Three key elements to focus upon while managing your online brand reputation

Every other company now understands the importance of having a sound online strategy in place in order to reap benefits online. While developing online strategy most of the companies don’t give the much needed focus towards the online reputation of the firm. This results in online backlash and negative outlook of the movie in the long run which eventually hampers with the other online marketing efforts. Online brand reputation management services have been designed to help businesses in managing their reputation in the online in a positive fashion. Our online reputation management experts puts forward three key elements to focus upon while managing your online brand reputation.

  1. Let’s start from the beginning

  2. Before developing any online strategy it is vital to conduct a full-scale audit of the online presence as well as the reputation of the brand. You will find either your brand begets mostly positive views or negative or studying these views will help in understanding the people’s sentiments and how your brand is observed by other potential customers as well. Analysing the negative as well as positive views will help you in coming up with right communication to correct as well as direct perception and you can even implement operational change in order to do away with inconsistences as pointed by the users.

  3. Choose the right platform to get the right exposure

  4. Getting your brand or business up on every other social media channel or trading platform will not do any good to the overall online brand reputation. Choose the social media channels and trading platform carefully as it can help in making and breaking your brand in the long run. If you are into selling products which can be shown in diverse, attractive ways then do make an account on the Instagram otherwise there is no need. Having an account aren’t enough, you have to have a sound digital strategy wherein communication are made with the target audience on regular basis. Post images, messages, videos and other content regularly to keep the conversation going in the online arena.

  5. Participate in the right kind of conversation

  6. For any business customer service is the key to success but in the online arena customer sentiments becomes a key factor to look after. Engage with your target in the right manner where you are offering solutions to their problems but indulge in preaching or forcefully advocating your products as it will only result in an online backlash. Take negative criticism of your service or product in a light hearted manner and do not ever get into argument with the audience online. It is extremely important to understand your customer needs and what drives them before you participate in any of conversation with them online.

    Digiegeeks as a reputed digital marketing agency offers a widest range of online brand reputation management services which can help in restoring your brand perception among the netizens with cost effective measures.

The must have elements of your online reputation management

ORM or online reputation management is the process which allows you to control, manage and enhance the reputation of your business on the web. Advancement in technology has made it possible to reach people worldwide, and you need to take advantage of this facility.

Our suggestion and take

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing online reputation management for more than a decade now. Hence, we have the experience and expertise to not only manage your online reputation, but anticipate the queries you may have. We also suggest that, before investing in the ORM process provided by the service provider, you must have a clear idea about the ORM strategy. Having a strategy always helps, to follow the process intended and achieve the goal.

Our attempt to help you

Therefore, creating an online reputation management strategy is crucial and though, doing that is not your responsibility, having an idea on the topic will help to make an informed decision. Hence, our experts have compiled this list highlighting the elements of an ORM strategy.

Providing good support and services

One of the best ways an online reputation management strategy can be effective enough is, if you are supporting the effort properly. If you are not providing products, services and support to induce customer satisfaction, then the ORM efforts will be for nothing. So, you should be delivering what you have promised and claimed to be doing.

Managing social media profiles

In this age, social media platform and profiles are available for business and marketing purposes. You need to use such platforms to interact with existing and potential customers. It will become a crucial element of your online reputation management strategy and efforts.

Using engaging content

Content is one of the most important elements of your ORM strategy, but only when said content is relevant, informative and engaging.

Having online response training

Interacting with the customers goes a long way to establish your reputation online. To make sure that communication is done correctly, you need to make sure that the employees dealing with this have online response training and they are acting accordingly.

Monitoring the brand

This means monitoring anything and everything associated with your products, services and brand name. This will help with taking care of the problems and providing solutions which will help the online reputation management process.

Managing the reviews

What others are saying about your business and brand name is crucial for influencing potential customers. So, you need to deal with the negative reviews and promote the positive ones.

So, if your online reputation management strategy has the above-mentioned elements, it will be a great help.

How to monitor your ORM efforts effectively?

