Influential strategies to empower your digital marketing campaign

Digital marketing offers great opportunity to take your brand to millions of target audience with a similar taste for your product without spending a huge sum on it. But finding success with the digital marketing efforts isn’t as easy as it appears and a number of times businesses fails to tap into the digital marketing trends. Here are some of the influential strategies which will help in empowering your digital marketing campaign in the right way.

  1. Do include social media strategy
  2. Digital marketing campaign without the social media strategy isn’t going to help anyone. Almost all of the online audience is present on the social media channels with almost 90% of young adults followed by 35% seniors above the age of 65 can be found on the popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and others. Utilizing social media channels will only help in increasing the digital footprint and online reach of your brand thereby leading your digital marketing campaign towards the path of success.

  3. Make use of the Geotapped PPC Advertising Campaign
  4. If you are utilizing the PPC campaign to display your ad right next to the user’s search results then make use of ‘geotagging‘ feature. When PPC ads are geotagged then it increases the likelihood of connecting with the local prospects easily. Nowadays digital marketers are bringing intuitively smart PPC campaigns which not just direct the user to the page which they like to but also offers informative and educational content to provide complete clarity. The use of geotagging with smart content helps in increasing the success rate of the PPC campaign.

  5. Give downloadable content
  6. Simply stating that you have worked with industry leaders, has developed innovative solutions and revolutionary products aren’t enough to generate trust for your business. Start offering downloaded content on the website in the form of case studies, white papers and eBooks. It will also aid in answering all of their questions and will turn them into a customer or buyer in the long run. Downloadable content helps in educating the target audience about the brand, its products and services as well as the new innovation and development made by the same.

    These tips will help you in empowering your digital marketing campaigns so you can get the best results for your business in the virtual world. DigieGeeks employs the latest, influential and robust strategies to bring optimum results for your digital marketing campaigns within your budget.

2 more smart ways to boost your digital marketing ROI

Digital marketing ROI effectively acts as a process which helps in improving the overall market performance and performance of the strategy through taking the insights into play. It offers a better view of the buyer’s path of purchase and helps in shaping the marketing tactic for better results. Top digital marketing agency understands the necessity of studying the ROI in order to strengthen their marketing activities. Here are two more smart ways to boost the digital marketing ROI in an influential manner.

  1. Understand the conversion game

  2. The most important way of making your digital marketing efforts a success is to understand its incremental contribution. Like any another marketing initiative digital marketing also comprises of the marketing testing, analytics and modelling and each of these parts has to be studied in isolation to get a better view. Make sure your digital marketing initiative has a proper buyer’s funnel which is linked to the sales conversion.

    Herein the sales conversion figure will act as the sum total of the incremental customer value along with the repeat purchase and other metrics. Spend your time in understanding the conversion rate, what factors are affecting, analyse the customer behaviour and others. Getting a grip on the conversion performance will help in reshaping, modelling or tweaking your digital marketing plan in order to get better ROI.

  3. Be ambitious and start experimenting

  4. When it comes to improving the digital marketing ROI then you cannot stick to any one plan, strategy or tactic. To accelerate the outcome of your efforts start experimenting by drawing insights from the performance analytics and other resources. If possible run alternative initiatives alongside the main strategy or bring in as many forked initiatives as possible in order to offer highly personal marketing experience to the target users.

    The alternative plans can deviate completely from your main strategy or show a clever mix of the marketing communication but it will go towards catering specific target segments along with new offers and benefits. It would be wise to allocate a small amount of the budget towards experimenting while running any digital marketing campaign in order to boost the ROI.

    Digital marketing strategies help in building confidence within the company when it helps in growing sales and profits. Therefore it is extremely for the digital marketers to perform ROI analysis with an aim of maximizing the potential of the campaign through eliminating roadblock and negative factors through positive experimentations. Digiegeeks brings in talented digital marketers who had shown their mettle in improving the digital marketing ROI through employing the best of marketing tactics and techniques.

