Give a boost to email marketing ROI with just 3 simple tips


The best way to drive sales and revenue is to resort to the trusted and tested method email marketing. A number business fails to give due focus on collecting personal information from visitors which can be later harnessed in running successful email marketing campaigns. Most of the digital marketing company gives due focus on the email marketing as it has the potential top drive as much as 4400% ROI. By implementing the right kind of strategy businesses can easily boost their ROI to $50 for every $1 spent on the campaign. Here are three simple tips to give a boost to your email marketing ROI.

  1. Start segmentation of your email addresses

  2. The best way to start sending highly personalised emails to your subscribers or customer is to start segmentation of the email addresses. Through email segmentation you are able to differentiate from one customer from another and you group them as per the user demographics, custom personas, common interests, onsite behaviours and other metrics. This will help you in crafting different kind of email communication for varying subscriber base and thereby your subscriber will feel honoured by the brand rather receiving the same generic mail.

  3. Let’s match landing page with the emails

  4. It has become a necessity to provide a uniform experience to the users from the email to the landing in order to boost the ROI. Most of the successful email campaigns are known to keep similar design and attributes to keep the users engaged from the email to the landing page in order to get the much needed sales. Secondly when a user reads an email and click on it then he expects that the landing page will match the message and design present in the mail. Therefore give due focus on the design as well as communication present in the mail and try to implement the same on the landing for better results.

  5. Make use of behavioural triggering

  6. Another strategy widely used by the digital marketing experts to boost campaign engagement level is to set up automated behavioural triggers. It has been found that behaviourally triggered mails possess more than 150% higher open rates that the conventional emails. Sending out automated trigger emails also helps in tracking every other user integration on the website in real time. Later on this data can be utilized in creating richer customer profiles which can be used in other campaigns as well.
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