Things to consider while choosing the right icon size for Android


Icons designed for the Android platform has to be within 32-bit PNGs along with possessing alpha channels for transparency. The basic thing which should be borne in the mind while designing Android app ‘icon’ is to combine beauty, simplicity and purpose. Icons are there on the Android platform to make the life easier for the users but it shouldn’t overwhelm them with just too many details. Android users should be able to intuitively grasp the most important functions of the app by looking at the icon and using it for the first time. Our mobile app development team gives out some interesting points which will help in choosing the right icon size for Android.

  1. Vector is the key
  2. The best way to get evenly sized icon is to make use of the vector wherever possible. Using vector shapes ensures that the icon can be resized without any loss of details or edge crispness as the need arises. Secondly, designers find it easier and simple to handle the vector as it can be easily aligned around edges and corners right to the mere pixels even at extremely smaller resolutions.

  3. Multiple densities are necessary
  4. Always begin your artwork with a large canvas. This will allow you the opportunity to create different assets of varying screen densities. Designing on a small scale will result in loss of resolution when an icon is stretched to fill up a large space. Make sure that the icon design being created by for different as the multiple of the target icon size.

  5. Get rid of unnecessary metadata
  6. When saving the images assets make sure to get rid of the unnecessary metadata. Designers should make it a habit of getting rid of the headers and metadata from the PNG assets. There are a number of tools available online like OptiPNG or PNGcrush which can help in getting rid of metadata instantly.

    While designing icons for Android keep in mind that it should make the life easier for the users. Do create and manage multiple icon sets in varying densities so they can be displayed optimally across the devices regardless of the device size and screen resolution. DigieGeeks mobile app development service brings highly optimized icons for the mobile application which possesses optimum size, clarity and design as a whole to bring a better user experience.

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