ORM or online reputation management is the process of ensuring positive information, images and news is available regarding your business in the digital world. As most people tend to search about the business, brand and product or service before spending any money on them, it is crucial that your business appears to be a reputed one.

Our suggestion on the topic

There are various ways of monitoring your ORM efforts and as a reliable and reputed company offering online reputation management services for a long time, we at DigieGeeks are well aware of it. One of the most convenient and used way of monitoring such efforts is using various tools. Yes, there are different tools which will keep you updated about the efforts you are making. Our experts have compiled this list which will help you to know more about the tools.

Google Alters

This is the tool that provides you with notifications whenever any new content is added for the keywords you have mentioned specifically. This information is compiled by scanning relevant web pages, blogs, articles, researches and such happening within the Google network. You need to select the search terms, types of results, time period (how often) and the address of delivery for the alerts and the information will keep on reaching exactly as you like.


This specific tool helps in keeping tab and managing social influence of a brand of business. As social influence is quite dependent on online reputation management (higher the social influence, higher more positive the online reputation), the tool is pretty helpful.


This particular tool is basically a website where you can visit and manage online listings of your business on various locations and review sites. This way, you can make sure that the information posted in places like Yelp and Yellow pages are correct. Such an action will go a long way in helping your online reputation management efforts.


It is a social media management tool which helps in maintaining all the social media networks in one place. The tool can be used for scheduling future messages, engaging with followers and having an in-depth view of social media analytics. Based on the results, you can make required changes and make your ORM efforts more effective.

There are also a lot more tools which will help you to keep a tab on the online reputation management efforts of your business. Some of these tools are free and some cost money, but the result will be beneficial for your business.

How Can Online Reputation Management Services Help Your Business Grow?

The digital world has emerged as the primary mode of conducting their businesses for most commercial enterprises. The conventional means of business demanded the presence of brick and mortar shops that sold the articles or provided the services to consumers, who had to come to the shop to procure or experience them. People got to know about new businesses and their services as well as products through conventional ways of public media, such as newspapers, TVs channels, radios stations, fliers, billboards and so on. But the situation has changed a great deal after the advent of the digital world and its associated media. Online reputation management has become quite important for most companies.

A number of companies are present in the UK that provides online reputation management services. A leading name among them is DigieGeeks, headquartered in Coventry, the UK. It also has offices in the USA and specialises in the domains of web development, digital marketing, enterprise mobility, dedicated hiring and so on.

So, what are the benefits that companies can expect when they hire digital reputation management services? A brief overview has been provided in the following paragraphs.

Top of the Charts

Most people search for their desired services and products on search engine and go by the websites which appear on the result page of the search engine. The ranking of a website gets enhanced by the number of visitors it can draw it its website. In a cyclical way, more people are drawn to a website that appears on or near the top of the search page of a search engine. Hence, it becomes important for companies to maintain their online reputation as best they can so as to draw more people to their website. This, in turn, improves the ranking of the site and keeps it ahead of its completions.

Public Relation Exercise

Online reputation management endeavours are in essence similar to the public relations drives engendered by the business organisations of the previous era. Most people interact with their family and friends through various platforms of social media. Along with other information, they also talk about the products they bought and the services they hired. Digital reputation management services create a positive impression among the legions of social media users and help the company to enhance its reputation in the virtual as well as real world.   

Features your E-commerce website should have

Amongst the various conveniences bestowed upon the human race online shopping is getting more popular these days. eCommerce website design and development has helped to create sites to help you shop from the convenience of your home.

What we have observed

DigieGeeks is a renowned name in web deigning and we have been providing an array of site designing services including eCommerce website design for a long time. We have enough experience and expertise to understand that, a lot e-commerce sites lack features turning their purpose redundant.

Our suggestions

If you are about to choose eCommerce website development services, then it is crucial to know about features that will help your site and business. We would like to suggest some of the vital features you must include in your site.

