An easy guide to choose the best SEO service for your business

In the last couple of decades, technology has made rapid advancement. One of the results of this progress is the internet which is governing and influencing almost every aspect of life, business and market. Businesses now are choosing digital marketing over the traditional version as the preferred platform for advertisements and sales. To sell more, a business needs to reach more people and for that, having better visibility on the internet is required which can be achieved through search engine optimization.

Who are we and how we can help?

At DigieGeeks, a web development company, we have been providing an array of SEO services for more than a decade. Hence, we have gained the required experience and expertise on the subject. Over the years we have also found that people about to choose an SEO service or other find it tough to find the most suitable service provider. Therefore, our team of experienced and skilled experts has created this list highlighting and explaining the points which will help you to make the right choice.

The points to guide you

The points that you need to consider and remember before choosing the SEO services provider are:

  • The success of your search engine optimization efforts will depend on the capability of the vendor company you have chosen. So, it will be crucial to find out if the company is reliable, reputed and well-known to provide the best and relevant services.
  • The next point of consideration will be the budget. It is also important to remember that, SEO is not a process which provides instant results. So, it will only be wise to choose a company which is within your budget, otherwise, things can turn complicated in the long run.
  • To ensure that the company you have chosen will be effective and beneficial enough; you need to ask them about an SEO strategy suiting your business properly. This way, you can be sure that the service provider is capable of taking care of your business’s optimization requirements.
  • One of the most important points that can help to choose the perfect search engine optimization provider is, knowing what your business requires and what you are looking for. This will help eliminate the unnecessary options and choose the right one.
  • Going through case studies and references about the service provider is another sure sought way to know if the company is suitable enough or not.

The little help for choosing the best

By remembering the above-mentioned points and implementing them, you can choose the most suitable SEO services provider with ease.

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How Search Engine Optimization helps your website’s visibility?

Search engine optimization is the process that influence and manage the ranking of a website as it appears in the organic search results on a search engine. Like many other areas of life, appearing at the top or amongst the top results here, pays off with increased traffic and additional benefits. Businesses all over the world are trying to get that coveted spot and due to the sheer number of websites, competition is pretty steep.

Our assistance for better business

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing SEO services for more than a decade. We have some of the most skilled and capable professionals with us. They understand the various questions and doubts you may have before making any decision. Hence, they have compiled this list to help you understand how SEO can boost the visibility of a website.

Through keyword reach content

When searches are being made on a topic, certain phrases and words are used. To make content relevant to search parameters, such phrases and words are included in the content and they are known as keywords. Search engines use a tool known as spider which is the software that crawl websites in a methodical manner to identify the key phrases and determine the relevance of the content on the basis of searches made. Using keywords and phrases strategically increases the relevance of the content, helps the search engine optimization process and brings more visibility to the website.

Through linking

Based on inbound and outbound links, your website gets PageRank, which is a number awarded to a site. This number helps the search engine to determine how reliable a website is. This linking process is a beneficial one where “link juice” or facilities do carry forward. So, if your website is linked with another website with higher PageRank, it will be quite beneficial for your site and search engine optimization efforts. Inbound links cannot be fully controlled, but outbound links can be. Hence, carefully handling the linking process is the smart thing to do.

Keeping things fresh

The frequency of search engine spider crawling a website, is determined by the frequency of content being changed. So, you need to have a clear strategy and schedule about changing the content. This will help the search engine optimization efforts considerably.

Being up-to-date

Search parameters, algorithms and other deciding factors keep on changing quite frequently. Hence, for effective search engine optimization planning, remaining up-to-date is crucial.

These are the ways in which Search Engine Optimization helps your website’s visibility and subsequent profit earning.

Why user intent is integral to SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process that helps your business gets more visibility and traffic. When the very concept was introduced, search engines (the platform where people search for information and digital representation of your business is housed) used to be robotic, mathematical and mechanical.

