Why you should invest in the responsive design?

Responsive design is the need of the hour as more users are frequently using the smaller devices like smartphones and tablets to visit websites rather than the traditional large screen devices like PCs and laptops. Currently more than 50% of the mobile traffic is generated from the mobile devices than any the PCs. It has become essential to opt for the responsive web design which allows the website to adjust it size as per the users device display. If you had not yet made the shift to the responsive web design then you are losing visitors, traffic, conversion and most importantly businesses at every given moment.
Here are some reasons why you should be investing in the responsive design.

  1. Its cost effective

  2. Gone were the days when businesses had multiple websites to cater the needs of mobile and non-mobile audience. A responsive website design allows you to have a single website which can resize itself and its content as per the user’s screen size. It eliminates the need of creating mobile site of the parent site and helps in lowering the overall cost of website maintenance and management.

  3. It makes your website SEO friendly

  4. As we all know search engine optimization techniques helps in fetching better rank to the website in search engine page results. Having a responsive web design will make it easier for your website to be picked by the search spiders as they prefer sites with such qualities. In other now almost all the search engines gives preference to the websites which happens to be mobile friendly and they tend to get better ranking and as well as authority within the shortest time interval.

  5. Improve the user experience of your website

  6. For success of any website the user experience plays a vital role. It is essential to make such website and deploy such web design which not just liked by the users but also makes it easier to use it. Responsive website design helps in bringing the same set of features and functionality to the small screen without making any undue changes in the architecture, content or overall look and feel of the website. In short users get the same experience and fun of using the website on the mobile devices as they do on the bigger screens.

A number of website design company has started offering responsive design as the standard to ensure your website is ready to be seen of any website regardless of the size. Digiegeeks web designers and developers have years of experience in building robust responsive websites which helps in boosting the business performance without sacrificing any feature or functionality.

Top 4 ways to increase your website’s conversion rate

When a business opts for developing a website then their goal is to either provide information about the establishment or sell products & services to the target audience. When it comes to selling products and services through website having a huge traffic isn’t enough if it isn’t translating into healthy conversions. There are a number of ways to boost the website conversion rate by implementing subtle changes in the web design. Improving the conversion rate will help in increasing the overall revenue of the firm. Here are top 4 ways to increase the conversion rate in the right way.

  1. Use more calls-to-action buttons

  2. When it comes to marketing it’s the ‘quantity’ which matters the most than the ‘quality’ but when we take conversion marketing into account both of them matters equally. Place large number of call-to-action button without hindering the user-experience on your website and it will increase the opportunity to convert more users than before.
    You should provide ‘opportunity’ to compel users to make use of calls-to-action button through integrating sign-up opportunities on the side bar, download opportunities, popup offers and even in the blog section.

  3. Use both required and optional fields

  4. When it comes to parting with personal information not everyone appears to be comfortable. But with a business it is necessary to get hold minimal amount of personal information in order to keep the process moving on. Therefore make sure you use both optional and required fields in website forms. Essential field will help in collecting the least necessary personal information while optional field will give respite to the user from sharing everything.

  5. Get rid of jargon and buzz words

  6. It is advisable not to use two particular types of language namely jargon and buzzwords in the CTA copy as it can kill it effectiveness. For writers and business owners it is quite tempting to make use of such language as it make the content sound impressive but at the same time it makes end audience confused. Using jargon in the content copy simply makes it hard for the users to comprehend what business is trying to communicate while using buzzwords simply dilutes the message.

  7. Make your submit button more prominent

  8. In order to boost the website’s conversion rate make sure that the ‘submit’ or ‘checkout’ button are labelled and shown prominently on the website. Submit button should be clear with distinct and contrasting coloration without any unwanted added baggage of design which turns its obscure within the website design.
    DigieGeeks web design and development can help you in developing robust websites with higher conversion capability by implementing the best of the design practices.

Few web design mistakes which can result in lost revenue

Websites has made it easier to take your business to wider audience and reap benefits of the same within the shortest amount of time. However while focusing on the big picture here most of the business doesn’t care much about the website and thereby end up making grave web-design errors. These errors in the long run amounts to a millions of dollars in lost revenue. DigieGeeks experts brings forward some of the common web design mistakes which leaks huge investment on the part of the business.

Not making website “responsive”

A website aids business surviving the tough and highly competitive marketplace of our current economy. But in today’s technological advancement time a large chunk of the visitors comes from the smartphone and other handheld gadgets rather than the traditional PC and laptops. A number of researches have shown that mobile devices accounts for more than 50% of the traffic for any given website. A recent study has also shown that sites will offers clumsy and unattractive experience to the users on the mobile device are more likely to be rejected by the visitors than those whose web-design is responsive to the change in the user’s screen size.
In simple words website which is able to respond to the screen size efficiently without even losing the core features and functionalities are likely to fare better in this competitive market. An unresponsive website offers bad user experience results in high bounce rates which eventually amount to huge loss in revenue down the line.