Mobile friendly design

As more and more people prefer to explore the internet through their mobile devices, it is becoming crucial for websites to become mobile friendly and an e-commerce site is no exception. These days, more than half of the online purchases are done via tablets or Smartphones. To make your website appealing to the customers, your eCommerce website design should be truly mobile friendly and provide a complete and satisfactory shopping experience.

Multiple payment method

Your website should have multiple payment methods and secure payment gateway. People visiting your website for the first time will be hesitant to share their credit or debit card details. There are people who do not have card facilities or do not like using cards. The website should have multiple payment methods to accommodate every interested customer.

Securing the website

Your website should be completely secure for the visitor and purchaser, because without security, building a glowing reputation will be tough. The E-commerce website you have developed should have SSL embedded. Not having the certification will mean the customers will receive a warning before sharing their card details. This will discourage potential customers which will not be good for the business.

Encouragement through discount codes

The human nature craves rewards and good deals. If a customer realizes that he/she is getting a better deal by purchasing from your website, probability of the purchase being made will increase and the customer will return for more. This is applicable for both new and existing customers.

Saving personal information

The eCommerce website design and development you are investing in, should enable the website to save personal information. This way, returning customers will have to pass less number of hurdles and it will encourage them to come back for more purchases.


By adding these features to your eCommerce website design project and website you will ensure better sells and more clients for your website.

Why do you really need SEO services?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization by definition is the process that maximizes number of visitors to a particular website by making it appear high on the list of search results provided by a search engine.

How we are addressing your question

The pressing question here is whether you need SEO services or not. As a renowned, reputed and competent digital marketing service providing company, DigieGeeks would like to answer this query. We have been providing an array of digital marketing services for more than a decade now. Our experience and expertise have enabled us to provide a satisfactory answer to the query you have.

An introduction and explanation

To answer your questions regarding search engine optimization we would first like to provide a simple introduction to the subject. In this age of competitions and digital marketing your business needs the support of SEO services to do better. Yes, there are individuals who do SEO and do a commendable job at that, but that may not be the right option always. The query is whether you can do the same for your business. The answer to that is a resounding “no”.

Why you cannot do your own SEO?

If you are surprised, then it is time to know that, most of the people doing their own SEO are experts and talented professionals who have decided to work independently. It is not possible for an amateur to learn all the ropes within a little time and apply them for the benefits of a business. Moreover, being the owner of a business, you will have a lot more on your plate which ultimately will only create complications. So, it is better to trust someone capable of doing the job properly.

Benefits of hiring SEO services from DigieGeeks

If you want your business to do better, earn more profit, then the additional help is required. For the best result, it is always beneficial to optimize the website for both search engines and human traffic. Hiring suitable and helpful SEO services will get the job done and much more. By choosing search engine optimization, you will get:

  • Increased amount of traffic by attracting the target audience better and increased conversion rate.
  • Better sales and ROI which will change the facade of the business.
  • An optimized and user-friendly website which make navigation convenient for the visitors adding to the traffic further.
  • A cost-efficient inbound marketing strategy which is always concerned to save more money and help the business.


It is quite clear now that, premium quality and efficient search engine optimization service is instrumental for the betterment of your business. So, you do need to hire SEO services.

Why Instagram is preferable to Snapchat in social media marketing?

Social media is one of the most powerful tools of marketing these days, because a great portion of the mass is hooked to these platforms. They started as great ways of connecting with people, sharing photos, videos, life stories and such happenings, but now they are a huge part of marketing, known as social media marketing.

What the studies reveal on the subject

Amongst the various social media platforms, two are making most waves, Snapchat and Instagram. More than 150 million people use Snapchat and when its parent company went public and have a market cap of $25 billion. Despite that, it seems this particular platform has a lot of catching up to do to convince the social media marketing strategists and advertisers. A series of studies done by reliable sources have revealed that, advertisers and marketers are considerably less interested to invest money on Snapchat for marketing purpose in comparison to competitors like Facebook and Instagram.

