Give a boost to email marketing ROI with just 3 simple tips

The best way to drive sales and revenue is to resort to the trusted and tested method email marketing. A number business fails to give due focus on collecting personal information from visitors which can be later harnessed in running successful email marketing campaigns. Most of the digital marketing company gives due focus on the email marketing as it has the potential top drive as much as 4400% ROI. By implementing the right kind of strategy businesses can easily boost their ROI to $50 for every $1 spent on the campaign. Here are three simple tips to give a boost to your email marketing ROI.

  1. Start segmentation of your email addresses

  2. The best way to start sending highly personalised emails to your subscribers or customer is to start segmentation of the email addresses. Through email segmentation you are able to differentiate from one customer from another and you group them as per the user demographics, custom personas, common interests, onsite behaviours and other metrics. This will help you in crafting different kind of email communication for varying subscriber base and thereby your subscriber will feel honoured by the brand rather receiving the same generic mail.

  3. Let’s match landing page with the emails

  4. It has become a necessity to provide a uniform experience to the users from the email to the landing in order to boost the ROI. Most of the successful email campaigns are known to keep similar design and attributes to keep the users engaged from the email to the landing page in order to get the much needed sales. Secondly when a user reads an email and click on it then he expects that the landing page will match the message and design present in the mail. Therefore give due focus on the design as well as communication present in the mail and try to implement the same on the landing for better results.

  5. Make use of behavioural triggering

  6. Another strategy widely used by the digital marketing experts to boost campaign engagement level is to set up automated behavioural triggers. It has been found that behaviourally triggered mails possess more than 150% higher open rates that the conventional emails. Sending out automated trigger emails also helps in tracking every other user integration on the website in real time. Later on this data can be utilized in creating richer customer profiles which can be used in other campaigns as well.
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The fundamental elements of an email marketing strategy

In this age of technological advancements and online businesses, it has become necessary to use the various elements of digital marketing to its capacity. Such an element is email marketing which has become really crucial for business communication and a business’s attempts to reach its target audience.

Some information about us

At DigieGeeks, a web development company, we have been providing the whole spectrum of digital marketing services for a long time. Hence, we have the experience to handle your problems and expertise to provide the services you want. Our team of skilled professionals knows that, most people tend to be a bit confused about email marketing and the whole digital marketing process. Hence, they have created this list highlighting and explaining the fundamental elements of an email marketing strategy.

Why gather information is important?

If you are about to create a digital marketing strategy and email marketing is a part of said strategy, then knowing about these points will help. They will assist you to get a better grip of the subject and make informed decisions. Before hiring a digital marketing agency and their services, you need to know where you are about to invest and what the outcome will be. The points you need to remember are:

Adding the human element

An email send from a person instead of a company has better chance of real engagement, because the recipient will find it easy to trust the sender as a human being, instead of an inanimate organisation.

Creating an interesting subject line

The subject line of your email is like the opening act of a play. If it is not good enough, then interesting the recipient won’t be easy. So, you need to use interesting subject lines which are either short or long. An average length subject line won’t impress anyone.

Using relevant subject line

The subject line you will use in the email should be about the topic or relevant to the topic. If the email is about a service and the subject line talks about the weather of the day, it won’t hit the target.

Using precision is always appreciated

Instead of writing about the history and geography of your company and the service or product you offer, being precise will pay off better. Overloading the email with text won’t do you much good.

Focusing on the benefits

To attract the interest of the recipient, highlighting the benefits of your offer will be the best approach.

Including a call-to-action button strategically

Using a call-to-action button in the email and placing it strategically is necessary and not something you can compromise with.

Creating responsive emails is the key

Designing a responsive email bring you’re the chance to more views and clicks and also to reach greater number of recipients.
After knowing these points, you can now choose a better digital marketing strategy and more effective email marketing approach.

Benefits your business will enjoy by investing in email marketing

Email or electronic mail is one of the most popular, convenient and opted for method of communication these days. Since its invention and introduction, email has taken the world by storm. Once its potential as a channel of communication has been established, email has been used for marketing purpose as well. Today, email marketing is a big part of the digital marketing process and businesses are investing in it.

