Some common web design mistakes which are hurting your SEO efforts

Some of the best websites are those which are crafted both for the target audience and search engines equally. Most of the time website owners give heightened focus on the functionality and design rather than the SEO aspect of the site which can help in getting featured in the search results more often. Here are some of the common web design mistakes which have to be avoided as it hurts the SEO aspect of the website.

  1. Get rid of large images and media files
  2. There is no denying fact that large images helps in making websites beautiful but at the same time it results in increasing the site size. Uploading too many large media files likes images or videos go towards adversely impacting the site speed. A website with higher load time isn’t loved by the search engines and they punish it with the lower rankings. In similar fashion a site which tends to load up quickly are loved by the search engines and happens to get featured in the search results. Make use of the Google Page Speed Insights Test to check images uploaded on your website and understand whether it will be liked by Google or not.

  3. Never put text into the images
  4. Almost every other website nowadays has text in its images which is hurting the SEO most badly. Putting texts in the images means search engines won’t be able to read it and this text will come as nothing for the search spiders as they are part of the image. In similar fashion using such images right at the top of the website usually results in missing the H1 tag along with sub-heading, tagline and other which doesn’t help in getting better ranks as target keywords aren’t present here.

  5. Simply get rid of the infinite scroll functionality
  6. Having an infinite scroll is a good web design technique which helps in offering a better usability to the users. But it can also hurt your site drastically if the pagination isn’t implemented correctly and then the search engines spiders will fail to ‘crawl’ complete page correctly.
    The best way to fix such issues which emerges out of the poor web design choices is to follow the instructions offered by the Google Webmaster Blog. It is extremely important to find the best combination of the design and SEO on to the site to ensure better ranking raking without any shortcoming in the site’s aesthetic appeal.

Top 4 ways to increase your website’s conversion rate

When a business opts for developing a website then their goal is to either provide information about the establishment or sell products & services to the target audience. When it comes to selling products and services through website having a huge traffic isn’t enough if it isn’t translating into healthy conversions. There are a number of ways to boost the website conversion rate by implementing subtle changes in the web design. Improving the conversion rate will help in increasing the overall revenue of the firm. Here are top 4 ways to increase the conversion rate in the right way.

  1. Use more calls-to-action buttons

  2. When it comes to marketing it’s the ‘quantity’ which matters the most than the ‘quality’ but when we take conversion marketing into account both of them matters equally. Place large number of call-to-action button without hindering the user-experience on your website and it will increase the opportunity to convert more users than before.
    You should provide ‘opportunity’ to compel users to make use of calls-to-action button through integrating sign-up opportunities on the side bar, download opportunities, popup offers and even in the blog section.

  3. Use both required and optional fields

  4. When it comes to parting with personal information not everyone appears to be comfortable. But with a business it is necessary to get hold minimal amount of personal information in order to keep the process moving on. Therefore make sure you use both optional and required fields in website forms. Essential field will help in collecting the least necessary personal information while optional field will give respite to the user from sharing everything.

  5. Get rid of jargon and buzz words

  6. It is advisable not to use two particular types of language namely jargon and buzzwords in the CTA copy as it can kill it effectiveness. For writers and business owners it is quite tempting to make use of such language as it make the content sound impressive but at the same time it makes end audience confused. Using jargon in the content copy simply makes it hard for the users to comprehend what business is trying to communicate while using buzzwords simply dilutes the message.

  7. Make your submit button more prominent

  8. In order to boost the website’s conversion rate make sure that the ‘submit’ or ‘checkout’ button are labelled and shown prominently on the website. Submit button should be clear with distinct and contrasting coloration without any unwanted added baggage of design which turns its obscure within the website design.
    DigieGeeks web design and development can help you in developing robust websites with higher conversion capability by implementing the best of the design practices.

Few web design mistakes which can result in lost revenue

Websites has made it easier to take your business to wider audience and reap benefits of the same within the shortest amount of time. However while focusing on the big picture here most of the business doesn’t care much about the website and thereby end up making grave web-design errors. These errors in the long run amounts to a millions of dollars in lost revenue. DigieGeeks experts brings forward some of the common web design mistakes which leaks huge investment on the part of the business.