An in-depth explanation of the study

Amongst the 1600 marketing professionals, who took part in the survey, almost 65% prefer Instagram and the rest mentioned they would like to try Snapchat, but with other social media platforms. This reluctance has resulted from the lack of return of the investment the marketers made. Other concerns like measurement, declining engagement from users and such are also adding to the factor.

The reasons behind this difference

Based on their satisfaction and ROI, social media platforms are ranked on a scale of eight points and Snapchat has a score of dismal 3.43 which is second to last. Despite Instagram copying various features from Snapchat, there is something unique about this social media platform. The competing feature has given Instagram an edge which is also driving social media marketing professionals and strategists towards this platform.

What it means for Snapchat

Apart from the advertising perspective, this preference factor is also creating problems for Snapchat as it now needs to show strong growth in both users and advertising revenue accounts. In short, the report and survey has clearly proven that, when a social media marketing strategy is being created, the marketing professionals all over the world are putting more importance to Instagram.


As a renowned digital marketing company with more than a decade of experience in the field, we at DigieGeeks keep a keen eye on such happenings. We understand the need for proper social media analysis and a robust social media marketing strategy. Hence, we provide information to help people understand the scenario before making an informed decision.

How to use YouTube advertise campaign in a successful social media marketing strategy?

Along with social media platforms, video sharing platforms like YouTube is also becoming a huge part of social media marketing strategy these days. One of the biggest reasons behind that is videos have always attracted the attention of the mass.

Gathering some understanding of the method

Now, just because there is a tool available does not mean everyone will know how to use it. YouTube is no exception. So, you need to gather some understanding about the working of this video platform in social media marketing and optimization. To upload and share a video ad in YouTube, you first need to create the video.

Knowing about latest updates too

According to the announcement made by Google in January 2017, they are going to make certain changes in AdWords which will allow advertisers to reach more viewers through YouTube, especially through mobile devices where 50% of the views take place. Moreover, along with the existing facility of targeting viewers based on their viewing behaviors advertisers can now have the help of the viewer’s Google search history.

Differences and opportunities and how to use them

Despite this, you need to understand that, running an advertising campaign on YouTube is way different than the simple PPC or any other paid social campaign that is done under a regular social media marketing package. There are loads of options and very specific creative constraints on YouTube and you need to know about them to run a campaign successfully.

The types of YouTube video ads

There are two kinds of YouTube TrueView video advertisements, Video Discovery Ads or In-Display Ads (these are displayed on the YouTube homepage, search results pages and as related videos on the video watch page) and In-Stream ads (these play before someone watches the video they have selected and are of two types, skippable and non-skippable).

Points to look into

To set up a video advertising campaign and launch it, first you need to create the video and then upload the same on YouTube. Along with that, it is crucial to decide on a few points such as:

  • Campaign name
  • Campaign type
  • Video ad format
  • Networks
  • Location
  • Language, device and mobile bidding
  • Advanced settings
  • Bidding
  • Targeting
  • Advanced targeting
  • Budget
  • Linking your account
  • Optimizing the video

How we can help

In short, to make the YouTube advertising campaign and your social media marketing strategy successful, you need to go for social media optimization of the content as well. Now, managing everything can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are not a trained professional. We at DigieGeeks understand this problem and being one of the most renowned digital solution providers in UK with more than a decade of experience, we can help.


Our social media marketing strategy will be truly customized to bring success for your advertising campaign and help your business further.

10 tips for successful and beneficial guest posting

Guest posting simply means writing and publishing content in someone else’s website. This leads to exposure to a new but relevant audience, accumulation of leads and traffic for your website, your branding as an expert, improved search ranking and increased reach.

We at DigieGeeks(Digital Marketing Company), after more than a decade of association with this industry, understand the importance of guest posting. It is a huge part of our content development and marketing effort. Before choosing the service though, you also need some information on guest posting to get a better grip on the topic. Our experts, after a thorough research have come up with this list of tips which will make guest posting easier to handle and more beneficial.

