Why you should hire an SEO agency for your next web development project?

When developing ore designing any website not much thought is given to the search engine optimisation (SEO) as it is seen as later task. In order to prep your website with a solid SEO you need to implement its elements right into the core of the website development. Web development is certainly a highly complex process ensuring all the desirable aspects are brought in the design and characteristics of the site as per the client’s aspiration.
Therefore businesses tend to overlook the implementation of the SEO attributes during the core development phase. Therefore businesses need expert help in implementing the best SEO practices as per the current trends which can only be done by an SEO agency.

SEO Agency ensures site is SEO ready

The major reason to opt for a SEO agency is that they ensure that site if SEO ready and friendly by following modern SEO practices and embedding right into the website development. Considering the SEO right during the initial web development helps in avoiding the SEO issues which usually crops in later phases. Hiring a SEO agency helps in eliminating these particular SEO issues for once and all.

  1. Presence of poor or no SEO architecture
  2. Poor or no onsite optimization
  3. Long page load speeds
  4. No ranking received for keywords
  5. Raking gained for brand named but not for the service/ product offerings

SEO Agency adds SEO in every phase of website development

Weaving SEO within the site architecture, development and web design is a very complex process in itself. SEO agency are adept at weaving SEO elements which eventually helps in ensuring that search engines are able to find the site with ease and simplicity. This eventually makes the new website SEO ready and search engine friendly right from the beginning which helps in achieving better ranks within the shortest time interval. A SEO agency carefully integrates the SEO attributes like below during different phases of web development.

  1. Website discovery and design phase: Keyword research is performed to get the correct keywords for the given business and identify such terms which will help in garnering more conversions and leads.
  2. Redefining URL structure: SEO experts offer URL structure recommendation in order to ensure links are craw able by the search engine spiders.
  3. Image Optimization: Images are needed to be optimized and it should possess a descriptive file name along with an Alt tag.
  4. Creation of .txt file: SEO experts will create a robots.txt file which simply gives instructions to the web robots which pages need to be crawled and which shouldn’t.

DigieGeeks is a reputed SEO agency which has worked with hundreds of clients the past to fetch better ranking and boost the website authority among the search engines organically. Our experts can help you in building a robust and reliable website with SEO friendly architecture right from the start.

4 tips to boost the SEO results

The last quarter of the year is here wherein businesses go for the kill in order to woo customer during the holiday season. This happens to be the prime time to revaluate your SEO strategy and examine new ways to improve and enhance the potential of the SEO efforts in the right direction. Website development company and SEO experts employs some of these tips to boost their SEO efforts and reap benefits for their clients or firms during this period.

Make the switch to HTTP/2

Search engines have always given preference to the page speed and relevant content. Websites has been running on the HTTP/1.1 since 1999 and shifting to the HHTP/2 is a major shift for the websites. This helps in dramatically improving the page speed which eventually improves the chances of being favoured by the search engines and being featured in the search engine page results more often.

Generate quality backlinks

When giving the rank to the websites search engines gives a huge emphasis on the build-up of quality backlinks. Earlier having huge quantity mattered for the search engine while looking at the backlinks but now it focuses on reliable and optimum links. Now search engines are smart enough to distinguish between the reliable links and somewhat questionable links which don’t serve the purpose. Therefore it is essential to create backlinks for the websites coming from the high-quality source sin order to get better search rankings.

Streamline your content into library

Earlier search engines rewarded websites for the content frequency and relevancy but now things are different. Search engines favours those website which have wide amount relevant, highly researched and organized content offering value to the searchers. Therefore invest in building content library on your website in order to provide content in organized fashion.

Focus on the basics

Google has always stressed that it wants to bring the best and most relevant content to the users in its search results. Websites should strive towards focusing on the basics of the SEO rather than getting themselves embroiled in the algorithms and consumer behaviour. Make sure your website have the right content which people are looking for and fuse it with necessary keywords, use alt tags and perform some bookmarking and let search engine take care of the rest.
These tips will help in giving right direction to your SEO strategy to get better ranks during last holiday season of 2017. DigieGeeks is an esteemed SEO service provider which can help your business in getting and maintain better rank in the search engine ranking with use of highly efficient and influential strategies.

