How to choose the right colour for your logo?

Colour is the most important aspect of the logo which chosen wrongly can simply destroy brand altogether. It is worth noting that human mind happens to be highly responsive to the visual stimuli, therefore, choosing the right colour for the logo development becomes more important than ever before. A graphic designer is trained to harness the innate power of the colours while designing the logo but most of the businesses insist on certain which don’t even go with their brand. And they end up in confusing or driving customers away from themselves with a little but critical mistake. Before choosing the right colour for your brand logo first understands what different means to everyone.

  1. Red is seen as the colour of passion and energy. It has a little bit if danger, aggression as well as warmth attached to it. Secondly, a number of researchers have even suggested that this colour helps in stimulating the petite. This is major reason most of the popular restaurant brand across the world have chosen red colour for their logo
  2. Green is the second most commonly used colour among the brands. It is widely used to shown an innate connection with nature or mother Earth. There we find it clearly placed across the wide range of organic and vegetarian products. Biotechnology-based firms are also known to utilize green colour in their brand logo and same is true for a number of financial institutions as this colour shows growth.
  3. White colour is seen for its purity, simplicity as well as cleanliness, therefore, it is used great attention to the details. Being white it has to be utilized in a dark coloured background. A number of iconic companies have made use of the white logo with a distinctive solid coloured background apart from having the usual coloured logo. This includes soft drinks global giant Coca-Cola which has its logo both in white and red colours.
  4. Blue is simply the first choice of almost every other company in the world and the recent rise of the technology based firms has increased the use of the blue logos. Blue shows a distinguished breath of professionalism, sincerity and calmness as well as it also affirms authority and success. Therefore it can be easily seen being part of logos used by the governmental and financial institutions.
  5. Purple logos are quite unique but when they are found they simply demands attention and respect. Purple is widely speaking to us in the form of luxury or royalty. This stems from its wider use in the church and by wealthy class and monarchs since ancient times.

Understanding the colour significance is the key towards choosing the right colour to represent your brand. Hopefully, this information will help in choosing the right colour for your logo development.

Top 4 design trends to rule the logo design in 2018

The logo design industry has changed rapidly in the last couple with the advancement of technology, applications and huge competition in between. The logo design trend has evolved massively in the last five years when older design are simply looked as a thing of past. Logo still happens to be the most effective and best way to attracting the customers and developing a bond or recognition of the brand. New ideas are been introduced into the mainstream logo design more rapidly than ever before and by the team other businesses thinks about implementing a new trends start making the waves. Here are 4 design trends which are expected to rule the logo design in 2018.

  1. Logotype with simple shapes

  2. 2017 saw the rise of the legible font along with quite simple geometric shapes in the logo design. This design trend will remain in vogue for this year as well where we will be more businesses coming up with their name as a logo with simple lines, rectangles, points, circles or other shapes. These logotypes happen to offer simplicity as it can be seen utilized by the Nike, Samsung and Google with best effect.

  3. Gradients & Colour Transitions

  4. 2016 & 2017 saw a number of designers were seen playing with power of gradients to develop their new age logos and this trend isn’t going to stop any time soon. Applying colour transition sin the logo specifically which features massive and bulky fonts, icon or texts does appear quite beautiful to look upon but it couldn’t in every other business verticals.

  5. Overlapping

  6. Overlapping different colours helps in bringing a new life in the logo design as well as the brand itself. Quite recent Mastercard has made a major change in its iconic logo by settling with a overlapping design technique and it is highly that more brand are going to follow this trend in 2018.

  7. The return of ‘Coasts of arms’

  8. A number of business has started adopting the age old coat of arms style in the logo design which sometimes even resembles emblems or stamps. In this design text is placed in the middle within a circle or semicircle along with the establishing date and a single colour scheme is used throughout. This helps in evoking a strong sense of heritage, tradition, longevity to the consumers.

Adopting these four logo design trends will help you in developing such logos which remains in sync with the changing times. Digiegeeks is a reputable website design company which offers incredible logo design solutions as well allowing you express your business best with logo.

Design the perfect logo with these 4 amazing tips

Branding is an integral part of the business and each businesses all round the world spends thousands of dollars on promoting and protecting it. The key element of the branding is the logo which helps the customers in associating with the brand and it also serves as the key to figure out the brand from the others. Here are some the 4 amazing tips offered by Digiegeeks professional logo designers to help you design the perfect log.

Keep it simple and recognizable

Most of the popular recognizable logos has one thing is common and that is simplicity. They keep things simple and don’t make use of unnecessary and flashy elements in their design which can make it difficult for the users to focus their eyes upon. Logo which happens to be highly detailed is simply too painful to look upon by the users and sometimes it even ends up confusing the users.

Go for timeless design rather than the trendy

If your business is quite old and you are looking rejuvenate your ageing logo design then don’t go for trendy design. Ask the logo designer to spend some quality time in understanding the existing logo and how it can be modernised with the existing trends in order to appear more relevant to the current customers. Losing eth heritage associated with the company logo legacy for the sake the blatant modernism will not go well in the long run.