Not writing promotional articles: Most guest posting platforms do not entertain promotional articles. Yes, it is true that the aim of content marketing is to generate leads and convert them to sales, but it should not be done coarsely. You should use this opportunity to educate your audience, engage them and solve their problems. This will help to build your credibility.

Using inbound links in your post: The editor allowing you the chance of guest posting understand that, you will use inbound links leading to your choice of websites. This opportunity does not any way mean you can stuff the content with such links. It will be wise to check the guidelines of the website and use them accordingly.

Adding an enticing offer: If you want to generate leads, then including a free offer for something related to the topic your post deals with, will be ideal. For best results, the offer should be some downloadable content related to the topic of the article.

Link back your website in the author bio: Though, the aim of guest posting is educating the audience, for SEO benefits you can include a link back to your website in the author bio. The guideline for such inclusion differs in websites, but including the link in the author bio is the safest bet.

Not putting low quality content: Writing content to be published on another website should not lead to compromise in quality. High-quality content will help getting the approval of the editor easier.

Effective pitching: The first step of guest posting is pitching your request to the editor. Being grammatically corrects, polite, straight forward and putting across the idea in a couple of sentences are the best ways of making the pitch effective.

Selling your writing ability and expertise: To get the chance of guest posting, you need to prove why are you better than other writers. Providing a small bio-data including writing sample, stats (if available) and expertise will do the job.

Writing for sites that send back traffic: The aim of guest posting is to reach more people and establish your credibility. So, you should always attempt to get traffic and for that you should choose the sites carefully.

Not using guest post only for inbound links: Guest blogging to gain inbound links do not work anymore, it is considered as spam. So, you should create guest posts to provide informative, interesting and helpful content for the readers. If you can solve the problems and answer the questions your readers are having, traffic will be generated naturally.

Writing for the targeted audience: The target audience for your guest post normally is the target audience for your own blog. Sometimes things may be a bit different from the perspective of demographic, interest or niche, but that should not change your writing style or voice. You should always write for the audience you want to reach.

Following these points will make your guest posts successful and beneficial and it is a huge part of our content marketing services.

4 most effective SEO trends for 2017

SEO or search engine optimization is a huge part of the digital marketing process. As the optimization boosts your business’s digital identity, it is crucial to have an effective SEO strategy.
At DigieGeeks we have been associated with the market for more than a decade now and have enough experience and expertise to help your endeavor. Our experts have come with this list of 4 most effective SEO trends for 2017.
Importance of related keywords
Repeating a single keyword or phrase won’t do the trick anymore. Optimizing the main keyword will require including it in the first and last paragraph, head image’s filename, ALT text and title text of the content. But apart from that, you need some related keywords that can be used throughout the content. Google AdWords Keyword Planner will help to find the related keywords and their impact, but you can use other tools as well.
Importance of mobile
If instead of responsive web design you are using any regular common content management system like Joomla, WordPress, Squuarespace or eCommerce solutions like Shopify, Magneto and such, then things won’t be as effective as you want. There are loads of responsive websites in the web. So, you are not only compromising with the look of the site, but functionality and speed as well. There are tools which will tell if your website is running at optimal speed or not. Based on that, you need to make certain changes and then invest in the search engine optimization strategy and services.
Artificial intelligence catering to human satisfaction
It’s been quite some time now that Artificial Intelligence or AI has become a part of Google’s algorithmic ranking system. Long tail keywords and web analytics software are going to be the focus of search engine optimization strategies and services in 2017.
The conversion focused approach
It is about gaining the coveted first place for a keyword with highest search volume and considerable amount of conversion instead of just the search volume. Qualified traffic should not be engaged only for ranking’s sake. It should lead to conversion which will be used for retargeting in various ranking campaigns. This will increase the quality of your content, meta-titles, descriptions, images, videos, social posts, roundups, interviews and website in general.
These new trends when used strategically will indeed help your search engine optimization attempts and services, but you should not forget the basics. Combining the basics along with these developments will yield the best results.