Complex and obscure CTA

A visitor comes to a website in order to get a service, product or information he was looking for. Website goals are clearly defined is to get conversions for the business which means make the users give out their information for further action through the use of CTAs or ‘Call-to-Action’ buttons. This includes a button to set up an appointment, sign-up for newsletter or request a quote.
Now most of the websites are so caught up in showcasing their product and services that they fail provide a simple and easy way to connect with the business. Users have to wade through great amount of content on what they offer and what makes them the best that it simply becomes irritating. Make sure your website design is easy enough for the visitors to locate and make use of the CTA on every page without any issues.
DigieGeeks offers visually stunning and responsive websites developed by keeping the modern web-design attributes in mind at highly affordable rates. Get in touch with us to give shape to your dream websites at the earliest.

Understanding the importance of logo design in a business

The word logo is the short form of the term logotype which in turn is derived from two different Greek words, logos and typos meanings word and imprint respectively. A logo is basically a symbol representing an organisation, an enterprise, a business and even an individual to induce and secure loyalty and instant public recognition. Therefore, logo design is quite important for a business and should be considered accordingly.

Understanding logo and our assistance regarding it

Along with brand recognition and loyalty, logo is also vital to marketing efforts. It is one of the most visible manifestations of the identity for an organisation within the target market. So, it is crucial to take better care with the planning, designing and execution of the logo for your business. At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing graphic design services for a long time. In the process we have gained both experience and expertise on the subject to provide the assistance your business needs and answer the queries you might have regarding this.

Certain points highlighting the subject further

Before making any choice or investment, it is crucial to understand the implication and importance of the decision. This helps the business and also you to make a beneficial and informed decision. Hence, our team of experts has decided to create this list highlighting and explaining the importance of logo design in a business. The points you need to know are:

  • Logos are the faces of companies, organisations and businesses. They are considered to be unique identities for the businesses they represent and to that end, they provide essential information about the company through color, design, font and message. This allows the customers to identify the company’s core brand induce loyalty in them.
  • The marketing strategy and effort of a business is based upon the logo and it influences fonts, colors, design choices and such for the company.
  • A good logo is unique and easily understandable to the potential customers. So, the logo design should depict these qualities correctly and be dynamic, interesting and with a sense of meaning regarding the business or industry or organisation. Your logo should never be unrelated, too complicated or shabby. That will be unable to generate the desired effects.
  • Creating brand identity for your business is crucial, because this identity turns out to be one of the reasons behind customer loyalty and following and resulting profit. Being the visual component associated with every aspect and every area of a business from website to social media, stationary to advertising and many more. Therefore, a not so carefully designed logo can turn out to be big turn off for the potential customers.
  • As logo is something a business develops first, it may seem unnecessary expense at the beginning, but it is also one of the best channels for ROI or Return on Investment. An effective logo leads to improved mind share within the target market resulting in better traffic and increased sales.

Being sure about the decision

Therefore, for a business to become successful and impact the market, investing time, money, effort and talent in logo design is not merely an option, but necessity.

Is choosing a simple design for your website wise?

If you are the owner of a business and want to reach a greater number of audiences, then ignoring the digital platforms and World Wide Web is not a smart decision. The internet is one of the best ways of reaching the larger market and audience. This also brings forth the requirement of having a website which in turn means hiring a web design company and avail web designing services.

Our experience and understanding of the subject

At DigieGeeks, a web designing and development company, we have been providing website design and additional services for more than a decade. Due to our association with the industry for such a long time, we have witnessed, understood and implemented various web designing trends over the years. Hence, we have gained both experience and expertise on the matter. At the very beginning, creating a website used to be the aim, but with time things started to change and businesses started to opt for more complicated and impressive websites.

Some pointers and suggestions from us

We always keep an eye on the market and present trends, and our experts have noticed certain changes in web designing trends these days. Instead of highly complicated and over the top websites, people are choosing to have simple ones. This trend should not mean that website design as an area is losing its potential or appeal, rather the new trend is a nice way of revisiting certain trends to exploit the opportunities they offer.

Remembering the important points

The point that should be remembered in this context is the fact that, complicated design, over the top features and loud color scheme do not always appeal to the target audience. A simple website, in the throng to highly complicated and showy websites, is like a breath of fresh air. So, choosing simpler web design and web designing services does not mean you are compromising with quality. It means you understand the power of simple design and its effect on your target audience.