Tips to frame digital marketing strategy for 2018

You might have reaped huge benefits from your just concluded digital marketing strategy or may have failed to get the desired outcome. In 2017 our focus was mainly centred on the creation of the original content and to keep a tab on the shifting SEO norms which played a spoilsport a number of times. In 2018 the digital marketing services will be going through a massive revamp where the focus will shift on the user-centric content and better customer service. Our digital marketing experts offer some great tips to frame successful and beneficial digital marketing strategy in 2018.

Make your website resonate with the target audience

It is necessary for the digital marketers to strike a balance between the website tone and audience expectations. The choice of colours, messages, images and others should be such that it helps in delivering the right message to the target audience about the brand. Over the years it has been seen that visitors are more likely to be drawn to the websites through interactive, bold and stunning photos, videos and colour choices rather than the overall web site design. So find the right images, colours and videos which help your target audience in understanding your products and services in a single glance.

Focus on reaping benefits from a ‘micro moment’

In 2017 a new trend has emerged when it comes digital marketing and it is called ‘micro moment’. In this people get to see the perfect product or service pop up on their mobile screen without their need to actively search for it and they make the buying instantaneously. If you wish to give a boost to your sales and give a stiff competition to your competitors then then focus on creating micro moments in order to attract more shoppers and compel them to buy on impulse.

Keep a tab on the digital marketing trends

As you go through making the perfect digital marketing plan for your product or service make sure you include the titbits taken from the current digital marketing trends. You aren’t alone in the digital arena trying to woo customers to buy whatever you’re offering. Have a look at your competitor strategy and check the current trend in your category and follow it reap benefits. Make sure your marketing plan makes it easy and simple for the users to interact with your business in order to give a boost to your sales and revenues in 2018.
Digiegeeks is a reputable digital marketing company which can help in crafting the best and most suitable digital marketing plan to boost the prospects of your business in 2018.

Top 3 ways to improve your digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing in 2017 is simply war zone for the marketers as consumers are widespread and every other firm is doing everything in their power to get their attention. The immense penetration of internet and wide adoption of the smartphone has simply ensured that the target audience can be anywhere at any time. The interaction of the consumers with brands in online world isn’t simply limited to the website rather it also happens to the apps, social media platforms and emails.
For digital marketing agency and digital marketer finding more than one means to get one-on-one interaction with the target audience has become a tough task but not an impossible. DigieGeeks digital marketers put forward top 3 ways to improve your digital marketing in an influential manner.

  1. Set the stage for long-term value

  2. Most of the young digital marketer opt for short term victories which are quite tempting but doesn’t help much in the long run. Therefore digital marketers should always focus on making such strategy decisions which offers long-term value. Secondly before launching any campaign or allocating resources for it, make sure due diligence has been performed to judge whether it will pay off in the long run or not. Top digital marketing companies spend their time in understanding which trends ought to be implemented for the brand to reap benefits from it in the long term.

  3. Create the ultimate buying journey

  4. With time it becomes easier for the marketers to understand their target audience which brings the opportunity to refine process and create one of a kind ultimate buying journey. Marketers already know what kind of content well with target audience and it can be built more strategically to derive maximum returns.
    For example if target audience comes to a particular brand website through the social media channel then giving a push to social campaigns along with a quality landing page will help boosting the conversion rate to a whole new extent. By following this router digital marketers are effectively enhancing their buying journey of their consumer audience.

  5. Conversion matters not the leads

  6. A popular and winning digital marketing strategy is the one which focuses on the conversion rather the leads. It is necessary for the digital marketers to study the metric data in order to understand where their potential customers are present and how they can be targeted in the perfect fashion. Studying the ,metrics will help in narrowing the search for the right kind of audience to target in order to turn them leads and further into successful conversions.