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Before making the decision though, you may have a lot of questions regarding such an investment. We at DigieGeeks, a web development company with expertise in digital marketing, have been providing digital marketing services for more than a decade now. We have enough experience and expertise on the subject. To appease your queries and doubts, our team of experts has compiled this list explaining the benefits of choosing and investing in email marketing.

Return on investment

Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective and direct ways of marketing and the expenses are not that great. The best part is, email marketing has one of the best prospects of return on investment.

Promptness of the method

An email takes only a few seconds to reach its destination and this promptness of the method is something that makes email marketing one of the most opted for marketing methods.

The global reach

Email is one of the very few communication channels which allows you to reach a global audience without any barrier or restriction. If you know someone’s email address, you can send them a message and email marketing is one of the smartest ways of the exploiting this advantage to the fullest.

Ease of creating, sharing and tracking

Emails are quite simple to create. If you put in a little time and thought a unique and effective email will be created easily. Sharing or sending said email will require just a click (sending bulk emails will require you to seek help of available software options though) and finally, tracking those emails and their responses will be simple too.

Call to action option

A marketing email created under an effective digital marketing strategy will include a call to action button which increases the response and conversion rate significantly.

Proper targeting

The email marketing software you choose, will give you the freedom of proper targeting. You can target the suitable class, financial background, age group of people as you want.

Low amount of expense

Email marketing is one of the most affordable ways of marketing which is quite beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses.

In short, email marketing is the service your business needs.

Email marketing in 2017 – An exciting guide to innovation

After the first quarter of the year, the Email Marketing Industry Census conducted by the responsible authority shows that, automation is the key focus for marketing experts so far in 2017. It has also been mentioned by more than 66% professionals as one of the primary attributes for the email marketing service provider.

Information about us and our assistance

At DigieGeeks, a reliable and reputed web development company, we have been providing the whole spectrum of digital marketing services for a long time. Hence, we have a clear and complete understanding of the queries and doubts doing the rounds of your mind. Additionally, we have information about the emerging trends of email marketing that are all set to go big in this year. Our experts have compiled this list highlighting and explaining the innovative ways of email marketing in 2017.

Improved email design and relevance

Despite the importance of automation, the report suggests that most of the marketing experts are putting extra focus on the creative usages of video, image, GIFs and content in emails. These dynamic elements and behavioural triggers have been used for some time now, but 2017 is discovering more strategic use of them. They have become a huge part of effective digital marketing strategy because of their success rate and potential for greater ROI.

Innovative personalization

Personalizing emails to appeal more to the recipient is a train being used for quite some time now. It is an integral part of digital marketing strategy as well, but 2017 is looking to go beyond that. Along with extensive personalization, emails are now having responsive qualities, can support customer segmentation, multichannel marketing and can provide access to forms and checkouts without visiting the website.

Artificial intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is taking over marketing slowly but certainly and email marketing is not an exception to the trend. Most of the digital marketing services providing companies and email marketing strategies are now using artificial intelligence and the trend is growing every day. Companies are trying to find more innovative ways of using AI in emails.

A new trend forming

It is true that, newer trends are bound to create challenges for the service providing companies and the present email marketing trend, but that should not pose any discouragement for experiments. It seems, overcoming the challenges and finding newer and better ways for effective email marketing is the agenda of 2017.

The must have elements of your online reputation management

ORM or online reputation management is the process which allows you to control, manage and enhance the reputation of your business on the web. Advancement in technology has made it possible to reach people worldwide, and you need to take advantage of this facility.

Our suggestion and take

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing online reputation management for more than a decade now. Hence, we have the experience and expertise to not only manage your online reputation, but anticipate the queries you may have. We also suggest that, before investing in the ORM process provided by the service provider, you must have a clear idea about the ORM strategy. Having a strategy always helps, to follow the process intended and achieve the goal.