Present scenario and us

Today, search engines are powered by algorithms which are more focused on finding the intention of the user and providing information accordingly. Therefore user intent has become the key behind creating relevant content and boosting SEO campaigns. As a reliable and reputed company offering SEO services for more than a decade, we at DigieGeeks, design our search engine optimization efforts keeping this development in mind.

Delving a little deeper

Our experts have created this list elaborating and simplifying the concept. User intent is basically the goal with which a user starts his/her search. So, before you create the content and the SEO strategy, it will be crucial to take that intention into consideration.

Different kinds of user intent

Someone’s intent while they are searching online is a simple enough concept, but it can have different forms. To strike the right chord with the user, you need to keep these differences in mind. There are three types of user intent.

  • Transactional – when the user wants to buy
  • Navigational – when the user looking for a specific page, resource or website
  • Informational – when the user is looking for information on any particular topic

Your content should keep these differences in mind and depend on the keywords people are using for the searches. Finding and focusing on these keywords is integral to search engine optimization.

Finding whether the existing content is compatible or not

To find out if the existing content takes user intent into consideration and fulfills the requirement of the users, looking at the top performing keywords will be enough. If the content is compatible, yet not being searched, then keyword is the issue and should be remedied promptly.

Understanding the user

For every aspect of search engine optimization and content marketing, understanding the user is crucial. Looking at the content and your website from a neutral perspective will be of great help for this. To ensure best results, the content should be comprehensive enough to fulfill the user’s requirement for information.

As search engine optimization and content marketing are closely related, one is bound to influence the other. So, is user intent is integral to one, then it is bound to be the same for the other.

How you can measure the success of social media ads?

Social media platforms are nowadays most used for advertising and marketing campaigns, because they allow posting and displaying ads in exchange of payment. So, these ads are now a big part of your social media marketing strategy. Along with the campaign, you need to measure the success of the ads you are posting as well.

Our take on the topic

As a reliable and reputed company offering social media marketing strategy and services for more than a decade, we at DigieGeeks are aware of your doubts and queries. We also know that, along with continuing the campaign, measuring its success is crucial too. Hence, our experts have compiled this list of ways which will help you keep track of the efforts you are making and the outcome they are generating.

Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best, certain and effective ways of finding the success of your social media marketing efforts. All you need to do is finding the statistics to understand and back up the effort you are putting.

Exploring brand lift study opportunities

This is an interesting and effective way of measuring the success of your social media ads, but to access this option, you as an advertiser should fulfill certain requirements. Once you have complied with the list of requirements, it will be possible to get a deeper view of campaign and its success on different social media platforms.

Using platform analytics

It may sound too good to be true, but every social media platform offers certain details regarding the performance of the advertisements. Moreover, each of these channels does provide a unique view of your performance as well. For instance, Twitter offers a Snapshot, Facebook offers a detail picture along with metrics for better understanding and so on.

Using link tracking tool

Yes, there are link tracking tools which will help measuring the performance of your social media marketing strategy and campaign. Normally, links are hidden behind the “learn more” button but pursuing them a bit more will reveal analytics and intimate insight of the campaign. If you are still not using Google Analytics, then link tracking tools will be of great help.

Using a reporting or management tool

An array of management and reporting tool concerning various social media platforms are available these days. They will provide minute details about the campaign’s performance and its impact on social media efforts.

So, by using these methods and tools, you can now keep tab on the performance and success of your social media ads. Based on these, you can create new social media marketing strategy and implement it for better result.

Why do you really need SEO services?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization by definition is the process that maximizes number of visitors to a particular website by making it appear high on the list of search results provided by a search engine.

How we are addressing your question

The pressing question here is whether you need SEO services or not. As a renowned, reputed and competent digital marketing service providing company, DigieGeeks would like to answer this query. We have been providing an array of digital marketing services for more than a decade now. Our experience and expertise have enabled us to provide a satisfactory answer to the query you have.