Not making website “responsive”

A website aids business surviving the tough and highly competitive marketplace of our current economy. But in today’s technological advancement time a large chunk of the visitors comes from the smartphone and other handheld gadgets rather than the traditional PC and laptops. A number of researches have shown that mobile devices accounts for more than 50% of the traffic for any given website. A recent study has also shown that sites will offers clumsy and unattractive experience to the users on the mobile device are more likely to be rejected by the visitors than those whose web-design is responsive to the change in the user’s screen size.
In simple words website which is able to respond to the screen size efficiently without even losing the core features and functionalities are likely to fare better in this competitive market. An unresponsive website offers bad user experience results in high bounce rates which eventually amount to huge loss in revenue down the line.

Complex and obscure CTA

A visitor comes to a website in order to get a service, product or information he was looking for. Website goals are clearly defined is to get conversions for the business which means make the users give out their information for further action through the use of CTAs or ‘Call-to-Action’ buttons. This includes a button to set up an appointment, sign-up for newsletter or request a quote.
Now most of the websites are so caught up in showcasing their product and services that they fail provide a simple and easy way to connect with the business. Users have to wade through great amount of content on what they offer and what makes them the best that it simply becomes irritating. Make sure your website design is easy enough for the visitors to locate and make use of the CTA on every page without any issues.
DigieGeeks offers visually stunning and responsive websites developed by keeping the modern web-design attributes in mind at highly affordable rates. Get in touch with us to give shape to your dream websites at the earliest.

A few points to remember during your website redesign attempt

Having a bankable digital presence is the necessity for businesses these days and more and more of them are creating their own website to take full advantage of the present trend. As the trends and practices of the digital market keep on changing and businesses need to adapt accordingly for benefits, website redesign becomes a crucial aspect to consider. If you already have a website and are thinking about redesigning it, certain pointers will be of help.

Our take on the topic and assistance

At DigieGeeks, a website design and development company, we have been providing web designing services including redesigning service. Hence, we have gained experience, expertise and important insight of the subject. During our long association with the industry, we have learned a lot of things and from that experience, our team of experts have compiled this list highlighting and explaining the points you should remember during the website redesigning process.

The introduction to website redesigning

Before getting into that, we would also like to talk about a couple of most important elements of website redesign and they are, Taxonomy and Migration Strategy. The former method entails having a well-defined strategy which includes directories and subdirectories, helping the SEO efforts considerably. The latter one deals with smooth transition of data from the old website to the new one and reduces any delays in the redesigning process.
Now to get to the points that should not be ignored during website redesign are:

Security aspects

As a business, you are not only responsible for the data and information about your company, but also for the information of the customers who are making purchases from the website. So, ensuring the best possible security for the website from the increasing number of cyber-attacks will be required. Therefore, investing in a reliable and effective firewall will be required.

Keeping backups

Despite the security layers, your website may experience various problems that can harm and even delete the data. So, keeping backup of everything before staring the website redesign and investing in a regular backup will be the smart thing to do.

Increasing page load speed

Since April 2010, page load speed is a ranking factor in Google. If a website loads fast, it is considered to be offering better experience to the users and that influences the website’s ranking as well. So, if you are redesigning the website, making changes to speed up its loading time will prove to be quite beneficial.

Installing Facebook Open Graph

Installation of the tool known as Facebook Open Graph will provide you control over the look of a shared content. This way, you will be making the web page become content rich in the social graph. Being convenient to install, this tools requires just a small piece of code within the HTML.

Using responsive web design

With time, technological advancements and emerging market trends, website design has changed quite a lot. As more and more people are choosing mobile devices for browsing the internet and purchasing products or services, having a website that is not accessible from mobile devices is a huge drawback. So, the redesigning process and attempt should be centered on the implementation of responsive web design. It will help the business to reach a greater number of people and the goal of delivering better mobile-optimized content will be fulfilled. According to some recent research, if your website is not responsive and does not load fast, then you will lose 53% of your visitors.

Choosing accelerated mobile pages

Google is already going the “mobile first” way and want websites to load fast in mobile devices. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is something initiated by Google and Twitter for making real fast loading mobile pages. So, to take the advantage of this new trend, your website should consider and include accelerated mobile pages.

