How to choose the right colour for your logo?

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Colour is the most important aspect of the logo which chosen wrongly can simply destroy brand altogether. It is worth noting that human mind happens to be highly responsive to the visual stimuli, therefore, choosing the right colour for the logo development becomes more important than ever before. A graphic designer is trained to harness the innate power of the colours while designing the logo but most of the businesses insist on certain which don’t even go with their brand. And they end up in confusing or driving customers away from themselves with a little but critical mistake. Before choosing the right colour for your brand logo first understands what different means to everyone.

  1. Red is seen as the colour of passion and energy. It has a little bit if danger, aggression as well as warmth attached to it. Secondly, a number of researchers have even suggested that this colour helps in stimulating the petite. This is major reason most of the popular restaurant brand across the world have chosen red colour for their logo
  2. Green is the second most commonly used colour among the brands. It is widely used to shown an innate connection with nature or mother Earth. There we find it clearly placed across the wide range of organic and vegetarian products. Biotechnology-based firms are also known to utilize green colour in their brand logo and same is true for a number of financial institutions as this colour shows growth.
  3. White colour is seen for its purity, simplicity as well as cleanliness, therefore, it is used great attention to the details. Being white it has to be utilized in a dark coloured background. A number of iconic companies have made use of the white logo with a distinctive solid coloured background apart from having the usual coloured logo. This includes soft drinks global giant Coca-Cola which has its logo both in white and red colours.
  4. Blue is simply the first choice of almost every other company in the world and the recent rise of the technology based firms has increased the use of the blue logos. Blue shows a distinguished breath of professionalism, sincerity and calmness as well as it also affirms authority and success. Therefore it can be easily seen being part of logos used by the governmental and financial institutions.
  5. Purple logos are quite unique but when they are found they simply demands attention and respect. Purple is widely speaking to us in the form of luxury or royalty. This stems from its wider use in the church and by wealthy class and monarchs since ancient times.

Understanding the colour significance is the key towards choosing the right colour to represent your brand. Hopefully, this information will help in choosing the right colour for your logo development.

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