Our attempt to help you

Therefore, creating an online reputation management strategy is crucial and though, doing that is not your responsibility, having an idea on the topic will help to make an informed decision. Hence, our experts have compiled this list highlighting the elements of an ORM strategy.

Providing good support and services

One of the best ways an online reputation management strategy can be effective enough is, if you are supporting the effort properly. If you are not providing products, services and support to induce customer satisfaction, then the ORM efforts will be for nothing. So, you should be delivering what you have promised and claimed to be doing.

Managing social media profiles

In this age, social media platform and profiles are available for business and marketing purposes. You need to use such platforms to interact with existing and potential customers. It will become a crucial element of your online reputation management strategy and efforts.

Using engaging content

Content is one of the most important elements of your ORM strategy, but only when said content is relevant, informative and engaging.

Having online response training

Interacting with the customers goes a long way to establish your reputation online. To make sure that communication is done correctly, you need to make sure that the employees dealing with this have online response training and they are acting accordingly.

Monitoring the brand

This means monitoring anything and everything associated with your products, services and brand name. This will help with taking care of the problems and providing solutions which will help the online reputation management process.

Managing the reviews

What others are saying about your business and brand name is crucial for influencing potential customers. So, you need to deal with the negative reviews and promote the positive ones.

So, if your online reputation management strategy has the above-mentioned elements, it will be a great help.

Ensuring substantial increase in your email open rate

Since the introduction of the electronic mail, the medium of communication is being widely used. It transitioned from personal to professional and business purposes pretty fast. Today, emails are integral to any decent marketing campaign and email marketing is considered to be a powerful tool in digital marketing.

Our take on the topic

As a renowned, experienced and competent digital marketing company, we at DigieGeeks understand that for long-term ROI (return on investment) engagement of the audience is crucial in email marketing. When the email is engaging, open rate and conversion will increase. The problem is, every active email account receives multiple emails every day. Most of these missives remain unopened and if special action is not taken, the same fate awaits your message as well.

Points we would like to suggest

From our years of experience in email marketing and providing successful marketing services to a multitude of clients, we have created this list of tips to increase the email open rate for your campaign.

Personalizing the email as much as possible

Instead of sending something regular, customization will see better results. This customization starts right from the subject line. Creating an interesting subject line is the key to increasing open rate of emails, because the subject line is the first point of contact with the recipient. Adding visual elements numbers, statistics and a creative twist will help the personalization effort.

Trimming the subject line

Just because the subject line is the opening note of your email, adding your whole message there is not a smart idea. Your aim is to create a subject line that will entice the recipient enough to open the email, go through it and in the ideal scenario, hire your services or products or both. For successful email marketing effort, a slim subject line is the best bet.

Using data strategically

Data based information has always been one of the best ways of catching attention of the potential clients. The same logic should be applied to your emails too. Data based information and personalization will boost the email open rate considerably.

Sending emails to interested people

Despite creating an impressive email and concocting the perfect email marketing campaign, if the messages are delivered to people who are least interested, the effort will worth nothing. So, always send emails to people who will be interested to open and go through it. Doing so, will increase the email open rate and bring success to the campaign.

By following these simple, but effective tips, you can ensure increase the email open rate for your email marketing campaign.

Why Instagram is preferable to Snapchat in social media marketing?

Social media is one of the most powerful tools of marketing these days, because a great portion of the mass is hooked to these platforms. They started as great ways of connecting with people, sharing photos, videos, life stories and such happenings, but now they are a huge part of marketing, known as social media marketing.

What the studies reveal on the subject

Amongst the various social media platforms, two are making most waves, Snapchat and Instagram. More than 150 million people use Snapchat and when its parent company went public and have a market cap of $25 billion. Despite that, it seems this particular platform has a lot of catching up to do to convince the social media marketing strategists and advertisers. A series of studies done by reliable sources have revealed that, advertisers and marketers are considerably less interested to invest money on Snapchat for marketing purpose in comparison to competitors like Facebook and Instagram.

