This page contains the Terms and Conditions governing your use of the web Site and its services. Please read this page carefully. By submitting the enquiry form or by hiring any resources from DigieGeeks, the client agrees to accept the following terms and conditions.
Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you are not eligible to use this service. The entire contents of this website are the copyright of DigieGeeks and may not be reproduced without permission. All rights reserved. Let us summarize the service.
DigieGeeks provides individual remote workers including remote designer (“Resources”):

This Service Also Includes:

  • Screening, Hiring, contracting and payment of Resources.
  • Assignment of Resources to Customer projects
  • Time log tracking and reporting.
  • Software tools including DigieGeeks Team & DigieGeeks Share (“Tools”), and Any initial Customer training and project support.
  • The assignment of Resources, including work timings and start date will be agreed upon by both parties and documented in an email to Customer.
  • DigieGeeks will provide initial training, including instructions on how to communicate efficiently, an introduction to Resource(s).
  • Customer understands that each Resource will be a full time employee of DigieGeeks. Customer will work directly with Resource and Customer will be solely responsible for the projects, and performance of any work product (“Work Product”) developed by Resources for Customer.
  • Customer may terminate assigned Resource at any time during the period by providing a minimum 15 days’ notice for each Resource that needs to be terminated after the Trial period is over.
  • Customer will provide licenses to any 3rd Party software that the resource may require to complete the assigned task provided such software(s) are not already available with DigieGeeks
  • Customer will be responsible for incidental expenses, mailing fees, travel expenses, and any other fees that may be incurred by DigieGeeks or Resource on behalf of Customer in connection with this Agreement (“Project Expenses”), provided Customer gave prior approval for these expenses.

Fees and Payments

  • DigieGeeks will email Customer with an invoice and time logs detailing hours and work done by each Resource. Any corrections to hours worked must be received in writing within three days and any adjustments will be reflected in the following invoice.
  • DigieGeeks may change terms of Resource Assignment, including rates, with a 60 days written notice to Customer.
  • Idle time of the resource(s) must be paid by the client. DigieGeeks will not responsible for any idle time in case client has no task to be allocated to the resource(s)

Term and Termination

  • Customer may terminate this Agreement at any time provided all Resource assignments have been terminated and any outstanding account balance has been full paid.
  • DigieGeeks may terminate this Agreement or any part of the DigieGeeks services at any time, in the event Customer defaults on any obligation here under, including non-payment of fees, and does not remedy such default within ten (7) days of notice thereof or Upon thirty (30) days written notice if DigieGeeks terminates or significantly alters its product or service offering.
  • Effect of Termination. DigieGeeks will cease charging Customer for any new Service Fees after termination of this Agreement. Unless otherwise specified in writing by DigieGeeks Customer will not receive any refund for payments already made by Customer. If termination of this Agreement is due to Customer default here under, Customer shall bear all costs of such termination, including any reasonable collection costs or costs that DigieGeeks incurs in closing Customer account. Upon termination, Customer shall destroy any copy of the materials licensed to Customer hereunder. Customer agrees that upon termination or discontinuance for any reason, DigieGeeks may delete all information related to Customer on the DigieGeeks Tools, if applicable. In addition to the terms set forth herein, certain DigieGeeks services may have additional terms regarding termination, which are set forth in the Resource Assignment Email.