An easy guide to choose the best SEO service for your business

In the last couple of decades, technology has made rapid advancement. One of the results of this progress is the internet which is governing and influencing almost every aspect of life, business and market. Businesses now are choosing digital marketing over the traditional version as the preferred platform for advertisements and sales. To sell more, a business needs to reach more people and for that, having better visibility on the internet is required which can be achieved through search engine optimization.

Who are we and how we can help?

At DigieGeeks, a web development company, we have been providing an array of SEO services for more than a decade. Hence, we have gained the required experience and expertise on the subject. Over the years we have also found that people about to choose an SEO service or other find it tough to find the most suitable service provider. Therefore, our team of experienced and skilled experts has created this list highlighting and explaining the points which will help you to make the right choice.

The points to guide you

The points that you need to consider and remember before choosing the SEO services provider are:

  • The success of your search engine optimization efforts will depend on the capability of the vendor company you have chosen. So, it will be crucial to find out if the company is reliable, reputed and well-known to provide the best and relevant services.
  • The next point of consideration will be the budget. It is also important to remember that, SEO is not a process which provides instant results. So, it will only be wise to choose a company which is within your budget, otherwise, things can turn complicated in the long run.
  • To ensure that the company you have chosen will be effective and beneficial enough; you need to ask them about an SEO strategy suiting your business properly. This way, you can be sure that the service provider is capable of taking care of your business’s optimization requirements.
  • One of the most important points that can help to choose the perfect search engine optimization provider is, knowing what your business requires and what you are looking for. This will help eliminate the unnecessary options and choose the right one.
  • Going through case studies and references about the service provider is another sure sought way to know if the company is suitable enough or not.

The little help for choosing the best

By remembering the above-mentioned points and implementing them, you can choose the most suitable SEO services provider with ease.

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How Search Engine Optimization helps your website’s visibility?

Search engine optimization is the process that influence and manage the ranking of a website as it appears in the organic search results on a search engine. Like many other areas of life, appearing at the top or amongst the top results here, pays off with increased traffic and additional benefits. Businesses all over the world are trying to get that coveted spot and due to the sheer number of websites, competition is pretty steep.

Our assistance for better business

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing SEO services for more than a decade. We have some of the most skilled and capable professionals with us. They understand the various questions and doubts you may have before making any decision. Hence, they have compiled this list to help you understand how SEO can boost the visibility of a website.

Through keyword reach content

When searches are being made on a topic, certain phrases and words are used. To make content relevant to search parameters, such phrases and words are included in the content and they are known as keywords. Search engines use a tool known as spider which is the software that crawl websites in a methodical manner to identify the key phrases and determine the relevance of the content on the basis of searches made. Using keywords and phrases strategically increases the relevance of the content, helps the search engine optimization process and brings more visibility to the website.

Through linking

Based on inbound and outbound links, your website gets PageRank, which is a number awarded to a site. This number helps the search engine to determine how reliable a website is. This linking process is a beneficial one where “link juice” or facilities do carry forward. So, if your website is linked with another website with higher PageRank, it will be quite beneficial for your site and search engine optimization efforts. Inbound links cannot be fully controlled, but outbound links can be. Hence, carefully handling the linking process is the smart thing to do.

Keeping things fresh

The frequency of search engine spider crawling a website, is determined by the frequency of content being changed. So, you need to have a clear strategy and schedule about changing the content. This will help the search engine optimization efforts considerably.

Being up-to-date

Search parameters, algorithms and other deciding factors keep on changing quite frequently. Hence, for effective search engine optimization planning, remaining up-to-date is crucial.