Understanding the reasoning

People choose items based on looks only once, because if the result is not satisfactory enough the first time, they don’t invest the second time. So, making your website just look good is not enough. Moreover, people take a lot more time to trust something that is overly interesting and showy. A simple design is easier for convincing the target audience. The additional quality of freshness, simplicity and relevance work wonders too. So, choosing a competent web designer to provide simple website design and services is indeed wise for your business.

Importance of professional website design for a business

Website design is the process of providing a digital presence to your business and company. A website is the representation your brand has in the World Wide Web. As the world is getting more and more involved with the internet and it is being used in almost every aspect of life, having a proper digital presence has become crucial. The internet is now being used for selling products and services directly to the customers as well. In such a situation, professional website design has become a necessity for a business.

Who are we and what we think?

At DigieGeeks, a reliable and reputed Web Development company, we have been providing web designing services for more than a decade now. After being associated with the industry for such a long time, we have gained both the experience and expertise to handle any web designing and development requirements and answer the questions you may have regarding the topic. One of the questions we get asked the most is the necessity of professional website design. Hence, our experts have created this piece explaining and highlighting the need of going for a professional web design service provider.

The present scenario and little more information

With the technological advancements, various tools and platforms are available now with the help of which you can create your own website and that also without having any professional knowledge or expertise on the subject. So, it is quite obvious that people will start questioning the need and importance of professional website design and seeking help from a reputed website design company.

Understanding the requirement for professional website design services

If you are also thinking in the same way, then we would like to point out one simple fact and that is, when a website represents your business, it must reflect the specialties your business is known for. Only a professional web designer has the expertise and understanding to create what is required. Yes, with the help of the free tools and platforms and sometimes even through the premium services, a website can be created but it will never have the desired effect, as a trained and capable professional mind won’t be involved in the process. When it comes to the reputation and image of your business, affordable web design should not mean sub-standard work.

The obvious conclusion

So, for a competent, capable, professional and impressive image of your business, choosing professional website design and such services providing company will be the smart thing to do.

Why your business should have a website?

It may seem a little complicated to imagine, but there are millions of businesses in the world and a few million operate in the same product or service as you (though the areas they cover do vary). Every day, thousands of new businesses are starting and each of them has the same dream, achieving success. In such a context, web design and development is a crucial point.

Our expert opinion

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing web designing services for more than a decade now. In our experience, most small businesses do not want to spend money in what they think are unnecessary activities. Yes, small businesses need to operate on shoestring budgets, but that does not mean, it has to ignore one of the best and most important elements associated with the trade, online market. Therefore, our experts have compiled this list explaining a few reasons why a small business requires a website.

You are no longer invisible

If you are covering only the city or town and the adjoining suburban area, you may think the requirement for a consistent digital presence is non-existent, but sadly the truth is quite different. By serving the people and market of a small area you cannot enjoy success in a large scale or earn profit matching the same scale. Not having a digital presence means you are invisible to the rest of the world. Having a website will put an end to that invisibility. Hence, you need to hire a web design company and get a website built.

You will have control over your ranking

Ranking is essentially the position your business has on a search engine. To appear higher in the search results, you need to boost the ranking through technical and effective procedure at regular intervals which is technically known as search engine optimization. Without a website, SEO becomes one of the most difficult processes of boosting your business. Therefore, you need the help of web design and development and a dedicated website.

You will have a convenient sales platform

People these days are keen to do online shopping. To capture their eye and interest, you need to have a website, especially one which can be used for selling products or services as well. Choosing right web designing services will help to create such a platform.

You will have recognition and authority

Having a website and using it strategically will make your business popular which will lead to brand recognition and authority. It will also help to establish credibility and reputation. In short, you will have a presence.

This is why; your business should invest in web design and create a website of its own.

Web application development in a nutshell

When simplified, web application will come down to dynamic websites that come with server side programming offering various features that are not available in a static website. In short, web application development is the process of making your business smarter.

Our way of assisting your

At DigieGeeks, we have been offering web applications development service for more than a decade now. Hence, we have both the expertise and experience to deal with any problem you may face and deliver exactly what you require. Our experts have created this piece which will help you to understand the topic a bit better and make the right decision for your business.

Variants, categories and technologies

The first thing you need to know about web application development is the different categories of coding it has. There are two, client side coding and server side coding. In the former, the code used in the application is interpreted by browsers, while, in the latter, the code is interpreted by the web server. Some of the commonly used client side coding technologies are, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, MooTools, Dojo Toolkit and such. Likewise, some of the most used server side coding technologies are, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework, ColdFusion, Python, Perl and such.