An in-depth explanation of the study

Amongst the 1600 marketing professionals, who took part in the survey, almost 65% prefer Instagram and the rest mentioned they would like to try Snapchat, but with other social media platforms. This reluctance has resulted from the lack of return of the investment the marketers made. Other concerns like measurement, declining engagement from users and such are also adding to the factor.

The reasons behind this difference

Based on their satisfaction and ROI, social media platforms are ranked on a scale of eight points and Snapchat has a score of dismal 3.43 which is second to last. Despite Instagram copying various features from Snapchat, there is something unique about this social media platform. The competing feature has given Instagram an edge which is also driving social media marketing professionals and strategists towards this platform.

What it means for Snapchat

Apart from the advertising perspective, this preference factor is also creating problems for Snapchat as it now needs to show strong growth in both users and advertising revenue accounts. In short, the report and survey has clearly proven that, when a social media marketing strategy is being created, the marketing professionals all over the world are putting more importance to Instagram.


As a renowned digital marketing company with more than a decade of experience in the field, we at DigieGeeks keep a keen eye on such happenings. We understand the need for proper social media analysis and a robust social media marketing strategy. Hence, we provide information to help people understand the scenario before making an informed decision.

You need to know this vital point of email marketing strategy

Email marketing is crucial to the digital marketing process. So, if you are about to hire these services for the betterment of your business, then having some basic knowledge about the topic is required.

The point you need to be aware of

At DigieGeeks, we have been helping businesses with effective and consolidated digital marketing strategy and services for more than a decade now. We have both the experience and expertise to help you too. Explaining certain points will help you to make an informed and beneficial decision. So, our experts have decided to answer one of most baffling questions associated with email marketing campaigns whether to use HTML or plain text.

Some basic info and some more

To end the confusion, we are going to put forward certain points, starting with some basic info to will help you understand the subject better.

Creating the email is half the battle in the marketing process. So, you need to think about everything starting from the subject line, salutation, greeting, your message, images (whether needed or not) and many more.

Mail deliverability and its importance in email marketing 

Mail deliverability has always been a vital point in email marketing, because if the mail is not delivered to the destination (in this case the inbox of the intended recipient) then it is practically redundant. It is believed that plain text mails have better delivery rate in comparison to its HTML counterpart which is not always true. If the HTML version is properly coded and has a plain text version, the delivery rate won’t be affected.

Preference of the mass

Surveys have shown that people say they prefer HTML emails, whereas, in reality they prefer the simpler plain text version.

Is the message just being delivered or some action is happening too?

The common myth is, HTML reduces open rates of an email, but the reality is a bit different. Surveys have shown that, being delivered does not mean that the mail is at a noticeable position in the recipient’s inbox. Moreover, HTML rich mails tend to get flagged by service providers as commercial ones and get filtered. It means, technically the missive is being delivered, but the recipient is not getting the chance to open it.

Considering the rather personal element

General belief is HTML format reduces the clickthrough rate of the message and it is not wrong. Electronic mails are considered to be the channel for one-to-one interaction, hence have a certain amount of personal perspective that cannot be ignored. When someone sends an email to a friend, relative or colleague, it does not have fancy images or beautiful templates. It simply has the message. The same logic is applicable in email marketing as well.


In the conclusion, we would like to point out that, when it comes to electronic mail, less is always better. But the problem is, this guideline is not always beneficial for an email marketing campaign. As a renowned and reputed digital marketing agency we would suggest that your message should be the perfect balance of properly coded HTML and interesting plain text with proper positioning, interesting subject line, strategic link placement and a touch of creativity.

10 tips for successful and beneficial guest posting

Guest posting simply means writing and publishing content in someone else’s website. This leads to exposure to a new but relevant audience, accumulation of leads and traffic for your website, your branding as an expert, improved search ranking and increased reach.

We at DigieGeeks(Digital Marketing Company), after more than a decade of association with this industry, understand the importance of guest posting. It is a huge part of our content development and marketing effort. Before choosing the service though, you also need some information on guest posting to get a better grip on the topic. Our experts, after a thorough research have come up with this list of tips which will make guest posting easier to handle and more beneficial.