Top 3 technologies with potential to change digital marketing

Technologies are ever evolving nature and with each successive year new technologies make their way in digital marketing which feels like revolutionizing the whole segment altogether. For a successful digital marketing agency it is necessary to keep it acquainted with these new technologies and develop new marketing strategies which help in talking the businesses forward. Our digital marketing experts have rounded up three technologies which has the potential this arena completely in upcoming days:

  1. Facebook Messenger and Chabot

  2. Facebook owns the two widely-used messaging platforms in the world namely WhatsApp and Messenger. Now it is actively looking at the opportunity of using chatbots in the Facebook Messenger with a better effect. Chatbots were introduced way back in early 2000’s in order to messages smartly and response more sensibly in highly complex situations. Finance is already making use of the robotic helper in order to come up with new age advertising and advise their customers. Facebook Messenger is more likely to make use of the chatbots in future to allow companies to connect with their target audience and provide more insightful response without human intervention.

  3. IBM’s Watson and Deep Machine Learning

  4. Most of the businesses and tech firms have started to make use of the deep machine learning in variety of areas ranging from the manufacturing, studies, patents, data in order to derive insights which can help in cutting down costs and make business more efficient. Even IBM has started offering its super computer to be utilized by other firms in order to enhance its potential and at the same help other business in getting complex data analysed within the shortest amount of time. It is very likely that deep machine learning will find its way in the social media platform in order to understand user’s behaviour and to bring more curated and personalised experience on the social media.

  5. Amazon Alexa and Google Home

  6. We might be living in the future without even knowing it. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are essentially voice assistants which allow millions of users to perform a wide range of tasks through simple voice controlled functions. As more and more people become familiar with it and their common as well as complex applications will be enhanced and expanded for user’s benefit. Amazon has already sold over 10 million Alexa devices which work with search engine to aid users in buying or shopping without touching the smartphone and PC. It is highly likely that the social media platform will open their apps for integration on the Alexa for better user experience in future.
    Facebook messenger application will turn digital marketing campaign more personal experience, IBM Watch and Deep machine learning will help in making informed decisions while voice assistant will simply change the way we shop all the way. This is the just the beginning as we explore more new exciting more new ways of transforming the digital marketing services will become clear to us.

4 tips to boost the SEO results

The last quarter of the year is here wherein businesses go for the kill in order to woo customer during the holiday season. This happens to be the prime time to revaluate your SEO strategy and examine new ways to improve and enhance the potential of the SEO efforts in the right direction. Website development company and SEO experts employs some of these tips to boost their SEO efforts and reap benefits for their clients or firms during this period.

Make the switch to HTTP/2

Search engines have always given preference to the page speed and relevant content. Websites has been running on the HTTP/1.1 since 1999 and shifting to the HHTP/2 is a major shift for the websites. This helps in dramatically improving the page speed which eventually improves the chances of being favoured by the search engines and being featured in the search engine page results more often.

Generate quality backlinks

When giving the rank to the websites search engines gives a huge emphasis on the build-up of quality backlinks. Earlier having huge quantity mattered for the search engine while looking at the backlinks but now it focuses on reliable and optimum links. Now search engines are smart enough to distinguish between the reliable links and somewhat questionable links which don’t serve the purpose. Therefore it is essential to create backlinks for the websites coming from the high-quality source sin order to get better search rankings.

Streamline your content into library

Earlier search engines rewarded websites for the content frequency and relevancy but now things are different. Search engines favours those website which have wide amount relevant, highly researched and organized content offering value to the searchers. Therefore invest in building content library on your website in order to provide content in organized fashion.

Focus on the basics

Google has always stressed that it wants to bring the best and most relevant content to the users in its search results. Websites should strive towards focusing on the basics of the SEO rather than getting themselves embroiled in the algorithms and consumer behaviour. Make sure your website have the right content which people are looking for and fuse it with necessary keywords, use alt tags and perform some bookmarking and let search engine take care of the rest.
These tips will help in giving right direction to your SEO strategy to get better ranks during last holiday season of 2017. DigieGeeks is an esteemed SEO service provider which can help your business in getting and maintain better rank in the search engine ranking with use of highly efficient and influential strategies.