Hiring a company and gaining some more knowledge

For the best results and developed web application, you need to seek the help of a web application development company. Before hiring such help though, you need to have a clear idea about the process of web app development. This will help you to make the right decision. You need to know that there are coding guidelines, program libraries, frameworks, logics, lifecycle models, trends and even a testing process and all of them help making a web app competent, efficient and suitable for your business.

The benefits for the business
The benefits your business will enjoy by choosing web application development are:
  • Proper streamlining of internal processes, departments, functions, sales, operations and many more
  • Convenience of flexibility and versatility that allows to move away from traditional desktop application platform to web application platform
  • Better and more innovative online services and solutions making the journey of the clients easier and more enjoyable
Impact on the business

The impact web application development will have on the business are following:

  • It will provide advantage over traditional businesses
  • It will create access to global business environment and market
  • Companies will have the chance to reinvent themselves
  • Both the business and users will have more options
  • Information will be available to everyone

How can a good graphic design service provider help your business?

You may not give much importance to this, but graphic design is crucial for every business and website. It is the method which will give that something special to your business and for that seeking the help of reputed professionals will be the wise thing to do.

Some suggestions from us

At DigieGeeks, we have been offering graphic design services for more than a decade. Over the years, we have gained both experience and expertise on the subject. Along with that, we have some of the best professionals in our team, who have come together to create this list explaining how good quality graphic design can help a business.

Provides professionalism to the business

It is the aim of any business to sell products or services and build a reputation. To that end, making a powerful first impression is crucial. This impression can be created with the help of your logo, brochure, website, catalogue, business card or anything related to your business. For that you need to take the help of professional and skilled graphic design.

Provides consistent branding

When you are investing in the branding of your business, maintaining consistency is crucial. If there is any inconsistency, things can turn out really bad for the business. Professional and competent graphic design will take care of the visual representations of the company and provide the consistency you are looking for.

Helps in reaching audience and appeal to them

It is the job of a graphic designer to understand your business and target audience, only then it will be possible to create effective visual representation of the organisation. Reaching the audience is not always enough, the brochure, leaflet, logo and any other visual aid should appeal to them as well. Only then successful branding will happen which will bring success to the business.

Organises and presents information in an effective manner

It may sound a little too much, but graphic design is also information design. For instance, the interesting and impressive infographics are the result of a capable, skilled and insightful graphic designer. Additionally, providing proper information is crucial when it comes to create branding and attract the attention of the potential customers. So, effective representation of the information is crucial for a business and for that competent graphic design is required.

Makes you stand out

In this age of extensive competition and availability of templates, clip art, stock photography, standing out amongst the competition is crucial. Only then it will be possible to make a mark on the market and graphic design will help with that.

These are the ways in this good and premium-quality graphic design can help your business.

Why your business should have a great logo?

According to definition, a logo is the mark or symbol used by organisations and individuals for promoting instant recognition of their business. It is the image by which customers instantly recognizes the business without the need to read the name or trademark or any additional detail. Hence, logo design is crucial for a business.

Our take on the subject

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing an array of graphic design services for more than a decade and have gained both reputation and expertise on the subject. Therefore, we have a clear idea on the questions and doubts you may have regarding the topic of logos. To solve that problem and provide some answers, our experts have compiled this list highlighting the reasons behind hiring professionals and getting an appropriate logo design for your business.

Creating effective first impressions

Before buying anything, the potential customer always does some research about the market and available options. So, creating a great first impression is required and for that, a great logo is the best choice. To acquire such a logo, you will need the help of professionals.

Attracting new customers

Anyone researching to buy something online, comes across numerous logos every day and despite not being an expert, he/she can tell a good logo from a bad one. If the logo of your business is interesting, it will be enough to attract new customers and as, the opinion of the customers is of utmost importance in the market, you need to consider this aspect while choosing the logo design service provider.

Standing out in the crowd

The market is teeming with competition and every day it is growing bigger along with the introduction of new business. So, a customer has multiple options while buying something. Hence, you need to stand out for getting noticed and subsequently being chosen. A great logo will absolutely make sure that, your business does look and feel striking amongst the mass and win the battle of the customers.

Inducing loyalty in the customers

You may argue that loyalty is something that can only be achieved through quality product or services and customer support, but everything starts with the logo. So, taking logo design seriously will be the smart thing to do.

Showing professionalism

When your business has a professionally designed impressive logo, it shows your professionalism which is vital for gaining customers and business.

For these reasons, your business does need a great logo for which the help of a capable and skilled logo design company is required.