Not writing promotional articles: Most guest posting platforms do not entertain promotional articles. Yes, it is true that the aim of content marketing is to generate leads and convert them to sales, but it should not be done coarsely. You should use this opportunity to educate your audience, engage them and solve their problems. This will help to build your credibility.

Using inbound links in your post: The editor allowing you the chance of guest posting understand that, you will use inbound links leading to your choice of websites. This opportunity does not any way mean you can stuff the content with such links. It will be wise to check the guidelines of the website and use them accordingly.

Adding an enticing offer: If you want to generate leads, then including a free offer for something related to the topic your post deals with, will be ideal. For best results, the offer should be some downloadable content related to the topic of the article.

Link back your website in the author bio: Though, the aim of guest posting is educating the audience, for SEO benefits you can include a link back to your website in the author bio. The guideline for such inclusion differs in websites, but including the link in the author bio is the safest bet.

Not putting low quality content: Writing content to be published on another website should not lead to compromise in quality. High-quality content will help getting the approval of the editor easier.

Effective pitching: The first step of guest posting is pitching your request to the editor. Being grammatically corrects, polite, straight forward and putting across the idea in a couple of sentences are the best ways of making the pitch effective.

Selling your writing ability and expertise: To get the chance of guest posting, you need to prove why are you better than other writers. Providing a small bio-data including writing sample, stats (if available) and expertise will do the job.

Writing for sites that send back traffic: The aim of guest posting is to reach more people and establish your credibility. So, you should always attempt to get traffic and for that you should choose the sites carefully.

Not using guest post only for inbound links: Guest blogging to gain inbound links do not work anymore, it is considered as spam. So, you should create guest posts to provide informative, interesting and helpful content for the readers. If you can solve the problems and answer the questions your readers are having, traffic will be generated naturally.

Writing for the targeted audience: The target audience for your guest post normally is the target audience for your own blog. Sometimes things may be a bit different from the perspective of demographic, interest or niche, but that should not change your writing style or voice. You should always write for the audience you want to reach.

Following these points will make your guest posts successful and beneficial and it is a huge part of our content marketing services.

4 most effective SEO trends for 2017

SEO or search engine optimization is a huge part of the digital marketing process. As the optimization boosts your business’s digital identity, it is crucial to have an effective SEO strategy.
At DigieGeeks we have been associated with the market for more than a decade now and have enough experience and expertise to help your endeavor. Our experts have come with this list of 4 most effective SEO trends for 2017.
Importance of related keywords
Repeating a single keyword or phrase won’t do the trick anymore. Optimizing the main keyword will require including it in the first and last paragraph, head image’s filename, ALT text and title text of the content. But apart from that, you need some related keywords that can be used throughout the content. Google AdWords Keyword Planner will help to find the related keywords and their impact, but you can use other tools as well.
Importance of mobile
If instead of responsive web design you are using any regular common content management system like Joomla, WordPress, Squuarespace or eCommerce solutions like Shopify, Magneto and such, then things won’t be as effective as you want. There are loads of responsive websites in the web. So, you are not only compromising with the look of the site, but functionality and speed as well. There are tools which will tell if your website is running at optimal speed or not. Based on that, you need to make certain changes and then invest in the search engine optimization strategy and services.
Artificial intelligence catering to human satisfaction
It’s been quite some time now that Artificial Intelligence or AI has become a part of Google’s algorithmic ranking system. Long tail keywords and web analytics software are going to be the focus of search engine optimization strategies and services in 2017.
The conversion focused approach
It is about gaining the coveted first place for a keyword with highest search volume and considerable amount of conversion instead of just the search volume. Qualified traffic should not be engaged only for ranking’s sake. It should lead to conversion which will be used for retargeting in various ranking campaigns. This will increase the quality of your content, meta-titles, descriptions, images, videos, social posts, roundups, interviews and website in general.
These new trends when used strategically will indeed help your search engine optimization attempts and services, but you should not forget the basics. Combining the basics along with these developments will yield the best results.