3 steps for you select the right mobility solution for workforce needs

Enterprise mobility solutions are still trying to gain their ground in this highly connected and technology oriented world. Enterprise mobility solutions are aiming towards bringing people, process as well as technology thereby allowing use of mobile devices to manage business on daily basis. Most of business has to develop software through mobile application development as well as hardware in order to arm its workforce with such mobile devices which can help in boosting the business operations to the next level.
Investing in the mobile services helps in increasing the security and accessibility of the business information in the best way. If your business opting for a mobility program then here are three steps which will help in selecting mobile service for your workforce needs.

  1. Understand the need of your workforce

  2. When selecting any mobile service or implementing the mobility solution in your organisation give a due focus to the workforce needs. Organization should study the needs of workforce and how recruiting new talents across the demographics will impact their mobile behaviour. Once this data is at hand then the enterprise mobility should be implemented wherein organisation can become mobile first business equipping the workforce with necessary hardware. Within short time businesses will find a steep increase in the app engagement levels as more number of employees makes use of it to share information with one another to give a boost to the business growth.

  3. Make sure your mobility goals aligned properly

  4. Opting for enterprise mobility solutions might be result of achieving different goals such as improving productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction or strengthening security and data privacy concerns. Before implementing any solution, be clear of what you want to achieve by empowering your workforce with mobility solutions. Organisation can bring together all these goals or focus on one as per their needs but it has to be selected right from the start to make it a success.

  5. Deploy mobility solutions and services with a strategic vision

  6. Enterprise mobility should be brought into any organisation with a clear road for the transformation. In order to do so organisation will have to align its projects, users and other technology solutions in sync with the mobility services in order to give the much needed boost to its business workflow and operations.

    Digiegeeks offers high enterprise mobility solutions which encompasses development of robust mobile app to facilitate the business operations on the go without any hassles.

Top 3 mobile app development platforms for enterprises

In this technological advanced age we have readily available mobile application development platforms to boost the pace of development. Mobile apps for the enterprise sector is on the rise as more and more businesses are exploring the possibility of utilizing existing devices to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the employee. Within just couple of years mobile devices have quadrupled their computing capability which opens the doors for development of high end mobile application specifically designed for the enterprise needs.

Here are top 3 mobile application development platforms which can be utilized for developing apps.

  1. Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

  2. Adobe brings the Experience Manager which is essentially an Enterprise CMS but comes loaded with the AEM Mobile. This module can be summarised as a high-end cloud service which can be utilized for building mobile applications. This module boasts of a centralized web interface which is effectively used for publishing as well as managing apps. It even offers mobile analytics which allows app developers to monitor the app performance along with the end-user response. Adobe offers competitive pricing for the AEM Mobile which can even be customized as per the need of the enterprise.

  3. Microsoft Visual Studio Mobile Center

  4. Microsoft has launched the Visual Studio Mobile Center quite recently and it also boasts of a range of cloud services with the support for the mobile apps’s entire lifecycle. Microsoft has backed this mobile application development platform with its sturdy Azure cloud which allows user to build mobile apps, generate installable app packages as well as run tests on more than 400 unique devices. The best thing about this platform is that the Visual Studio Community edition is available for free which can help in developing some high end application at relatively low costs.

  5. Axway Appcelerator

  6. Axway Appcelerator is specifically designed to usher the mobile application development by offering core range of services like testing, management, deployment and monitoring of the apps on a single platform. It offers flexible deployment options and even allows developers to integrate public or private clouds as well as some innovative on-premise environments. In short it offers more flexibility, openness, customizability when it comes to choosing technology and services within the platform. This platform offers Titanium SDK for the developers to build native as well as hybrid mobile applications.
    Each of these platforms has its own benefits and shortcomings but all are aimed at bringing swift mobile app development at lower costs. DigieGeeks is a reputable mobile app development company which makes use of robust and competent platform as per project need to bring the best of features and benefits to the client’s apps. Get in touch with our experts to give shape to your nascent mobile app idea.

Hot trends in the enterprise mobility solutions in 2017

Mobile technologies are continuously offering a new kind of competitive edge to the businesses across the globe. But before every other major and minor business entities start making use of the mobile technologies to run day-to-day operations they have to address the security and management challenges. Enterprise mobility solutions had made their way to address these issues and help business consolidate on the mobile technologies aggressively to boost their productivity and collaboration on a whole new level. Here are few hot trends found in the enterprise mobility management globally.

  1. BYOD is in play

  2. The trend of encouraging employees to bring their own device at work is not slowing down at all. A number of mobile analysts had stated that the growing concentration of the personal devices at work is prompting app developers to bringing more business apps to the ever growing market base. Enterprise mobility is changing the complete scenario of the IT with more and more application and devices as options to the target audience and even more number of ways to use them right at work or for work.

