Why you should invest in the responsive design?

responsive web design

Responsive design is the need of the hour as more users are frequently using the smaller devices like smartphones and tablets to visit websites rather than the traditional large screen devices like PCs and laptops. Currently more than 50% of the mobile traffic is generated from the mobile devices than any the PCs. It has become essential to opt for the responsive web design which allows the website to adjust it size as per the users device display. If you had not yet made the shift to the responsive web design then you are losing visitors, traffic, conversion and most importantly businesses at every given moment.
Here are some reasons why you should be investing in the responsive design.

  1. Its cost effective

  2. Gone were the days when businesses had multiple websites to cater the needs of mobile and non-mobile audience. A responsive website design allows you to have a single website which can resize itself and its content as per the user’s screen size. It eliminates the need of creating mobile site of the parent site and helps in lowering the overall cost of website maintenance and management.

  3. It makes your website SEO friendly

  4. As we all know search engine optimization techniques helps in fetching better rank to the website in search engine page results. Having a responsive web design will make it easier for your website to be picked by the search spiders as they prefer sites with such qualities. In other now almost all the search engines gives preference to the websites which happens to be mobile friendly and they tend to get better ranking and as well as authority within the shortest time interval.

  5. Improve the user experience of your website

  6. For success of any website the user experience plays a vital role. It is essential to make such website and deploy such web design which not just liked by the users but also makes it easier to use it. Responsive website design helps in bringing the same set of features and functionality to the small screen without making any undue changes in the architecture, content or overall look and feel of the website. In short users get the same experience and fun of using the website on the mobile devices as they do on the bigger screens.

A number of website design company has started offering responsive design as the standard to ensure your website is ready to be seen of any website regardless of the size. Digiegeeks web designers and developers have years of experience in building robust responsive websites which helps in boosting the business performance without sacrificing any feature or functionality.

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