Why you should invest in the responsive design?

Responsive design is the need of the hour as more users are frequently using the smaller devices like smartphones and tablets to visit websites rather than the traditional large screen devices like PCs and laptops. Currently more than 50% of the mobile traffic is generated from the mobile devices than any the PCs. It has become essential to opt for the responsive web design which allows the website to adjust it size as per the users device display. If you had not yet made the shift to the responsive web design then you are losing visitors, traffic, conversion and most importantly businesses at every given moment.
Here are some reasons why you should be investing in the responsive design.

  1. Its cost effective

  2. Gone were the days when businesses had multiple websites to cater the needs of mobile and non-mobile audience. A responsive website design allows you to have a single website which can resize itself and its content as per the user’s screen size. It eliminates the need of creating mobile site of the parent site and helps in lowering the overall cost of website maintenance and management.

  3. It makes your website SEO friendly

  4. As we all know search engine optimization techniques helps in fetching better rank to the website in search engine page results. Having a responsive web design will make it easier for your website to be picked by the search spiders as they prefer sites with such qualities. In other now almost all the search engines gives preference to the websites which happens to be mobile friendly and they tend to get better ranking and as well as authority within the shortest time interval.

  5. Improve the user experience of your website

  6. For success of any website the user experience plays a vital role. It is essential to make such website and deploy such web design which not just liked by the users but also makes it easier to use it. Responsive website design helps in bringing the same set of features and functionality to the small screen without making any undue changes in the architecture, content or overall look and feel of the website. In short users get the same experience and fun of using the website on the mobile devices as they do on the bigger screens.

A number of website design company has started offering responsive design as the standard to ensure your website is ready to be seen of any website regardless of the size. Digiegeeks web designers and developers have years of experience in building robust responsive websites which helps in boosting the business performance without sacrificing any feature or functionality.

How responsive web design compliments your SEO efforts?

We live in an era where smartphone rules and people have developed a ‘mobile-first’ attitude when it comes to consuming content both online and offline. People are more comfortable in using smartphone and tablets to browse internet, socialize online, share, download and enjoy content on the go. Use of laptops, netbooks and age old PC has become very much limited and this has been made possible with the websites accepting the responsible design language in their development.
Nowadays almost every website is responsive in some way as it allows their content to be seen and utilized by the users to a better extent irrespective the size of their device. Even it has become a standard feature in all the websites which helps the SEO in the long run. Here are top 4 ways in which websites reap SEO benefits by opting for a mobile responsive design.

Reduction in bounce rate

Bounce rate implies how quickly user leaves your website upcoming coming to it. Using the responsive web design website is able to engage and interact with all the users regardless of user’s preferred device screen size. Search engine like Google pays a lot of attention on the entry and exit points of website. If visitors stays on your website for very short duration then Google will feel that the content present on your site is irrelevant to user’s needs. A good SEO provider will not focus on providing better content relevant to your business but it will also suggest requisite changes to be implemented on the website.
Sometimes having a bad design layout also makes it difficult for the users to go through the content and they decide to leave the site. So go for a responsive website design which not just showcases the content in the user friendly manner but keeps them engaged to spend quality time on the website.

Enhance your site usability

A website which allows navigate around easily is more likely to get the visitor invested for longer time. Responsive web design implementation of any website aids user in reading, navigating and browsing through the pages extremely easily. This ultimately results in an enhanced user experience and greater site usability along with higher user duration on the site in question. From the SEO perspective it should be noted that Google recognizes ‘time on page’ as great indicator for a website core value. Such a site usually gets rewarded by the search engine by getting a better search engine ranking.
Digiegeeks as one of the best of the web development company ensures that its SEO experts and professionals are updated with latest trends in the world of web. Our SEO experts and web designers works in unison to run a refined SEO strategy for your website.

Why your business should have a website?

It may seem a little complicated to imagine, but there are millions of businesses in the world and a few million operate in the same product or service as you (though the areas they cover do vary). Every day, thousands of new businesses are starting and each of them has the same dream, achieving success. In such a context, web design and development is a crucial point.

Our expert opinion

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing web designing services for more than a decade now. In our experience, most small businesses do not want to spend money in what they think are unnecessary activities. Yes, small businesses need to operate on shoestring budgets, but that does not mean, it has to ignore one of the best and most important elements associated with the trade, online market. Therefore, our experts have compiled this list explaining a few reasons why a small business requires a website.