  3. Users are expecting more

  4. The burst of innovation made in the last decade in the mobile segment has simply increased the expectation of the users. Now the workforce using personal devices are expecting more flexibility at work without the need of sacrificing their privacy and control over the device. As stated earlier a number of enterprise apps are making their way to the mobile platform but it is also resulting in bringing sophisticated security threats to the device. Secondly IT wing of the businesses will also have to ensure complete end-point security if they wish to allow personal devices to be used for the office work.

  5. Enterprise Mobility Solution is expanding categorically

  6. Currently the enterprise mobility solutions had drifted into three distinct categories namely Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Content Management (MCM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). Depending on the type of the service you need the right category is chosen by the vendor. In modern time’s enterprise mobility solutions are proving highly comprehensive range of solutions to address your devices, the applications it runs and content is deals with in a single suite.
    DigieGeeks also bring a comprehensive suite of services with its enterprise mobility solutions which can help your business in realising the set goals and productivity effectively. Get in touch to explore our Enterprise mobility solutions.

Why you should be opting for Enterprise Mobility Services?

In this modern ear businesses are happening all time regardless of date and time zone. In order to provide flexibility and speed to the employees most of the businesses have started making of use of the enterprise mobility. Enterprise mobility can be simply described as a modern age phenomenon where more number of employees are actively indulging in working out of office from home or remote location by using mainly mobile devices in order to access cloud based solution which powers their work.
This shift has helped companies in getting more work done in a surprising less amount of time than it was feasible in the traditional office. Here are some of the benefits of enterprise mobility solutions which will encourage you to opt for it at the earliest.

Less Paperwork

When working virtually the workflow management becomes simple and easy affair compared to offline work performed at the traditional offices. All the documents are available online which means one wouldn’t worry about losing any document. Secondly since there is no paper work then it ends up saving a lot of money on paper, storage and supplies like ink and others. When everything is online then the accessibility to the data also turns swift, simple and efficient than ever before.

Enhanced Workflow

It has been seen that enterprise mobility had helped millions of businesses in improving their workflow by enhancing the employees response and action time. Employees are able to address specific problems within a matter of few seconds and can work on emergency tasks quickly without wasting the crucial time. This helps in building a real time interaction with the clients which ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction. Time management and allotment for varied projects becomes streamlined as important tasks are dealt in quickly which helps in saving extra time.

Enhanced business productivity

With enterprise mobility employees get the much needed flexibility to work from where ever they are and as they please. This eventually helps in increasing overall productivity of the business entity. It has been found that when employees are taken out of an environment where they are working continuously presence as well as tress of the admins and team leaders surrounding them then it seriously affects their ability to work with freedom, innovativeness and creativity. Enterprise mobility service enables them to work within the set deadlines without any undue pressure which certainly helps in bringing the best out of them.

A guide citing the perks of qualitative mobile application development

To remain ahead of the competition these days, businesses need to adapt and implement different marketing strategies. The aim of such strategies has always been connecting with more and more people to gain more customers. In a market with fierce competition, mobile apps are a great way to beat said competition and rise above others. Hence, mobile application development is such a crucial part of marketing strategies these days. It will not only bring more customers and profit, but make life easier for said customers as well.

We and our take on the subject

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing mobile application development service for a long time too. Due to that, we have gained both experience and expertise on the subject. Apart from that, we have a highly skilled and experienced team consisting of some of the best professionals in the industry. To make the whole concept easier to understand, our team has created this list explaining the reasons that should shape your decision of investing in mobile app development in the first place.

The perks you will enjoy fuelling your decision

To enjoy the services and get perfect mobile app for your business, it will be crucial to choose a reliable, reputed and competent mobile application development company. You may not realise this initially, but having a high-end, capable and impressive mobile application will not only help your business to grow and beat competition, but help the customers considerably as well. You should be prepared to enjoy and exploit these advantages to the fullest. The benefits of having a suitable mobile app are:

  • With proper mobile application development you are enhancing the accessibility and availability of your business significantly. With the help of the app, your customers can have access to your products or services anytime and from anywhere. Your round the clock availability to the customers will strengthen the customer satisfaction and relationship as well, helping the business further.
  • Having a mobile app makes your business more visible to the target audience, providing you the perfect leverage for creating brand awareness and loyalty.
  • With the help of the application, you will be able to reduce the distance between clients and your business considerably. Clients from even remote areas can now make purchases putting an end to the geographical boundary.
  • The mobile app provide your customers the chance to interact with the owner providing a sense of trust and reliability which is indeed beneficial for a business.
  • After investing in mobile application development, you will have the facility of storing important data including customer information in the application. This will help to customize the service and attract more customers.

