence.

You have to provide value

When creating the content, you need to remember that, your target audience will only be interested if you are providing something of value. In content, the value will be relevant information. So, instead of direct promotion, creating piece providing helpful and interesting information will prove to be the smart thing to do. Understanding the target demographic will help you to design the content accordingly which in turn will provide value to the audience. This will make the content marketing process more effective and boost your business as well.
This way, with the help of effective local content marketing you can help your business to grow for the global platform.

How Search Engine Optimization helps your website’s visibility?

Search engine optimization is the process that influence and manage the ranking of a website as it appears in the organic search results on a search engine. Like many other areas of life, appearing at the top or amongst the top results here, pays off with increased traffic and additional benefits. Businesses all over the world are trying to get that coveted spot and due to the sheer number of websites, competition is pretty steep.

Our assistance for better business

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing SEO services for more than a decade. We have some of the most skilled and capable professionals with us. They understand the various questions and doubts you may have before making any decision. Hence, they have compiled this list to help you understand how SEO can boost the visibility of a website.

Through keyword reach content

When searches are being made on a topic, certain phrases and words are used. To make content relevant to search parameters, such phrases and words are included in the content and they are known as keywords. Search engines use a tool known as spider which is the software that crawl websites in a methodical manner to identify the key phrases and determine the relevance of the content on the basis of searches made. Using keywords and phrases strategically increases the relevance of the content, helps the search engine optimization process and brings more visibility to the website.

Through linking

Based on inbound and outbound links, your website gets PageRank, which is a number awarded to a site. This number helps the search engine to determine how reliable a website is. This linking process is a beneficial one where “link juice” or facilities do carry forward. So, if your website is linked with another website with higher PageRank, it will be quite beneficial for your site and search engine optimization efforts. Inbound links cannot be fully controlled, but outbound links can be. Hence, carefully handling the linking process is the smart thing to do.

Keeping things fresh

The frequency of search engine spider crawling a website, is determined by the frequency of content being changed. So, you need to have a clear strategy and schedule about changing the content. This will help the search engine optimization efforts considerably.

Being up-to-date

Search parameters, algorithms and other deciding factors keep on changing quite frequently. Hence, for effective search engine optimization planning, remaining up-to-date is crucial.

These are the ways in which Search Engine Optimization helps your website’s visibility and subsequent profit earning.

Why user intent is integral to SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process that helps your business gets more visibility and traffic. When the very concept was introduced, search engines (the platform where people search for information and digital representation of your business is housed) used to be robotic, mathematical and mechanical.

Present scenario and us

Today, search engines are powered by algorithms which are more focused on finding the intention of the user and providing information accordingly. Therefore user intent has become the key behind creating relevant content and boosting SEO campaigns. As a reliable and reputed company offering SEO services for more than a decade, we at DigieGeeks, design our search engine optimization efforts keeping this development in mind.

Delving a little deeper

Our experts have created this list elaborating and simplifying the concept. User intent is basically the goal with which a user starts his/her search. So, before you create the content and the SEO strategy, it will be crucial to take that intention into consideration.

Different kinds of user intent

Someone’s intent while they are searching online is a simple enough concept, but it can have different forms. To strike the right chord with the user, you need to keep these differences in mind. There are three types of user intent.

  • Transactional – when the user wants to buy
  • Navigational – when the user looking for a specific page, resource or website
  • Informational – when the user is looking for information on any particular topic

Your content should keep these differences in mind and depend on the keywords people are using for the searches. Finding and focusing on these keywords is integral to search engine optimization.

Finding whether the existing content is compatible or not

To find out if the existing content takes user intent into consideration and fulfills the requirement of the users, looking at the top performing keywords will be enough. If the content is compatible, yet not being searched, then keyword is the issue and should be remedied promptly.

Understanding the user

For every aspect of search engine optimization and content marketing, understanding the user is crucial. Looking at the content and your website from a neutral perspective will be of great help for this. To ensure best results, the content should be comprehensive enough to fulfill the user’s requirement for information.

As search engine optimization and content marketing are closely related, one is bound to influence the other. So, is user intent is integral to one, then it is bound to be the same for the other.

Effective content marketing method for being found

Content is considered to be one of the most important elements of search engine optimization process and digital marketing as a whole. So, for the success of your SEO campaign and the promotion of your brand, content will be an indispensable tool.

A few suggestions from us

Just like any other marketing campaign, content marketing also aims to make your content appear on the first page of search engine results. So, your strategy would be, understanding how search engines view the content and how its ranking is decided. As a renowned content marketing company, we at DigieGeeks have more than a decade of experience in this area. Our experts have prepared this list of effective methods to make your content more visible to the users, searchers and visitors.