You are no longer invisible

If you are covering only the city or town and the adjoining suburban area, you may think the requirement for a consistent digital presence is non-existent, but sadly the truth is quite different. By serving the people and market of a small area you cannot enjoy success in a large scale or earn profit matching the same scale. Not having a digital presence means you are invisible to the rest of the world. Having a website will put an end to that invisibility. Hence, you need to hire a web design company and get a website built.

You will have control over your ranking

Ranking is essentially the position your business has on a search engine. To appear higher in the search results, you need to boost the ranking through technical and effective procedure at regular intervals which is technically known as search engine optimization. Without a website, SEO becomes one of the most difficult processes of boosting your business. Therefore, you need the help of web design and development and a dedicated website.

You will have a convenient sales platform

People these days are keen to do online shopping. To capture their eye and interest, you need to have a website, especially one which can be used for selling products or services as well. Choosing right web designing services will help to create such a platform.

You will have recognition and authority

Having a website and using it strategically will make your business popular which will lead to brand recognition and authority. It will also help to establish credibility and reputation. In short, you will have a presence.

This is why; your business should invest in web design and create a website of its own.

What Benefits would You Get by Hiring a Web Development Company?

Most companies offering their services and products nowadays do so through brick and mortar shops as well by the modes of the digital world. Companies use ecommerce platforms to offer their wares. Apart from them, they also utilise their own websites to promote their products and services. This prompts the presence of a good company website for the success of any business. When someone mentions a website to be good, he or she is referring to both its aesthetic aspects as well as its easy to use navigational features. Thus, web development is a word that most business organisations will be quite familiar with. These two words refer to the production, synthetisation and upkeep of a website.

There are a number of companies who would like to look after the web development part of their company website on their own. This idea though has its share of problems. Most companies these days take the help of dedicated software design and development companies that specialise in the art of producing quality websites. DigieGeeks is a noted company that known for its aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian websites and web developing services.

By hiring web developing and designing companies, business organisations acquire a number of benefits. A brief overview has been provided here.

Focus on Strategy

Most companies develop their websites primarily for the present-day use. By doing so, they forgo their future interest. A web developing company would let the business owners know about the importance of developing the site not only according to the needs of the present, but also with an eye on the future. A company website must have the provisions to offer products and services which will only gain popularity in the future. Similarly, the website should be flexible enough to change its setting keeping in mind the aesthetic sensibilities of the future visitors. Web developing companies would know which areas to focus, to create these options for the future.

Development and Management of Content

Most of us know that appearances can be deceiving. This is why, apart from appreciating its visual aesthetics, visitors also look forward to meaningful content posted on a website. A web development company would help the business enterprises to create and post content according to the needs and demands of the visitors.

Responsive and Adaptive Web Design Difference You Need to Know

The digital world is continuously evolving and stumbling upon newer ideas and technologies every day. Change is a great indicator of continuous life, along with having extra benefits too. For instance, if responsive web designing was not introduced, flawless internet accessibility notwithstanding devices and browsers would have been impossible.

The breakthrough called responsive web designing process has made it possible to access any website from any device with equal ease. As a responsive web design company, DigieGeeks is always trying to learn newer things to explain things better. This is a great way to connect with new and potential clients and effective in helping people understand the most complicated of concepts as well. To this end, we tend to conduct surveys and discussions.

Such a survey, done recently, has unveiled the confusing understanding people have of responsive and adaptive web design. Being a reliable, reputed, skilled and experienced responsive web design company offering the services, we have tried to explain the concept to the mass. Normally, people tend to treat responsive and adaptive web design terms as a synonym to each other, but the truth is a little different.

Responsive web design is based on the principle of flexibility. It uses media queries, flexible grids, and responsive images to create a single website accessible and legible from any device. On the other hand, adaptive web design can be taken as the modern version of progressive enhancement. It detects the device, along with certain added features and then provides the most suitable layout for the user.

Exploring the topic further, especially as a company providing responsive web design services, reveals that, responsive web design is a part of the adaptive web design strategy. The aim of both is to create adaptable and more user friendly fluid interface that will add further convenience to internet access.

So, the next time you are thinking about getting another website and are weighing the decision of whether to choose the responsive way or not, please remember, in order to survive this rather competitive market, impressing the client is crucial. Creating an interesting, exceptional and satisfying user experience is the surefire way to impress a visitor. Hence, responsive web design or the whole gamut of adaptive web designing strategy will be the best bet for success.