These are the ways in which Search Engine Optimization helps your website’s visibility and subsequent profit earning.

How you can measure the success of social media ads?

Social media platforms are nowadays most used for advertising and marketing campaigns, because they allow posting and displaying ads in exchange of payment. So, these ads are now a big part of your social media marketing strategy. Along with the campaign, you need to measure the success of the ads you are posting as well.

Our take on the topic

As a reliable and reputed company offering social media marketing strategy and services for more than a decade, we at DigieGeeks are aware of your doubts and queries. We also know that, along with continuing the campaign, measuring its success is crucial too. Hence, our experts have compiled this list of ways which will help you keep track of the efforts you are making and the outcome they are generating.

Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best, certain and effective ways of finding the success of your social media marketing efforts. All you need to do is finding the statistics to understand and back up the effort you are putting.

Exploring brand lift study opportunities

This is an interesting and effective way of measuring the success of your social media ads, but to access this option, you as an advertiser should fulfill certain requirements. Once you have complied with the list of requirements, it will be possible to get a deeper view of campaign and its success on different social media platforms.

Using platform analytics

It may sound too good to be true, but every social media platform offers certain details regarding the performance of the advertisements. Moreover, each of these channels does provide a unique view of your performance as well. For instance, Twitter offers a Snapshot, Facebook offers a detail picture along with metrics for better understanding and so on.

Using link tracking tool

Yes, there are link tracking tools which will help measuring the performance of your social media marketing strategy and campaign. Normally, links are hidden behind the “learn more” button but pursuing them a bit more will reveal analytics and intimate insight of the campaign. If you are still not using Google Analytics, then link tracking tools will be of great help.

Using a reporting or management tool

An array of management and reporting tool concerning various social media platforms are available these days. They will provide minute details about the campaign’s performance and its impact on social media efforts.

So, by using these methods and tools, you can now keep tab on the performance and success of your social media ads. Based on these, you can create new social media marketing strategy and implement it for better result.

Effective content marketing method for being found

Content is considered to be one of the most important elements of search engine optimization process and digital marketing as a whole. So, for the success of your SEO campaign and the promotion of your brand, content will be an indispensable tool.

A few suggestions from us

Just like any other marketing campaign, content marketing also aims to make your content appear on the first page of search engine results. So, your strategy would be, understanding how search engines view the content and how its ranking is decided. As a renowned content marketing company, we at DigieGeeks have more than a decade of experience in this area. Our experts have prepared this list of effective methods to make your content more visible to the users, searchers and visitors.

Understanding the basic concept of search engine optimization and marketing

The very concept of content marketing is based on the creation and publication of fresh, organic and quality content on a regular basis and attracting visitors. Optimizing the content means getting more visibility and more visitors So, to get noticed, your content not only needs to offer something special, but work on attracting attention too.

Understanding the target audience

It is not very wise or easy to create content that will appeal to every kind of people and will be relevant to your requirement and business. So, it will be better to select a particular set of people as your target audience, understand them and then create the content that will be most effective.

Prioritizing natural language

Mobile devices have overtaken desktops as the device used for accessing the internet and making online searches. This has given people access to voice-recognition software such as Siri, Cortana, etc. While using these assistants for searching something, people do not use keywords; rather they frame meaningful sentences, phrases or questions. So, search engines are recognizing this pattern and prioritizing the same. You need to focus on this for the success of your content marketing campaign.

Formatting the content

Formatting content and using header tags strategically are not done just for the decorative purposes. Proper formatting, tags and breaks make the content more scan-able for search engines which help both the marketing and optimization process.

Creating a content calendar and using online resources

Just like the search engine optimization process, content marketing also is about proper timing and regular updates. Having a content calendar will help to keep up with the schedule of content publishing, boosting the optimization process. Additionally, searching the internet for ideas and keywords will prove to be quite fruitful as well.

By following these methods, you can make your content get noticed, bringing success for your content marketing attempts.