So, choosing mobile application development is a wise decision for a business. For more details or information please visit us www.digiegeeks.com.

Mobile app is the necessity for businesses these days

This modern age is driven by and based on mobile devices, especially Smartphones. Along with personal lives, these phones have taken on the businesses and become integral to them. To exploit this trend and reach the global audience with ease, businesses notwithstanding their size, industry and offerings, are choosing to develop mobile applications. Hence, mobile application development has become such an important and sought after services.

Our assistance regarding the subject

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been offering mobile app development and related services for a long time. Being a reliable and reputed mobile application development company associated with the industry, we have gained both experience and expertise on the subject. Hence, we can provide the answer to the questions and doubts you may have regarding the topic. Additionally, we have a team consisted of some of the best professionals in the industry and they have created this list highlighting and explaining the reasons why mobile app development has become a necessity for businesses.

Points to remember

So, the reasons that make mobile application development necessary for your business are:

  • To promote your business, brand and product or service, you need to reach the mobile friendly and using population more and creating a mobile app is the best way of doing that.
  • While deciding to get a mobile app for your business, the expenses will be one of the biggest concerns. To deal with that, you can choose a basic and effective design instead of something showy and impractical. Once the app is developed, you can use in-app advertising and different app monetizing technique to recover the expense.
  • As the world is becoming more smartphone dependent every day, getting a mobile app developed seems to be the best way of reaching more customers with ease.
  • If you start a partnership with other businesses like creating a mobile ad exchange program or something similar, then having the mobile app developed will make more sense. Additionally, it will help you to reach more customers and sell more products or services.
  • To present the business as the ultimate one-stop shop for visitors and customers, you need a better showcasing of the products or services you offer and the mobile app will make this easy.

Understanding the reasoning and implementing accordingly

To enjoy these benefits and achieve the goals you have set for the business, it will be a smart step to invest in mobile application development and get the perfect mobile app for your business.

Why a business should choose Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Enterprise mobility is the process under which multiple employees can work remotely with the help of mobile devices and a cloud platform. With the changes and advancements in mobile device technology, more and more people are inclined to work remotely. Moreover, mobile apps, social media, cloud computing and such have also contributed to this change. Hence, to adapt accordingly, organisations are opting for Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

 A basic concept on the topic

At DigieGeeks, we have been associated with the industry for a long time. We have been offering enterprise mobility solutions to our clients as well. Over the years, we have gained both experience and expertise on the area and have seen that companies that are more into field operations, activities, sales operations and such outdoor services, tend to opt for Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Nowadays, though, companies with traditional central office model are also choosing enterprise mobility for better results and additional benefits.

How we can help you?

If you own a business and want to go the enterprise mobility way, then it is important to know that the global market of this process will reach $218 billion by 2018. Not being part of such a market is not very wise, but statistics does not appease questions and doubts completely. Therefore understanding the relevance and importance of Enterprise Mobility Solutions becomes priority. Anticipating this requirement, our experts have compiled this list which will explain things and help you make an informed and smart decision.

Points to be remembered

Choosing Enterprise Mobility Solutions will result in:

  • A significant increase in the speed of operations and activities which will provide a competitive edge to the company.
  • More efficient data collection which will lead to better, faster and more helpful decision making.
  • Reports and KPI related information will be conveyed to a wider audience within less amount of time which will lead to convenient information on situational awareness and result in better issue resolution.
  • Real-time data collection, reporting and artificial intelligence will result in better productivity, which will lead to better earning and profit.
  • Efficient resource allocation will reduce wastage which in turn will reduce the expenses.
  • Better visibility of the remote activities leading to better and more accurate data driven decisions.
  • Better collaboration between processes and between remote workers and office workers where everyone can take part in the decision making process.

In short, the convenience and additional benefits are quite enough to implore a business choose Enterprise Mobility Solutions, implement them properly and then using them. This why; a business should go for enterprise mobility.

How will Web Design and Development Services Help Your Business?

For most people, the moment of digital dawn arrived at the fag end of the 80s. With the arrival of the internet and popularisation of the home computer, the landscape of communication and business operation underwent a massive change. The traditional modes of running a business went for a toss. The 90s and the 2000s saw the IT juggernaut move at a staggering speed, making a foray into the lives of most people, living in different corners of the globe. The earlier modes of traditional advertising and promotional activities became a passé. Physical newspapers have seen their readership plunge to new lows. The same scenario is presenting itself in the domain of TV, radio and other areas of the conventional media.