3 Smart tools to keep an eye on competitor’s digital marketing campaigns

Businesses need to keep an active eye on their competitors to remain ahead of the competition. Same is applicable in the digital arena where monitoring of competitor campaigns becomes more vital than ever before. Hiring a digital marketing company is the best answer to get paid professionals on the competitor campaigns lookout but over the years a number of tools has emerged which can help I getting the same desired results. Digiegeeks professionals has listed three of the best online tools which can aid you in keeping a close eye on your competitor digital marketing campaigns with ease and simplicity.


You must have heard about this simple and smart social media publishing tool which allows users to track and monitor multiple accounts from varies in-platform apps. Hootsuite is preferred by the digital marketing agency all-round the globe for the managing different social portfolios at a single place. It offers features like post scheduling along with the advanced analytics which helps digital marketer in taking the critical decisions.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a great analytical reporting tool which helps I covering all the aspects of the digital marketing performance of any brand. By setting up a free you will be able to see how your competitors rank in the digital word, what kind of traffic their chosen keywords are making and you can even see the performance of the video campaigns of your rivals.

Google Alerts and Facebook ‘Pages to Watch’

Google Alerts is simple tool for monitoring almost anything on the internet. You are simply required to set up the alerts based on specific industry though using the keywords. Google Alerts will starts sending our emails to you whenever it finds mention of those particular keywords on the internet. This will keep you in loop if your competitor makes any change in his digital marketing strategy in order to get an edge over the competition.
Having a Facebook Page has become a must have thing for any brand or business. In the Page Insights you will a section called Pages To Watch. You are simply required to type in the name of the business, select the business page from the list and start monitoring its activities. It will showcase the competitor’s growth, the engagement level, posts frequency and top posts of the week. You can create a whole list of competitor to watch on the Facebook and a keep a close tab on their progress.
Now make use of these marvellous tools and get an edge over your competitors in the digital world.

3 really smart ways to dominate social media

Social media marketing is seen as a time consuming affair by most of the companies. This marketing field is relatively new which emerged upon the success of the social networks and its influence upon the users. Most of the businesses are actively trying to build an active presence on multiple social networks in order to broaden their target audience reach. Managing multiple accounts, researching for content, building content- textual, graphical and multi-media based, performing competitor analysis and keeping a tab on trending topics isn’t easy to manage on your own and you will need a professional digital marketing company for it. But Digiegeeks offers you seven really smart ways to help you dominate the social media quickly.

  1. Know your platforms

  2. There are more than 2 billion active social media users on global scale therefore understanding which platform should be utilized for your business or brand is necessary. It is advisable to focus your time and effort on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn only if your business isn’t visually focused, if visually focused then give priority to Instagram along with the others. So understand which platform you should be utilizing for your brand and business from the top 20 social networks.

  3. Manage your social media accounts efficiently

  4. It isn’t feasible to go through every new brand mention, direct messages and queries present on all the social media channels. If one goes around into reading and offering response to every one of them it will result in wasting a large amount of time. There are a number of tools available which can allow you to manage multiple accounts across the social networks at a single place. One such tool is Hootsuite which will provide a single view of all the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. This will make it easier to get notification from all and provide quick updates at the same time.

  5. Swiftly create your content and share updates across the social platforms

  6. Compiling content to share at later stage is a very time consuming task when you have multiple social media platforms to take care of. This doesn’t mean that you will in developing your own content for every post rather you can also indulge in sharing other content which remains consistent with your brand or business.
    You can make use of Feedly or Hubspot to quickly get through hundreds of popular content and make use of them in your posts to keep the target audience engaged on your portal. So simply compile list of content to be updated and shared later on all at once and make use of Hootsuite tool to update all the social media accounts with ease and simplicity.
    Now you know the best ways to choose the right social media channels, best tool to manage multiple social media accounts and right manner to compile content quickly. Make use of these tips to enhance your social media marketing strategy.