Effective SEO practices

When you are choosing an affordable web design company, you will get a really impressive website with dynamic design, but they are not equipped to fulfill the SEO requirements. So, when you are getting the website redesigned, including the SEO fundamental will be crucial. Doing so will help with better ranking. Using Title Tag, H1 Tag, Meta Description and naming the images with relevant keywords will prove to be quite beneficial.

Using high-quality, relevant and original content

When it comes to organic search, content, especially high-quality, informative and relevant content is crucial. Not only it impresses the visitor and provides the information he/she was looking for, but helps the SEO efforts and can boost the search results considerably. So, during website redesign process, you need to make sure that, the existing content is edited or replaced with better quality, informative and strategically written content.

The decision-making process in a nutshell

So, it can be concluded that, website redesign process is not only for the betterment of the present digital identity of a business, but boosting sales too. For best results, you need to gain an idea of the process, its various elements and their impact before making an informed decision for the benefit of the business.

Tips regarding web application development for small businesses

According to the definition, web application development is the process under which apps are created that exists on remote servers and is accessible from the users’ device through the internet. It simply means, when you are creating a web app, the program will stay there within a server and the users with internet connection will be able to use it according to their requirement and convenience.

Some information on the present trend and us

Due to the technological advancements and the convenience it offers, web application development has become integral to businesses these days. Having a web app helps a business to become simpler, achieve its goals faster and grow without investing too much. At DigieGeeks, we have been providing web app development services for a long time. Hence, we have gained both experience and expertise on the subject. Additionally, we are well aware of the present market trend and deliver according to it.

Our assistance regarding the topic

Our team of experts is skilled, capable and delivers every time. They also understand your queries and confusions regarding the subject. Therefore, they have created this list consisting of some tips which will help you to choose better and make an informed decision regarding web application development.

The points you need to remember are:

  • Before investing in something like a web app, it is crucial to prepare a strategy for the same. It will help you to streamline the development process and measure the success of the decision easily. So, before getting the app developed, you need to be sure about its purpose and decide on a strategy regarding the development and launch process.
  • When you decide to create a new product or service, you need to be sure about the target audience to ensure its demand and sale. Likewise, before choosing a web application development company and an app for your business, you need to know and be sure about the target audience.
  • Complicated and elaborate apps do not impress people much. So, you need to create an app which is simple, but dynamic, convenient and consistent. You also need to make sure that, despite being simple the app has something different and something of value to offer.
  • Instead of revamping and redesigning everything, using the existing video, images and texts will be of great help. For instance, if you already have a website and want to use certain photos and information from there, it will be a smart move. This way, you will save both time and money while providing the target audience the same feel as the website. Such uniformity is great for inspiring loyalty and gaining more customers.
  • In this age, when life has become faster and people are craving for more speed, you cannot develop an app which is slow. That will not only irritate the existing and potential customers, but will have a negative impact on the business.
  • Before launching the app, testing it thoroughly is required. This way, you will gain a clear idea of the app’s workings, its most interesting features, features that will impress the target audience most, whether the app working properly or not, whether it is what you envisioned and such. This way, you will have time and chance to straighten out the kinks that may have been in the app and chances of problems cropping up after launch will be less and the app will have a better chance of impressing existing and potential customers.
  • Another crucial step integral to the web application development process which most people do not give much thought is the promotional part. Creating the app is not enough, you need to tell the world that, you have developed an app and it offers certain things. Without this information, people won’t be interested and your intention of developing the app in the first place will be lost.

By following and applying these tips, you will be able to make the most out of the web application development service and the service provider. It will help the business as well.

Why going for professional website design is the smart decision?

In this age of high-end technology and the internet, having a digital representation of your business has become crucial. One of the best ways of ensuring the digital representation is having a dedicated website for the business, brand and product or services. Hence, the process website design has become so popular and important. If you are about to get a website designed, then you can do it yourself or hire a professional web designer.