Keep in mind where it is going to be used

When designing the logo is it important to keep where it will be used in future. If logo design is needed for the print purpose then one should avoid designing with too much of intricate detail. Times have changed dramatically within a decade wherein every other business in coming up with their website as well as logo to grab the ever growing market share. Designers tend to become quite adventurous when designing logos for the website but one should also keep in how it will look in print, different digital devices as well as on social media platforms.

Never choose black colour

When it comes to logo design ‘black’ colour should be avoided at every cost. Opt for a known logo designer or website design company which a sound understanding of the colour psychology. The choice of colour used for any logo is chosen as per the business goals, themes and customer psychology. Using black as a primary colour in any logo design will be a bad idea as it doesn’t send across the right vibes or perception to the onlookers.

Understanding the importance of logo design in a business

The word logo is the short form of the term logotype which in turn is derived from two different Greek words, logos and typos meanings word and imprint respectively. A logo is basically a symbol representing an organisation, an enterprise, a business and even an individual to induce and secure loyalty and instant public recognition. Therefore, logo design is quite important for a business and should be considered accordingly.

Understanding logo and our assistance regarding it

Along with brand recognition and loyalty, logo is also vital to marketing efforts. It is one of the most visible manifestations of the identity for an organisation within the target market. So, it is crucial to take better care with the planning, designing and execution of the logo for your business. At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing graphic design services for a long time. In the process we have gained both experience and expertise on the subject to provide the assistance your business needs and answer the queries you might have regarding this.

Certain points highlighting the subject further

Before making any choice or investment, it is crucial to understand the implication and importance of the decision. This helps the business and also you to make a beneficial and informed decision. Hence, our team of experts has decided to create this list highlighting and explaining the importance of logo design in a business. The points you need to know are:

  • Logos are the faces of companies, organisations and businesses. They are considered to be unique identities for the businesses they represent and to that end, they provide essential information about the company through color, design, font and message. This allows the customers to identify the company’s core brand induce loyalty in them.
  • The marketing strategy and effort of a business is based upon the logo and it influences fonts, colors, design choices and such for the company.
  • A good logo is unique and easily understandable to the potential customers. So, the logo design should depict these qualities correctly and be dynamic, interesting and with a sense of meaning regarding the business or industry or organisation. Your logo should never be unrelated, too complicated or shabby. That will be unable to generate the desired effects.
  • Creating brand identity for your business is crucial, because this identity turns out to be one of the reasons behind customer loyalty and following and resulting profit. Being the visual component associated with every aspect and every area of a business from website to social media, stationary to advertising and many more. Therefore, a not so carefully designed logo can turn out to be big turn off for the potential customers.
  • As logo is something a business develops first, it may seem unnecessary expense at the beginning, but it is also one of the best channels for ROI or Return on Investment. An effective logo leads to improved mind share within the target market resulting in better traffic and increased sales.

Being sure about the decision

Therefore, for a business to become successful and impact the market, investing time, money, effort and talent in logo design is not merely an option, but necessity.

Why your business should have a great logo?

According to definition, a logo is the mark or symbol used by organisations and individuals for promoting instant recognition of their business. It is the image by which customers instantly recognizes the business without the need to read the name or trademark or any additional detail. Hence, logo design is crucial for a business.

Our take on the subject

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing an array of graphic design services for more than a decade and have gained both reputation and expertise on the subject. Therefore, we have a clear idea on the questions and doubts you may have regarding the topic of logos. To solve that problem and provide some answers, our experts have compiled this list highlighting the reasons behind hiring professionals and getting an appropriate logo design for your business.

Creating effective first impressions

Before buying anything, the potential customer always does some research about the market and available options. So, creating a great first impression is required and for that, a great logo is the best choice. To acquire such a logo, you will need the help of professionals.

Attracting new customers

Anyone researching to buy something online, comes across numerous logos every day and despite not being an expert, he/she can tell a good logo from a bad one. If the logo of your business is interesting, it will be enough to attract new customers and as, the opinion of the customers is of utmost importance in the market, you need to consider this aspect while choosing the logo design service provider.

Standing out in the crowd

The market is teeming with competition and every day it is growing bigger along with the introduction of new business. So, a customer has multiple options while buying something. Hence, you need to stand out for getting noticed and subsequently being chosen. A great logo will absolutely make sure that, your business does look and feel striking amongst the mass and win the battle of the customers.

Inducing loyalty in the customers

You may argue that loyalty is something that can only be achieved through quality product or services and customer support, but everything starts with the logo. So, taking logo design seriously will be the smart thing to do.

Showing professionalism

When your business has a professionally designed impressive logo, it shows your professionalism which is vital for gaining customers and business.

For these reasons, your business does need a great logo for which the help of a capable and skilled logo design company is required.