Understanding the basic concept of search engine optimization and marketing

The very concept of content marketing is based on the creation and publication of fresh, organic and quality content on a regular basis and attracting visitors. Optimizing the content means getting more visibility and more visitors So, to get noticed, your content not only needs to offer something special, but work on attracting attention too.

Understanding the target audience

It is not very wise or easy to create content that will appeal to every kind of people and will be relevant to your requirement and business. So, it will be better to select a particular set of people as your target audience, understand them and then create the content that will be most effective.

Prioritizing natural language

Mobile devices have overtaken desktops as the device used for accessing the internet and making online searches. This has given people access to voice-recognition software such as Siri, Cortana, etc. While using these assistants for searching something, people do not use keywords; rather they frame meaningful sentences, phrases or questions. So, search engines are recognizing this pattern and prioritizing the same. You need to focus on this for the success of your content marketing campaign.

Formatting the content

Formatting content and using header tags strategically are not done just for the decorative purposes. Proper formatting, tags and breaks make the content more scan-able for search engines which help both the marketing and optimization process.

Creating a content calendar and using online resources

Just like the search engine optimization process, content marketing also is about proper timing and regular updates. Having a content calendar will help to keep up with the schedule of content publishing, boosting the optimization process. Additionally, searching the internet for ideas and keywords will prove to be quite fruitful as well.

By following these methods, you can make your content get noticed, bringing success for your content marketing attempts.

How you can handle mobile-first indexing like a pro?

Google has already made it clear that mobile-first indexing is happening and it is going to change the very façade of search engine optimization and digital marketing as a process. So, it is important to gather more information on mobile indexing.

Understanding mobile-first indexing

The name may seem unfamiliar and hinting to something complicated, but mobile-first indexing is a simple idea that denotes that notwithstanding the technology, mobile-friendly websites are crucial. They are going to become more important now.

Our suggestion to help you

As a reliable and reputed digital marketing company we at DigieGeeks are well aware of the changes that are to come. We have been offering digital marketing services to a huge number of clients for more than a decade. We have some of the best professionals in our team and they have compiled this list of tips which will help marketers to prepare for the mobile-first world and mobile-first indexing.

The changes to take place

In the mobile-first world,

  • SERPs will be based on mobile content
  • AMP enabled pages will be treated as mobile content

So, it is crucial to prepare for this and exploit the update as much possible. To that end,

The website should be mobile-friendly

This can be achieved in two ways. You can choose to have a responsive website developed or can simply develop a dedicated mobile website for this purpose. So, constructing a proper web development strategy will help.

Content should be mobile adjusted

If you already have a website and are looking for ways to make it responsive or about to get a mobile website developed, the content should be adjusted accordingly. For instance, content for mobile websites or the mobile version of the website tends to be short. Along with editing the content, you can opt for other mediums like video and audio for this purpose.

Prioritizing things properly

Whether you are constructing a digital marketing strategy or web development strategy, prioritizing on the relevant factors will be required. So, the decisions regarding points like site speed, user experience and engagement should be made carefully.

So, you need to take care of quite a few things and for that, you will need professional help. Moreover, you need to be sure whether your website is mobile-friendly enough or not. Based on these points, the web development strategy and subsequent digital marketing and search engine optimization strategy should be created.

Ensuring substantial increase in your email open rate

Since the introduction of the electronic mail, the medium of communication is being widely used. It transitioned from personal to professional and business purposes pretty fast. Today, emails are integral to any decent marketing campaign and email marketing is considered to be a powerful tool in digital marketing.

Our take on the topic

As a renowned, experienced and competent digital marketing company, we at DigieGeeks understand that for long-term ROI (return on investment) engagement of the audience is crucial in email marketing. When the email is engaging, open rate and conversion will increase. The problem is, every active email account receives multiple emails every day. Most of these missives remain unopened and if special action is not taken, the same fate awaits your message as well.

Points we would like to suggest

From our years of experience in email marketing and providing successful marketing services to a multitude of clients, we have created this list of tips to increase the email open rate for your campaign.

Personalizing the email as much as possible

Instead of sending something regular, customization will see better results. This customization starts right from the subject line. Creating an interesting subject line is the key to increasing open rate of emails, because the subject line is the first point of contact with the recipient. Adding visual elements numbers, statistics and a creative twist will help the personalization effort.

Trimming the subject line

Just because the subject line is the opening note of your email, adding your whole message there is not a smart idea. Your aim is to create a subject line that will entice the recipient enough to open the email, go through it and in the ideal scenario, hire your services or products or both. For successful email marketing effort, a slim subject line is the best bet.