An introduction and explanation

To answer your questions regarding search engine optimization we would first like to provide a simple introduction to the subject. In this age of competitions and digital marketing your business needs the support of SEO services to do better. Yes, there are individuals who do SEO and do a commendable job at that, but that may not be the right option always. The query is whether you can do the same for your business. The answer to that is a resounding “no”.

Why you cannot do your own SEO?

If you are surprised, then it is time to know that, most of the people doing their own SEO are experts and talented professionals who have decided to work independently. It is not possible for an amateur to learn all the ropes within a little time and apply them for the benefits of a business. Moreover, being the owner of a business, you will have a lot more on your plate which ultimately will only create complications. So, it is better to trust someone capable of doing the job properly.

Benefits of hiring SEO services from DigieGeeks

If you want your business to do better, earn more profit, then the additional help is required. For the best result, it is always beneficial to optimize the website for both search engines and human traffic. Hiring suitable and helpful SEO services will get the job done and much more. By choosing search engine optimization, you will get:

  • Increased amount of traffic by attracting the target audience better and increased conversion rate.
  • Better sales and ROI which will change the facade of the business.
  • An optimized and user-friendly website which make navigation convenient for the visitors adding to the traffic further.
  • A cost-efficient inbound marketing strategy which is always concerned to save more money and help the business.


It is quite clear now that, premium quality and efficient search engine optimization service is instrumental for the betterment of your business. So, you do need to hire SEO services.

9 SEO Predictions You Need to Know in 2017

Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. Better visibility brings in more traffic and profit for the business. So, it is quite clear that, as a business owner you would like to opt for SEO services.

Before choosing the service though, you need to understand the basic concept of digital marketing of which SEO is a part. It helps your business to stand out amongst the thousands of competitors on the World Wide Web. So, hiring a company offering complete and effective Search Engine Optimization service will be the smart thing to do.

At DigieGeeks, we have been providing SEO services for more than a decade now. So, we understand and can anticipate your requirements perfectly. Along with providing the services, we have been keeping an eye on the current market trends. Based on that, our experts have come up with these 9 SEO related predictions which will shape 2017.

The points that you need to know are:

1.    In 2017, the world is going to experience the biggest shift in ranking. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will grow further from the previous year. RankBrain and other core algorithms of Google experience updates which will further shape the SEO process.

2.    Just like RankBrain’s introduction, this time also people are not going to notice any changes despite the biggest shift in the history of Google ranking. Moreover, as RankBRain is way more subtle than Panda or Penguin update, changes are happening everyday instead of happening suddenly at one point of time.

3.    Unlike the situation right now, Google’s featured snippets and organic listings will converge. At present, these two are quite different and offer different answers. 2017 will see them come together to provide better answers.

4.    Due to the new user-engagement signals being used in search rankings, people are more reluctant to click the results in a lower position. Results in higher positions are trending though. So, the prediction is, the positions 6 – 10 in Google search results will be discarded. This may seem like a dangerous thing, but if you think about certain other such changes like the banishing of right-side text ads, the whole decision will start making sense.

5.    The concept of local SEO will cease to exist as known. Already Google Shopping has become a system that requires you to pay for playing and the rest will grow from there.

6.    Google has already crafted a long list of things which are considered to be illegal and unethical under the Webmasters Guideline. This list is all set to expand further in 2017. Based on the current trend of the market, various engagement tactics are going to become the new façade of black hat SEO.

7.    Google already has terms of service and 2017 will see them enforce it. It is predicted that, Google is going to declare war against tool providers, especially the ones which violate their Terms of Service.

8.    Depending on the above-mentioned predictions, we would like to predict further that, in 2017 SEO companies or vendors will be forced to shut down. Google is bound of punish a few companies and that will lead to their closure.

9.    Despite all this, there is another prediction which is quite hopeful, because our experts have much faith in the search engine optimization process. SEO is going to become more important than ever.

Hopefully, these points will help to prepare better for 2017 and take challenges head on. For further information, guidance and SEO services please visit our website or contact us.