Few things to consider before hitting pause button on your PPC campaign

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Most of the businesses tend to pause their PPC campaign within a short while by facing lower returns. The reason can vary from the presence of holidays, poor product availability to inability to fulfil the demand of the responders. It has been found that in most cases businesses weren’t ready to deal with the surge of demands coming from the new customer or they chose the highly competitive metrics to bid for which means lower returns. Our PPC experts put forward some of the things to consider before you decide upon hitting the pause button on your PPC campaign.

  1. Be ready for the slow ramp up
  2. When you a pause a campaign it directly its overall performance but no effect is implied upon the adgroup, keyword or the campaign as a whole. Running a successful PPC campaign requires a complete deployment of the strategy without any altercations or pausing in between. But if you pause a campaign then it isn’t feasible to get right back into the groove without seeing a massive shift in the performance of the PPC campaign. The popular paid search platforms namely Adwords and Bing makes use of a highly complex algorithm in order to offer the best ads for the target searches and with time the cost associated with might go up or down depending on the popularity of the keywords.

  3. Plan for the distant future
  4. Pausing PPC campaigns in between isn’t advisable but be prepared for anything during the campaign by having a distant plan. Most of the businesses tend to do a lot thing while pushing their digital marketing effort like launching the blog, releasing a new product, finalizing the sales channel and plan and other. A minor mishap or judgmental mistake in any field will leave the PPC campaign in the lurch. Therefore a business has to be ready for anything which can adversely impact the PPC campaign and reduce its effectiveness.

  5. Make use of the automated rules to schedule the pausing smartly
  6. When you Adwords or any other PPC platforms then it is worth noting that they offer wide range of tools which makes running PPC campaigns a simple and smart exercise. They allow users to automate almost everything related to the PPC campaign. Setting up complex rules and triggers can go a long way in making the predetermined changes to any aspect of the PPC campaigns from the ad sets to the keywords.

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