Smart technology blended with creative design forms the foundation of achieving success in the digital sphere.

Web development is an integral part of the website which deals with coding and framework utilization. Web development helps in bringing functionalities and features to the website which increases its potential and utility while web design is all about website layout and graphics.

Technology is the vein that affiliates the booming business; hence, it’s important to believe upon the traits of professional service and outsourcing is the most feasible choice for keeping alive your business.

We possess a highly talented and creative Web design & development team which has shown their mettle by successfully developing hundreds of website in the past few years. They are in accord with the changing web trends and upcoming web technologies, which helps us in employing the best web solutions while developing sites. Our developers have abundant knowledge of the HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, ASP,Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, .NET, MySQL and other coding languages. We not only just develop but also execute and maintain the site.

We also implement responsive design throughout the web development process to ensure that your website remains varying screen ready.

Web Design and Development

We Provide :

  • Custom Business web development and web design
  • Open source web application development
  • Website Maintenance
  • E-Commerce Solution
  • Responsive Design
  • Enterprise Application
  • CMS Application

We are reliable, competent and trustworthy.

Custom Business web development and web design:

DigieGeeks brings efficient, reliable, robust and cost effective solutions for its customers through incorporating latest technologies and well defined strategies. Our custom website solutions offer an incredible opportunity to the businesses to develop and mold the sites as per their needs, requirements, business goals and vision. You will be able to adjust your specifications to the capabilities of a given platform or change your design visions to fit a template – we deliver the work precisely to your requirements.

Open Source Web Application Development:

At DigieGeeks, we offer quality and customized open source development services that successfully lowers your business's overall development costs and provides an optimal website solution with great user interface and features. Using our open source development services, you can simply enhance your website's performance and functionality in various ways.

Website Maintenance:

DigieGeeks provides fast, proactive, knowledgeable, interractive and accountable website maintenance services. In today’s marketplace, it is vital to keep your website up to date and looking as professional as you are. We are here to assist.

Ecommerce Solution:

At DigieGeeks we prove to be pioneer in building ecommerce websites, ecommerce shopping cart, ecommerce storefront and custom ecommerce development. E-commerce truly deals in buying and selling of products and services online and we help your website in turning a user-friendly ecommerce site by developing robust and rapid website apps.

E-commerce includes, buying and selling online, E-transactions, E-Sales, Online/Internet Sales, Website commerce, E-trade, Internet Commerce, and many more. By offering perfect E-Commerce solutions for your online business website; we help you provide convenient shopping experience to your visitors. At DigieGeeks our clients can experience the combination of quality data management, communication and security under our E-commerce solutions.

CMS Development:

Our content management solutions are best appropriate if you are going for search engine promotion. Since no database or dynamic content is used, Google displays the web pages very easily. CMS or a 'Content Management System' eases administering the content within Website without any technical training. Using this easy Content Management System one can easily add, delete and edit images or text on a website wherever you are.

Responsive Design:

Responsive web is the combination of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript which helps the web designers to build world-class websites and web applications that is consistent across all browsers and mobile devices. We follow a well-defined development methodology to develop our client's websites with our core experience in HTML5 and CSS3 and if you are looking for a website that would facilitate an optimum viewing experience in a wide range of electronic gadgets, then one of the ways of designing such a website is using the Responsive Web Designing or RWD. With proper knowledge of this approach to web designing, our professionals ensure that we are a reliable web designing company in UK.

Enterprise Application:

Enterprise applications are a core component of your IT foundation. Integrating and aligning them with your business processes are necessary to building an efficient and adaptable IT organization. We offer a full range of Enterprise Application services around Oracle, Microsoft and SAP products to help organizations realize the value of their investment in a well-timed and cost effective manner.