Business organisation have to take the help of digital means, especially their company website, to reach and affect the hearts and minds of their target buying groups. This is why, the word web design has become so important to them. An aesthetically pleasing website is a business necessity nowadays, which simply can’t be overlooked. Many commercial enterprises try to design their own websites but falter in the process. This scenario has given rise to numerous companies who specialise is the domain of web design and development. DigieGeeks is a well-known company in this sphere. Based in the UK, it also has offices in the USA.

So, what are the benefits that you are likely to have once you take the help of a web designing organisation? A brief overview has been provided in the following paragraph.

First Impression Matters

While the saying goes that one should not judge a book by its covers, most viewers would love to visit a website which is not only easy to navigate, but also good to look at. The aesthetic aspects of a website create a favourable impression in the minds of the visitors, especially the ones who are accessing the site for the first time. The quality of your products and services will not be able to entice them if they find the website not up to their stylistic standards. Hiring a noted web designing company will enable you to create the website that your business deserves and demands as well.

In Sync with the Latest Technology

Web design companies will develop and foster your website in such a way that visitors, with different smart gadgets that use disparate technology, will be able to open them on their own devices. In the fast-moving world of IT industry, this will hold your website in good stead.

The must-have elements of a small-business website

In this digital age, one smart step for small businesses will be creating a website and for that, you need the help of a reliable web design company.

Our suggestion as the web design company

Having more than a decade of experience in web design and offering web designing services we at DeigieGeeks are well versed in the routes to success. Based on our experience, we have created this list focusing on the must-have elements of a website to help your web design efforts.

Being clear about yourself

It means, you need to anticipate the queries the visitors will have and provide clear information about the business or organisation, products or services or both will be beneficial. Telling the visitors that you are capable of providing what they are looking for is an effective way of successful marketing.

A simple web address

It is always better to create a simple web address that is relevant, easy to read and remember and does not give off any untoward sense.

A conveniently navigated sitemap

Your web design should include a simple sitemap and proper links to the most important pages to guide the visitor. This way, the visitors can find what they are looking for and need.

Clearly stated contact information

Clearly visible contact information helps interested visitors contact you. Providing multiple options for contacting gives choice to the interested people, increasing the chance of conversion.


Customer review of testimonial is like certificates given by real people. It makes services and products more reliable and tangible.

Call to action options

Instead of being vague, including clear call to action options in the web design structure will help both the website and the business.

Fresh and high-quality content

It is crucial that the site have fresh and high-quality informative content. As the website is the first impression of the business to the customer, you should try to make the visit worthwhile.

Secure hosting platform

While choosing the web designing services, insisting on a secure platform will be necessary. It will not only keep your business secure, but the client information as well. Moreover, it will also increase the reliability factor.

Simple but interesting design

Every day, thousands of new websites are designed. If you want to attract attention amongst that mess, then your website must offer something more. So, depending on simple, but smart, interesting, trendy and effective website design will be the best bet.

Presence of these elements will help your website succeed. So, the web design structure should include them.

What Benefits would You Get by Hiring a Web Development Company?

Most companies offering their services and products nowadays do so through brick and mortar shops as well by the modes of the digital world. Companies use ecommerce platforms to offer their wares. Apart from them, they also utilise their own websites to promote their products and services. This prompts the presence of a good company website for the success of any business. When someone mentions a website to be good, he or she is referring to both its aesthetic aspects as well as its easy to use navigational features. Thus, web development is a word that most business organisations will be quite familiar with. These two words refer to the production, synthetisation and upkeep of a website.

There are a number of companies who would like to look after the web development part of their company website on their own. This idea though has its share of problems. Most companies these days take the help of dedicated software design and development companies that specialise in the art of producing quality websites. DigieGeeks is a noted company that known for its aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian websites and web developing services.

By hiring web developing and designing companies, business organisations acquire a number of benefits. A brief overview has been provided here.

Focus on Strategy

Most companies develop their websites primarily for the present-day use. By doing so, they forgo their future interest. A web developing company would let the business owners know about the importance of developing the site not only according to the needs of the present, but also with an eye on the future. A company website must have the provisions to offer products and services which will only gain popularity in the future. Similarly, the website should be flexible enough to change its setting keeping in mind the aesthetic sensibilities of the future visitors. Web developing companies would know which areas to focus, to create these options for the future.

Development and Management of Content

Most of us know that appearances can be deceiving. This is why, apart from appreciating its visual aesthetics, visitors also look forward to meaningful content posted on a website. A web development company would help the business enterprises to create and post content according to the needs and demands of the visitors.