Using data strategically

Data based information has always been one of the best ways of catching attention of the potential clients. The same logic should be applied to your emails too. Data based information and personalization will boost the email open rate considerably.

Sending emails to interested people

Despite creating an impressive email and concocting the perfect email marketing campaign, if the messages are delivered to people who are least interested, the effort will worth nothing. So, always send emails to people who will be interested to open and go through it. Doing so, will increase the email open rate and bring success to the campaign.

By following these simple, but effective tips, you can ensure increase the email open rate for your email marketing campaign.

How to make link-building successful through content marketing?

Content has always been one of the most important elements in SEO and independently, content marketing is crucial for a website. Recent changes in the algorithmic shifts have added further value to content. A content marketing approach of link building has been introduced. This has led in the creation of huge amount of content which is used to build links and boost organic search performance.

Our suggestions for success

As a renowned, reliable and responsible digital marketing company we at DigieGeeks, always keep an eye on the market and the emerging trends. After observing the market, our experts have compiled this list to help your back-linking efforts successful through content marketing.

Having a definite strategy and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

The aim of any kind of content is to engage the target audience and such a strategy should have a clear outline of the method of achieving that. The strategy should be based on points like informational content requirement in different stages, link requirements to achieve the top spot. Measuring success is also vital and for that you will need a clear framework that separates channels and business KPIs. For instance, you will need owned KPIs (includes the volume of linking domains and domain authority and engagement metrics including time on page and bounce rate), social KPIs (includes likes, shares, tweets and such) and business KPIs (includes leads and conversions and such) to measure success.

Understanding the target audience

The target audience is probably the most important part in content marketing; because content is created keeping the audience is mind. For creating relevant and effective content, you need to understand the audience and define the purpose of the content as well. The right kind of content will boost organic traffic and back-link efforts.

Connecting across the channels

To make your content useful and add further value to it, you need to understand who the audiences are, where they are, when engaging them will bring best results and what message will do the trick and such. Having this information will help to create and re purpose content across the OESP spectrum and induce maximum engagement from the audience leading to more organic traffic.

Now, less is more

Once it was thought that large number of content is the best approach for a successful content marketing, but the truth is quite opposite. Consumers these days believe that 60% of the content generated is clutter. So, you need to create consumer-centric impactful content which will make sense instead of churning out pointless content.

These tips will help making your link-building efforts successful through content marketing and boost the search engine optimization campaign as well.

How to build effective backlinks for the SEO process?

For substantial result from your search engine optimization efforts, building inbound links or backlinks (links that come to your website from another website) is crucial. The process is time-consuming and hard, but the result clearly outweighs the effort, as it brings more traffic and boosts the ranking of the website considerably.

How we can help you

There are SEO professionals, who use roundabout and not so clean ways to get backlinks. From our more than a decade long experience in the industry, we at DigieGeeks do not support this. We follow the legitimate ways of back-linking. Our team of experienced professionals has compiled this list of ways to acquire effective backlinks.

Points to be noted

The ways that will help your search engine optimization efforts are:

  • One of the best, most tried and tested ways of acquiring organic backlinks is creating and maintaining a blog with good quality content.
  • Linking a blog to other relevant blogs is another interesting and effective way of building backlinks to boost your SEO efforts.
  • Writing guest blog posts for relevant and renowned blogs does not only nurture you as a writer, but it also help attract more traffic. The blogs where you are contributing as a guest blogger becomes great ways of building effective backlinks.
  • Creating and publishing resource lists, is a great read for interested readers. It is a great chance for other bloggers to link their blogs too which result in beneficial backlinks for your search engine optimization
  • Creating case studies and volunteering as the subject of case studies both are great ways of building effective backlinks.
  • Newsjacking is another interesting and effective way of building inbound links. It is also a helpful way to capitalizing on trending news stories.
  • Writing reviews of other authors’ content will give you a substantial chance of building backlinks.
  • Creating content that is interesting and informative has greater chance of share. To that end creating free webinars and posting archived copies of informative content will be a nice way of building inbound links.
  • Free tools and shareable templates will interest a lot of people. This will work as a great way of building backlinks and help your search engine optimization
  • Visual content always attract more visitors. Hence, going the infographic, video and other visual content will be a nice way of building inbound links.
  • Writing press releases, using humor, sharing slideshare presentations are well-established ways of building inbound links.

There are many other ways to help with the inbound linking process and help your search engine optimization campaign. For best results, though, it will be better to hire a professional and go for SEO services.