Benefits your business will enjoy by investing in email marketing

Email or electronic mail is one of the most popular, convenient and opted for method of communication these days. Since its invention and introduction, email has taken the world by storm. Once its potential as a channel of communication has been established, email has been used for marketing purpose as well. Today, email marketing is a big part of the digital marketing process and businesses are investing in it.

We and our service

Before making the decision though, you may have a lot of questions regarding such an investment. We at DigieGeeks, a web development company with expertise in digital marketing, have been providing digital marketing services for more than a decade now. We have enough experience and expertise on the subject. To appease your queries and doubts, our team of experts has compiled this list explaining the benefits of choosing and investing in email marketing.

Return on investment

Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective and direct ways of marketing and the expenses are not that great. The best part is, email marketing has one of the best prospects of return on investment.

Promptness of the method

An email takes only a few seconds to reach its destination and this promptness of the method is something that makes email marketing one of the most opted for marketing methods.

The global reach

Email is one of the very few communication channels which allows you to reach a global audience without any barrier or restriction. If you know someone’s email address, you can send them a message and email marketing is one of the smartest ways of the exploiting this advantage to the fullest.

Ease of creating, sharing and tracking

Emails are quite simple to create. If you put in a little time and thought a unique and effective email will be created easily. Sharing or sending said email will require just a click (sending bulk emails will require you to seek help of available software options though) and finally, tracking those emails and their responses will be simple too.

Call to action option

A marketing email created under an effective digital marketing strategy will include a call to action button which increases the response and conversion rate significantly.

Proper targeting

The email marketing software you choose, will give you the freedom of proper targeting. You can target the suitable class, financial background, age group of people as you want.

Low amount of expense

Email marketing is one of the most affordable ways of marketing which is quite beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses.

In short, email marketing is the service your business needs.

Email marketing in 2017 – An exciting guide to innovation

After the first quarter of the year, the Email Marketing Industry Census conducted by the responsible authority shows that, automation is the key focus for marketing experts so far in 2017. It has also been mentioned by more than 66% professionals as one of the primary attributes for the email marketing service provider.

Information about us and our assistance

At DigieGeeks, a reliable and reputed web development company, we have been providing the whole spectrum of digital marketing services for a long time. Hence, we have a clear and complete understanding of the queries and doubts doing the rounds of your mind. Additionally, we have information about the emerging trends of email marketing that are all set to go big in this year. Our experts have compiled this list highlighting and explaining the innovative ways of email marketing in 2017.

Improved email design and relevance

Despite the importance of automation, the report suggests that most of the marketing experts are putting extra focus on the creative usages of video, image, GIFs and content in emails. These dynamic elements and behavioural triggers have been used for some time now, but 2017 is discovering more strategic use of them. They have become a huge part of effective digital marketing strategy because of their success rate and potential for greater ROI.

Innovative personalization

Personalizing emails to appeal more to the recipient is a train being used for quite some time now. It is an integral part of digital marketing strategy as well, but 2017 is looking to go beyond that. Along with extensive personalization, emails are now having responsive qualities, can support customer segmentation, multichannel marketing and can provide access to forms and checkouts without visiting the website.

Artificial intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is taking over marketing slowly but certainly and email marketing is not an exception to the trend. Most of the digital marketing services providing companies and email marketing strategies are now using artificial intelligence and the trend is growing every day. Companies are trying to find more innovative ways of using AI in emails.

A new trend forming

It is true that, newer trends are bound to create challenges for the service providing companies and the present email marketing trend, but that should not pose any discouragement for experiments. It seems, overcoming the challenges and finding newer and better ways for effective email marketing is the agenda of 2017.