Our take on the subject

At DigieGeeks, a web design and development company, we have been providing an array of website designing services for more than a decade now. Therefore, we have gained both the experience and expertise on the subject. Over the years, web designing trends have changed. Now you can design a website without having much experience and expert knowledge. Despite the developments, we would suggest going for a professional web design company or individual to secure an impressive website.

The reasons for choosing professional website design

Along with our experience in professional website design, we have a team consisting of some of the best professionals in the industry. They have created this list highlighting and explaining the importance of a professionally designed website for a business. The points you need to remember in this context are:

  • When it comes to website design, experience has its own perks. An experienced professional is aware of the current and changing market trends and base his/her work upon that. As a result, the website will be relevant and functional.
  • Professionals understand the importance of reliability, reputation and quality work. Hence, by choosing a professional web designer you can be sure to get the best possible services.
  • As the owner of the business, you are bound to have quite a few ideas, but only a professional can tell whether those ideas are feasible or not. This way, you can have exactly what you want without the complication.
  • Hiring a professional web designer may seem too expensive from the outset, but the outcome will be completely worth the expenses. Moreover, due to the experience and skill involved, the investment will have long-lasting impact saving both time and money.

The understanding and making the decision

In short, by choosing professional website design, you are ensuring the construction of a better, smarter and more effective website. Such a website will help your business, make it better and increase the sales. By making an initial investment, you will be enjoying the benefits for a long time. Therefore, going for a professionally designed website instead of some amateur work is a smart decision.
For more information please visit us

Having a creatively designed website within budget is quite possible

In this digital age, having proper digital representation of your business has become crucial and most organisations are choosing this option. In such a context, availing web design services is a necessity, unless you are an expert web designer.

Some info about us

If you are not an expert and are dependent on the help of a web design company or individual, then it will be wise to gather some idea and information on the subject. At DigieGeeks, a reputed and reliable web development company, we have been providing web designing services for more than a decade. Therefore, we have gained enough experience and expertise on the subject. Additionally, our team, consisting of some of the best professionals in the industry, has created this piece to explain certain points and help you understand the subject a bit better.

The little details

The first thing you need to know and understand in this context is, going to a capable and competent company or individual for web design and development services is a smart decision. It will help your business with a suitable digital representation. Apart from that, there are certain other points you need to know about. For instance, getting a website designed does not mean spending a huge amount of money. At the same time, going for cheap website design does not mean compromising with the quality or creativity.

Ensuring quality over expenses

Money has never been the measure of quality and it still isn’t. So, if you cannot afford to spend hundreds of pounds for a website, but are looking for creative web design, there is nothing unusual about it. There are thousands of companies providing wed design and development services and you need to choose one of them for your business. In most of the cases, people tend to choose wrong. If you are careful enough and do a thorough research before making the choice, things will work out just fine.

It is possible to get both

During the research shortlist companies and individuals based on the work and not the price tag. Yes, looking for an economically viable option is required, but that should never mean choosing the company giving the lowest quote. You need to choose web design services that are required and are within budget. Careful research will reveal the perfect company or individual providing good quality services without putting a hole in your wallet.

Actually getting the service

So, if you are careful and informed enough, then it will be easier to choose the perfect option without spending a huge amount of money. Your budget won’t affect the quality and creativity of the website, because there are professionals to help.

Is choosing a simple design for your website wise?

If you are the owner of a business and want to reach a greater number of audiences, then ignoring the digital platforms and World Wide Web is not a smart decision. The internet is one of the best ways of reaching the larger market and audience. This also brings forth the requirement of having a website which in turn means hiring a web design company and avail web designing services.

Our experience and understanding of the subject

At DigieGeeks, a web designing and development company, we have been providing website design and additional services for more than a decade. Due to our association with the industry for such a long time, we have witnessed, understood and implemented various web designing trends over the years. Hence, we have gained both experience and expertise on the matter. At the very beginning, creating a website used to be the aim, but with time things started to change and businesses started to opt for more complicated and impressive websites.

Some pointers and suggestions from us

We always keep an eye on the market and present trends, and our experts have noticed certain changes in web designing trends these days. Instead of highly complicated and over the top websites, people are choosing to have simple ones. This trend should not mean that website design as an area is losing its potential or appeal, rather the new trend is a nice way of revisiting certain trends to exploit the opportunities they offer.