Ensuring substantial increase in your email open rate

Since the introduction of the electronic mail, the medium of communication is being widely used. It transitioned from personal to professional and business purposes pretty fast. Today, emails are integral to any decent marketing campaign and email marketing is considered to be a powerful tool in digital marketing.

Our take on the topic

As a renowned, experienced and competent digital marketing company, we at DigieGeeks understand that for long-term ROI (return on investment) engagement of the audience is crucial in email marketing. When the email is engaging, open rate and conversion will increase. The problem is, every active email account receives multiple emails every day. Most of these missives remain unopened and if special action is not taken, the same fate awaits your message as well.

Points we would like to suggest

From our years of experience in email marketing and providing successful marketing services to a multitude of clients, we have created this list of tips to increase the email open rate for your campaign.

Personalizing the email as much as possible

Instead of sending something regular, customization will see better results. This customization starts right from the subject line. Creating an interesting subject line is the key to increasing open rate of emails, because the subject line is the first point of contact with the recipient. Adding visual elements numbers, statistics and a creative twist will help the personalization effort.

Trimming the subject line

Just because the subject line is the opening note of your email, adding your whole message there is not a smart idea. Your aim is to create a subject line that will entice the recipient enough to open the email, go through it and in the ideal scenario, hire your services or products or both. For successful email marketing effort, a slim subject line is the best bet.

Using data strategically

Data based information has always been one of the best ways of catching attention of the potential clients. The same logic should be applied to your emails too. Data based information and personalization will boost the email open rate considerably.

Sending emails to interested people

Despite creating an impressive email and concocting the perfect email marketing campaign, if the messages are delivered to people who are least interested, the effort will worth nothing. So, always send emails to people who will be interested to open and go through it. Doing so, will increase the email open rate and bring success to the campaign.

By following these simple, but effective tips, you can ensure increase the email open rate for your email marketing campaign.

How to build effective backlinks for the SEO process?

For substantial result from your search engine optimization efforts, building inbound links or backlinks (links that come to your website from another website) is crucial. The process is time-consuming and hard, but the result clearly outweighs the effort, as it brings more traffic and boosts the ranking of the website considerably.

How we can help you

There are SEO professionals, who use roundabout and not so clean ways to get backlinks. From our more than a decade long experience in the industry, we at DigieGeeks do not support this. We follow the legitimate ways of back-linking. Our team of experienced professionals has compiled this list of ways to acquire effective backlinks.

Points to be noted

The ways that will help your search engine optimization efforts are:

  • One of the best, most tried and tested ways of acquiring organic backlinks is creating and maintaining a blog with good quality content.
  • Linking a blog to other relevant blogs is another interesting and effective way of building backlinks to boost your SEO efforts.
  • Writing guest blog posts for relevant and renowned blogs does not only nurture you as a writer, but it also help attract more traffic. The blogs where you are contributing as a guest blogger becomes great ways of building effective backlinks.
  • Creating and publishing resource lists, is a great read for interested readers. It is a great chance for other bloggers to link their blogs too which result in beneficial backlinks for your search engine optimization
  • Creating case studies and volunteering as the subject of case studies both are great ways of building effective backlinks.
  • Newsjacking is another interesting and effective way of building inbound links. It is also a helpful way to capitalizing on trending news stories.
  • Writing reviews of other authors’ content will give you a substantial chance of building backlinks.
  • Creating content that is interesting and informative has greater chance of share. To that end creating free webinars and posting archived copies of informative content will be a nice way of building inbound links.
  • Free tools and shareable templates will interest a lot of people. This will work as a great way of building backlinks and help your search engine optimization
  • Visual content always attract more visitors. Hence, going the infographic, video and other visual content will be a nice way of building inbound links.
  • Writing press releases, using humor, sharing slideshare presentations are well-established ways of building inbound links.

There are many other ways to help with the inbound linking process and help your search engine optimization campaign. For best results, though, it will be better to hire a professional and go for SEO services.