Top 3 technologies with potential to change digital marketing


Technologies are ever evolving nature and with each successive year new technologies make their way in digital marketing which feels like revolutionizing the whole segment altogether. For a successful digital marketing agency it is necessary to keep it acquainted with these new technologies and develop new marketing strategies which help in talking the businesses forward. Our digital marketing experts have rounded up three technologies which has the potential this arena completely in upcoming days:

  1. Facebook Messenger and Chabot

  2. Facebook owns the two widely-used messaging platforms in the world namely WhatsApp and Messenger. Now it is actively looking at the opportunity of using chatbots in the Facebook Messenger with a better effect. Chatbots were introduced way back in early 2000’s in order to messages smartly and response more sensibly in highly complex situations. Finance is already making use of the robotic helper in order to come up with new age advertising and advise their customers. Facebook Messenger is more likely to make use of the chatbots in future to allow companies to connect with their target audience and provide more insightful response without human intervention.

  3. IBM’s Watson and Deep Machine Learning

  4. Most of the businesses and tech firms have started to make use of the deep machine learning in variety of areas ranging from the manufacturing, studies, patents, data in order to derive insights which can help in cutting down costs and make business more efficient. Even IBM has started offering its super computer to be utilized by other firms in order to enhance its potential and at the same help other business in getting complex data analysed within the shortest amount of time. It is very likely that deep machine learning will find its way in the social media platform in order to understand user’s behaviour and to bring more curated and personalised experience on the social media.

  5. Amazon Alexa and Google Home

  6. We might be living in the future without even knowing it. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are essentially voice assistants which allow millions of users to perform a wide range of tasks through simple voice controlled functions. As more and more people become familiar with it and their common as well as complex applications will be enhanced and expanded for user’s benefit. Amazon has already sold over 10 million Alexa devices which work with search engine to aid users in buying or shopping without touching the smartphone and PC. It is highly likely that the social media platform will open their apps for integration on the Alexa for better user experience in future.
    Facebook messenger application will turn digital marketing campaign more personal experience, IBM Watch and Deep machine learning will help in making informed decisions while voice assistant will simply change the way we shop all the way. This is the just the beginning as we explore more new exciting more new ways of transforming the digital marketing services will become clear to us.

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