Remembering the important points

The point that should be remembered in this context is the fact that, complicated design, over the top features and loud color scheme do not always appeal to the target audience. A simple website, in the throng to highly complicated and showy websites, is like a breath of fresh air. So, choosing simpler web design and web designing services does not mean you are compromising with quality. It means you understand the power of simple design and its effect on your target audience.

Understanding the reasoning

People choose items based on looks only once, because if the result is not satisfactory enough the first time, they don’t invest the second time. So, making your website just look good is not enough. Moreover, people take a lot more time to trust something that is overly interesting and showy. A simple design is easier for convincing the target audience. The additional quality of freshness, simplicity and relevance work wonders too. So, choosing a competent web designer to provide simple website design and services is indeed wise for your business.

The must-have elements of a small-business website

In this digital age, one smart step for small businesses will be creating a website and for that, you need the help of a reliable web design company.

Our suggestion as the web design company

Having more than a decade of experience in web design and offering web designing services we at DeigieGeeks are well versed in the routes to success. Based on our experience, we have created this list focusing on the must-have elements of a website to help your web design efforts.

Being clear about yourself

It means, you need to anticipate the queries the visitors will have and provide clear information about the business or organisation, products or services or both will be beneficial. Telling the visitors that you are capable of providing what they are looking for is an effective way of successful marketing.

A simple web address

It is always better to create a simple web address that is relevant, easy to read and remember and does not give off any untoward sense.

A conveniently navigated sitemap

Your web design should include a simple sitemap and proper links to the most important pages to guide the visitor. This way, the visitors can find what they are looking for and need.

Clearly stated contact information

Clearly visible contact information helps interested visitors contact you. Providing multiple options for contacting gives choice to the interested people, increasing the chance of conversion.


Customer review of testimonial is like certificates given by real people. It makes services and products more reliable and tangible.

Call to action options

Instead of being vague, including clear call to action options in the web design structure will help both the website and the business.

Fresh and high-quality content

It is crucial that the site have fresh and high-quality informative content. As the website is the first impression of the business to the customer, you should try to make the visit worthwhile.

Secure hosting platform

While choosing the web designing services, insisting on a secure platform will be necessary. It will not only keep your business secure, but the client information as well. Moreover, it will also increase the reliability factor.

Simple but interesting design

Every day, thousands of new websites are designed. If you want to attract attention amongst that mess, then your website must offer something more. So, depending on simple, but smart, interesting, trendy and effective website design will be the best bet.

Presence of these elements will help your website succeed. So, the web design structure should include them.

What Benefits would You Get by Hiring a Web Development Company?

Most companies offering their services and products nowadays do so through brick and mortar shops as well by the modes of the digital world. Companies use ecommerce platforms to offer their wares. Apart from them, they also utilise their own websites to promote their products and services. This prompts the presence of a good company website for the success of any business. When someone mentions a website to be good, he or she is referring to both its aesthetic aspects as well as its easy to use navigational features. Thus, web development is a word that most business organisations will be quite familiar with. These two words refer to the production, synthetisation and upkeep of a website.

There are a number of companies who would like to look after the web development part of their company website on their own. This idea though has its share of problems. Most companies these days take the help of dedicated software design and development companies that specialise in the art of producing quality websites. DigieGeeks is a noted company that known for its aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian websites and web developing services.

By hiring web developing and designing companies, business organisations acquire a number of benefits. A brief overview has been provided here.

Focus on Strategy

Most companies develop their websites primarily for the present-day use. By doing so, they forgo their future interest. A web developing company would let the business owners know about the importance of developing the site not only according to the needs of the present, but also with an eye on the future. A company website must have the provisions to offer products and services which will only gain popularity in the future. Similarly, the website should be flexible enough to change its setting keeping in mind the aesthetic sensibilities of the future visitors. Web developing companies would know which areas to focus, to create these options for the future.

Development and Management of Content

Most of us know that appearances can be deceiving. This is why, apart from appreciating its visual aesthetics, visitors also look forward to meaningful content posted on a website. A web development company would help the business enterprises to create and post content according to the needs and demands of the visitors.