Top 3 facts you need to know to boost your PPC strategies in 2018

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‘Search’ has become the potent and essential for every digital marketer in this digital age. Modern day ecommerce solutions and online sale of the services are being driven by the mere search results backed with keywords and nothing else. Therefore it has become essential have the right PPC strategy in play to get the benefit of the search landscape. However things have changes drastically in the past couple of years and the search landscape has evolved extensively wherein digital marketers are required to dive in order to come up with better PPC strategy.

A number of digital marketing company has started coming up with reformed and more influential PPC services through evaluating the facts associated with it. Here are some of the facts which emerged from the extensive study of the PPC strategies employed in last couple of years.

  1. People don’t search for specific brands

  2. It should be noted that people doesn’t specifically search for any given brand rather they tends to search for things related to their basic life necessities. The search pertaining to the product and services only amounts to 19% of the total searches conducted every day. Therefore make sure your PPC strategy takes into the account the common words or phrases which are used by the searchers while looking for product or service.

  3. People are curious therefore they search

  4. A new research has also shown a secret trait among the consumers or searchers which is simply fuelled by the curiosity. When it comes to automotive category more searches are made by the females than males and vice versa when it comes to skincare segment. This clearly indicates that whoever is actively searching any product online doesn’t end up being a target customer. Therefore while framing PPC strategy, choose your target audience wisely based on the study metrics.

  5. Mobile reigns supreme now

  6. Now more searches are happening from the mobile devices than the PC. Consumers tend to mobile more often due to its availability while PC is mainly used for its view ability and across the different categories mobile based searches leads by more than 50 per cent. Gone were the days when people used to search mainly on the first while looking for the information but nowadays almost 90 per cent of the users are going beyond the first search page and 80 per cent of consumers use more than one search engine.

At Digiegeeks our PPC services are inclined towards deriving insight from the search metrics and incorporating it in their PPC strategy for better results.

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